Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 1

I want a burrito so bad right now, like I can't think about anything else but food. I had to get off Pinterest cause I was feeling insane looking at all the delicious food photos. Ya day 1 of the cleanse has been brutal. I love food, like eating is one of my favorite pastimes. Whatever I'm gross but it's the truth. I was pretty good the whole day until like 4pm and I was ready to go insane. I started to get irritable and my stomach started growling. My dinner juice ended up being really gross so now I'm sitting her starving. I'm hoping tomorrow is going to be easier. The real shocker was I had a ton of energy which I didn't expect. I mean not enough to go to muay thai today cause I would  have passed out for sure but enough to get through the day. Besides the gross dinner drink the rest of the juices today were delicious, they were even Olive approved. I'm really hoping tomorrow is easier and I feel amazing. I've successfully filled up our week with things to do so that we are go go go and I don't have to think about food. A few more days to go..........

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Tomorrow Blake and I are starting a 7 day juice cleanse. I'm sorta excited and a bit nervous. The not eating part makes me nervous especially mixed with working out but I am just going to take it hour by hour and see how I feel. I am not quitting coffee. Most cleanses recommend you stop all caffeine but I don't trust myself as a wife or a mother without my morning coffee plus I think it will be good to get things moving in there if you know what I mean. I will only do one cup of coffee, totally plain. Last night we sat down and made a master list of all the juice recipes that sounded good to us then we made a more detailed list of the 5 juices we are going to make during the day for the week. We decided to buy fruits and veggies for the first three days as today (sunday) was a good farmers market. We were able to get half of what we needed at the farmers market and the rest we got at Mothers's Market. I was able to get everything organic which was pretty important to me. If the cleanse works out I'm hoping I can do a post on the cost/recipes/info. My goal is to keep busy this week and avoid being home. I'm hoping this cleanse will make me feel refreshed and if I can drop a few pounds that would be even better. I just feel bla and gross and I think just getting rid of water weight or whatever gross is in my body will make me feel better and maybe give me more energy!

so much swinging.

hearts on hearts.

fly in my wine.

we rage.

potato on a stick.

dance party.

from mothers.

from the farmers market.


cousins and pretty light.

uncle evan and olive

Thursday, July 26, 2012

water baby

This might be a record, two blog posts in one week. I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of blogging but we'll see. This week has been pretty awesome. I was up at my parents to celebrate my mom's bday and also see one of my best friends and her little one visiting from Portland. Tuesday was my mom's birthday so we met up with my friend Natalie, her kids, and Natalie's mom for a little beach day at Paradise Cove. It's been years since I've been there and it was just as awesome as I remember. The day was wonderful and the kids had a blast. That night we celebrated at The Palm with some lobsters. But seriously, what kid eats at the palm before their 2nd birthday?? The next day Natalie and her crew came over to hang out with Kristin, Quinn, and Kristins mom. Kristin, Natalie, and I have known each other since 1st grade so we've been through a lot together and it's pretty wild we are all moms now. It's pretty amazing to have friends like this. It was cute to see our moms as grandmas now. Shit we're old....

Today I dragged Olive with me to the gyno. I packed the most amazing busy bag for her which I will be bringing everywhere with me. I was seriously proud of it. I even had my ipad if things went bad but she was a little angel. She sat on the chair and colored with her pen while we waited for the dr which was actually only 2 minutes cause my dr rules and when the dr came in she sat on the chair and watched the entire time and didn't make a peep. My dr spends a lot of time talking to me before the actual exam and Olive was totally silent like she just knew. All that anxiety for nothing.

On monday it seemed like Olive's vocabulary totally changed and she could like really really talk. I know that's weird but I swear it was like I woke up and all these words starting flying out of her mouth and she could hold conversations. Like not just one word here and there but lots of words. It's been so fun to watch her say a bunch of new things and communicate. I made the mistake of playing that "call me maybe" song a few times for her and now it's her favorite song ever. She screams "baby" every time we get in the car and as soon as the song ends she requests more. If I don't put it on it gets ugly like yesterday she went into a full on hysterical meltdown. I ended up putting fresh beat band on which she loves too so that helped but holy shit she is hooked. She dances and tries to sing along, totally hysterical. I'm definitely seeing the really fun part of this age lately. The meltdowns and defiance makes it not so fun but I guess it's all part of it.

I can't believe her 2nd birthday is 2 months away. I feel kinda bad but I don't really want to do anything for it. Does that make an an awful mom?? I mean I want to celebrate but I don't want to have a party. My mom suggested Disneyland with the families which I think would be really fun. I think she would appreciate Disneyland now for sure and she would love if all the grandmas/pas and uncles were there. Maybe even stay at the hotel? I heard there was a cool brunch with all the characters and such. I love the idea but not sure as it would be extremely expensive. A party just sounds like a lot of work and I feel like the 1st one was pretty big so maybe keep this year to the family and then go big for birthday 3? I dunno what do people do for birthday 2?

drink stealer. not caffeinated.

paradise cove.

grandma and olive.

olive and nola-bird chasers.


she learned about sitting in a hole and getting buried. so excited.

grandma and olive.

black and white.

serious business.

shrimp and mushrooms.

playing with the lobster.

kristin, me, and natalie.

open water bottle and sleeping baby is a bad combo.

quinn, nola, olive, and gavin.

her outfits just get more and more amazing everyday.

i don't even know.

lately she has been taking her normal nap then waking up grumpy and falling asleep on me. i love the snuggles.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh Anderson

I'm totally mad at Anderson Cooper. I occasionally catch his talk show when Olive is napping and I actually like it. Although the last show I caught pissed me off. The whole episode was about being a shitty parent. Technically that wasn't the title but they had shoplifting moms and then moms that drink on playdates(or around their kids). So the moms that shoplift were just stupid. I mean stealing is wrong period whether you are a mom or not. Enough said. Then they got to moms that drink on playdates. The whole thing was just so stupid and black and white. While I would never in a million years get drunk when I'm watching my kid or any kids for that matter or even have a sip of alcohol and drive with my kid in the car I sure as hell would have a glass of wine or a beer at my house with Olive around. I do all the time and I don't feel wrong about it at all. They took some mom back stage and let her drink whatever she wanted from this bottle of wine and then tested her blood level. The crazy bitch downed the whole bottle then came out all drunk. Ummmm no shit. Then she said she couldn't take care of her kids with this much booze in her. Really??? That wench was just stupid, I mean obviously if you drink a bottle of wine you can't take care of your kids. The thing that really pissed me off were these other moms that basically said you should not drink one bit around your kids, not even a glass of wine, even when the kids are asleep. What??? She gave the example of what if you were on a playdate and had a glass of wine and needed something at the store. I mean what could I possibly need at the store that is that important? My house is stocked with meds if Olive needed anything, you know cause I'm responsible like that. If anything horrific happened sober or not I'm calling 911. I mean it's just silly. The fact that they had people who shoplift on the same show as moms that have a glass of wine on a playdate or at home in front of their kids is just stupid.  Being a mom is a really hard job and while I absolutely think you need to be responsible for what you do I also think those dried up wenches shouldn't be so judgy. While I wrote this I had a glass of wine while Olive was sleeping and we are A-OK!

If you want to see the episode you can see the train wreck here.

I don't normally get worked up about things but this bothered me for some reason. I know that as a parent I judge other parents for how they raise their kids but the older Olive gets I realize how wrong that is. I mean I've been a hypocrite about things in my parenting. I've done things I've said I would never do and vice versa but doing what is right for you and your kid is what is important and that may change a million times over. This drinking thing is kinda off the subject as its not as much a parenting thing as it's a personal thing but they sorta go hand in hand right? There are so many ways to be a parent and who is to say what is right and wrong?? I feel like everyday I'm trying to figure it all out. Mostly what feels right to me and works best for Olive. Some days I feel like I have a handle on it and other days I'm totally out of sorts but I think that is what parenting is all about. One day at a time and a shit ton of patience. Gosh tonight I'm a rambling mess. I think this is the first time in a long time I've just kinda blabbed about nothing. Kinda feels good. Before I get too crazy as always there are a ton of photos that need to be posted.
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her feet are big not not THIS big.

we've been making a juice everyday. her usual is carrot, apple, and spinach or kale.

dancing her ass off to gabba. and seriously how cute are her undies?

hang out the window singing.


crazy swinger and flower picker.

onesie turned crop top.

olive and her photo skills. mom drinking a beer. oh my!!!!

frozen yogurt stop for mom and dad. she was more interested in the cool chairs. 


after nap snuggles. super rare but super awesome.

white trash.

rodeo at oc fair. pretty sure this is olive's new favorite sport ever.

big fan of the corn.

oc fair crew. olive was the leader.

clapped, screamed, and sat still the entire time. so so rare. 

she wanted to go on the ferris wheel but the line was super long and that shit is scary!

i painted my red furniture white. next step gray walls and some form of art above dresser. baby steps.

always running.

i'm kinda obsessed with wall photos.

crafted, san pedro.

one of my favorite photos. this look kinda sums her up.

brothers. also blake took olive under the waves and she loved it.

back lit photos never get old.

getting very adventurous on the swing.

she picked out this entire look. she has very strong opinions on what she will wear.

fro yo. worst word ever huh?