Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! We were sure busy the last few days visiting family and eating way too much. We had a total of three thanksgivings so I feel like a total fat ass. On Thursday we celebrated with Blake's family which was a ton of fun. I'm hoping this will start a little tradition because it was great to get all the cousins together. Although they are all under 2 and not really into playing with each other yet it was still cute to watch them run around. We ate the most delicious food and finished the night with Olive and her cousin Riley going in the jacuzzi with the dads.

The next morning we headed up to my parents house to celebrate with them. Instead of a turkey we made homemade pizza. I think it was a pretty good idea and a nice change from a typical thanksgiving. The next day we went to Underwood Farms with my parents and it was soooo much fun. Olive had the best time ever. There was a petting zoo, a ton of animals to look at, a train ride, and we even got to take a tractor out to pick our own veggies which was pretty cool. Pulling a carrot up is good stuff people. So now my fridge is stuffed with turnips, carrots, bell peppers, lettuce, beets, and eggplants and I'm trying to get creative with dinners this week so I can use it all.

Yesterday we were back in OC so we went to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna. I expected it to be super cheesy but it was actually a ton of fun. There are vendors of crappy arts and crafts but if you ignore that there is so much to do. They have a petting zoo with bunnies and guinea pigs which was fun for Olive. She has started to get a little more cautious around animals but once she saw the bunnies were nice she snuggled and pet them. We got photos with Santa. It all started off with smiles and she even snuggled his beard but after a few min she realized she wasn't happy and lost her mind. Maybe I'm an ass but the crying photos are pretty adorable. I mean they won't do that forever so it's kinda cute. We listened to a funny hipster play guitar and Olive flirted with a violin player of a hillbilly band. Afterwards we got some fish tacos and beer (for me) at the most delicious place in Laguna. It was probably about 80 out and we sat outside. Seriously winter where did you go?? No complaints as we got to spend the entire day outside. Olive passed out in the car and Blake and I got some pinkberry while we waited for her to wake up so we could check out the Patchwork arts and crafts fair. Olive wasn't too excited to be there so we did a quick lap around and didn't find anything. I was on the search for a really cool necklace but I couldn't concentrate cause I knew Olive was pissy and Blake was entertaining her. It was a long but fun day out and about. I still can't get over this warm weather we are having. It really feels like summer. I was hoping to go to the beach today but it looked really hazy out so maybe tomorrow.......

(the order is all wacky. sorry)

oh hey meltdown



me and my dad making prime rib hash

breakfast pizza

snuggle with a goat

not thrilled with the train ride.

blake and his carrots

snow and 80 degrees, kinda cool.

hairless guinea pig. wish i had this when i was a kid and allergic to every animal.

olive's first latigo meal, lard, and everything else mexican food should be.

my boots

i was in the other room doing something and noticed it was quiet. when i peeked in the room she was dancing in front of the mirror with her bathing suit on her head. get weird olive, get weird.

Turkey Day Photobooth

So many photos so I just decided to post a few group shots and of course a ridiculous amount of Olive.