Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tis the season

*I forgot to publish this last week. I know REAL pressing stuff in here in here.


Otto turned 6 months the other day and kid is a drooling machine. He's been soaking through clothes so go tooth go! I mean that sucker has to come in. I've been seeing the little white tops for months now. He has his check up the the other day and he is super short still. Only in the 1%. His weight is good but its a bit strange. I know I'm little but not THAT small. Maybe he is just waiting and will just have a huge spurt. I dunno I can't really stress on that as I have zero control over that. Otherwise he is a healthy little man.

So ya nap time. Olive passed out after a raging fit where I told her I needed to sit down for 2 min and rest. We're still having some crazy sleepless nights between the both of them and some days I'm just plain tired. And not like the tired where you can get through it but the tired where if you don't sit you are going to barf. So me asking to sit down for 2 min turned into her screaming, hitting, and freaking out. I put her in her room to take 5 and put Otto down for a nap. When I came out she told me she was going to sleep it off and wake up for dance. Done deal kiddo! She was up a few times last night so she is tired. Her 5am wake ups are still happening here and there but she has started to get back into the habit of waiting for her owl to turn green so I'll take that. She comes in our room in the am,  throws the owl on my head and asks if we can find Kooky Kooky (elf on the shelf) I need to start setting it later as its at 645 right now but still that is amazingness! Otto is up 4-5 times a night. He keeps getting Olive's gross sick from school so his snot has been out of control which is most of the reason he has been having some rough nights. Thank goodness Blake will help out with that as some times I'm just a zombie. I keep reminding myself his waking it totally normal and to stop having crazy expectations. I need to start adding an afternoon coffee in my life.

Christmas is seriously right around the corner. I went into panic mode last night at 3am when I was feeding Otto. I was looking at my calendar (cause what else do I have to do at 3am) and I was like HOLY SHIT BALLS we have one shopping week left. We are celebrating xmas early by a few days too. Yikes! So tonight (yep finishing this post up tonight) I finished up the rest of my shopping online. I have a few more little things to do but I'm pretty stress free now.

I'm behind an entire month with photos so here goes about 100 photos. Yikes!

My friends were in town from NY for a wedding so we crashed their quiet hotel weekend. 

Also it was November and beautiful out. 

And then my other friends from NY came out for a visit. Dammit I miss NY. 

We got a new couch and it's a beauty! 

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Reading her "1 year photobook" I have yet to make years 2 and 3.....

Boba and cookie outing. 

Skates. Still not totally sure about it.

Swing squishing. 

Fashion Island tree. 

The chickens are always in motion around her. She is totally unpredictable. 

Helping me bake for a fundraiser at school. 

Pop tarts and Rainbow cookies. 

I ended up with frosting and sprinkles and they were quite delicious. 

Some mornings we just park his high chair in front of the window and he just watches the chickens. 



His first character meeting. He was laughing so hard and Blake said the guy inside was as well. Little charmer. 

Tea Cups. 

Thrilled to be on a ladies mani/pedi date. 

Pho lunch dates. 

Whoopie Pies. Probably the most butter I've ever used in a recipe. 

Princess Party. 

Ramen Bun burger. Kinda insane. 


So Blake has been doing yoga at work and apparently Olive does it at school. Um when do I get to do Yoga. 

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Penny with the smackdown. I LOVE when babies grab at eachother. Its just so damn cute and curious. 

The babes of biking. 

It was crazy hair day at school so went pink. 

My house is in a constant state of chaos. 

5am wakeup with these crazies but damn fine sunrise. 

Salted Caramel Apple Pie and S'mores Pie. 

Shoulder sleeps are everything. 

Yep she jumped over his head. Poor kid is going to be tough as hell. 

My brother and his pj's. 

Hair puller. 

Pup obsessed. 

Her room at Grandma's house. 

Passed out while Sierra waits to go in and steal her bread on her lap. 

I know, we're gross. 

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