Friday, July 30, 2010

well hello morning sickness

I woke up yesterday feeling like I had a hangover. Full on headache and loopy feeling. I blamed all the crap I ate at the fair the night before. My dinner included corn, bacon cheedar chips, funnel cake and many bites of turkey leg, fried butter, and fried smores. Not proud but its the fair and it only happens once a year. But now I'm sitting at my computer eating breakfast and I have that morning sickness feeling again just like I did my first trimester. Say it isn't so!!! I heard that nausea can come back but I was kinda hoping it would skip me. I was lucky and never got really sick just that gross feeling but it wasn't fun at all. I guess its back to eating everything ginger (it was the only flavor that would help)

Made a coffee meeting today with a potential client so I'm sure I'm gonna be a real treat then I'm headed up to my parents because my mom and I are going to a baby shower tomorrow. Then my shower on sunday! Can't believe its here already. Makes it very real.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

big and shiny

Another lovely set of photos shot after yoga. I figure I will do this every class to truly see how big the belly is getting. I don't know why but it looks shiny.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet the babies

This is Nicole and baby Ryley (married to Blakes cousin) and Becky with baby Dane (Blake's cousin) How cute are the babies? I got to hold Ryley when she was sleeping. Its hard to believe I'm going to have my own soon. And another thing, how hot are these mommas? They both look amazing! I should of watched them change a diaper or two, um ya never done that before. I guess I will learn pretty quickly......

class 1

Last night we had our first hypnobabies class. I was really nervous as to what to expect but it turned out to be a great first class. I felt very comfortable and safe and am just super excited to learn everything I can. There are 4 other couples in the class, all except one couple are new to hypnobabies. One couple has used it a few times and they love it. Its actually amazing having them in the class to hear the stories and to make it more real. I thought it would be silly and the hypnosis would make me giggle but I actually really enjoy it and I feel that it is going to work for me. It helps that Blake is 100% into it too. Sounds like the key is to practice a ton for it to be the most effective which means time. I have all the time in the world but Blake has been so busy working his ass off that I'm worried about finding that time.

There were a billion interesting things that we learned but something that stuck out to me and something that I want to make sure I stay strong with is ignoring peoples shitty birth stories. I have had more strangers come up to me and talk about birth and everyone wants to tell you their horror story, how they were in labor for 2 days and how bad it hurt and how awful it was. Its not even strangers its friends too. I have had more than my fair share of friends tell me I am nuts for wanting to do it natural or that I have no idea how much it will hurt and that I should just get an epidural. I respect them but this is my experience and it will be totally different. None of my friends have birthed in a birthing center with a midwife and doula so I think its hard to make a fair comparison. Ya a HUGE baby is gonna come outta my Vag, its going to be uncomfortable but why can't it be enjoyable and beautiful at the same time? So from now on I have to ignore these people. It was just nice that she touched on that in class because now I know how important it is to zone those people out. Also no more shitty tv shows. 16 and pregnant is officially not allowed on my tv.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

baby pics

I asked my grandma to find me some old photos that I could hang on the wall. She has a photo of my Grandpa when he was in the Navy that is pretty amazing so I had asked her to find stuff like that. Along with those she sent me photos of me as a baby and my parents when they were really young. These were from when they were 16. The rest are of me when I was little. People always ask me if I've imagined what my baby will look like and I have no idea. From the ultra sound at 16 weeks they told me she had long fingers but otherwise no clue.


I think my form of nesting is coming out in gardening. I'm hoping it will kick in again so I can clean the house! The babies room is a mess and I could really use that nesting kick. Anyways yesterday I went outside with the intention of cutting this one dead flower. It should of taken 5 min but I ended up out there for hours picking and cutting weeds. Bending over was really tricky but I ignored it but now I am paying for it. I feel like I ran a marathon. Sometimes I forget my body can't do normal things anymore. Sucks cause I really wanted to cut back some crap in the backyard but I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm still reading that book "raising baby green" and I'm loving it. I wish I would of read it right when I became pregnant because there are so many things I wish I would of known. I'm learning so much. During this pregnancy I've cut out and changed so many products that I use personally and around the house that I feel good about that but there are still so many things I can do for my health, the babies, and the environment. In the book the author mentions this site
and I'm now obsessed with it. You can put in any product and it gives you a scale of how dangerous the product is you are using and what is in it that makes it a problem. As much as I've limited crappy products in my life there are still so many that I had no idea about.
My other concern is toys especially when she is baby and won't care if she is putting a cute koala in her mouth or sierras stinky dog toy. I'm hoping that I can stick with wood toys or at least the plastic toys that are safer. I've been looking online for toys but nothing really jumps out at me. The book mentions some sites but I haven't found anything I really love. The plastics that he mentioned are safer are Brio, Primetime Playthings, Sassy, Little Tikes, Lego, Early Start, and Tinylove. Good to know. I guess when she wants toys I will cross that bridge but at least for now I want to make sure what she is shoving in her mouth and drooling on is safe for her.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crispy Critter

Yesterday I decided that it would be a good idea to work on my tan. Its been a good 10 years since I actually had a real tan but I thought I still had it in me. Apparently I have lost the ability to tan. I look like a tomato. My belly is lobster red and it hurts. I guess the good news is it will turn into a tan but the bad news is the back of me is still ass white. Here I am before the nasty sunburn.

We spent the weekend at my parents for my moms birthday. On Saturday we went to the Renegade Crafts Fair in downtown LA. We got a few more pieces of art for the babies room and some other cute things but my mom is holding them for ransom till my baby shower.

After that we headed to Malibu for dinner at Cafe Habana. It was a favorite place in NY but they just opened one out here so that was pretty exciting. They have the best corn in the entire world! Then we ended with some crumbs cupcakes and Hot Tub Time Machine. It was a long day for a preggers but really fun!

I'm noticing the everyday something changes on my body. I'm trying to emmbrace it as an amazing thing rather than a burden but its hard. I'm definitely uncomfortable now, there is no going back on that. Bending over sucks and doing even the smallest things is a hell of a lot more difficult. I feel like my belly is growing a lot faster now and still everyday I can't imagine it getting any bigger but my body is going to do what its supposed to do no matter how much I bitch and moan. She is totally active pretty much the entire day. Last night we could totally feel her entire head. Since I have an idea of her position its much easier to figure out body parts. Last night in the car ride home she was kicking so hard up into my ribs I was positive she was going to break them. Every time I would jump and scream cause she seems to get right under the rib. Its just a surreal feeling. Then I guess when she moves her head in a certain place it will send these surges into my bladder that makes me feel like I have to pee. My dad called it lightning crotch, said he remembers it with my mom.

As much as I bitch all this stuff happening to me is pretty incredible. Its just hard when its as much an emotional journey as it is physical. I find myself getting so bitchy and impatient. I try to control it but its really really hard. I'm sure not sleeping isn't helping but I know that is pretty normal. I wake up every single night around 3 ish and just lay there for hours. Most of the time I cry which sounds really emo but its not. I'm just emotional and tired so all my thoughts just attack me and I have get them out. Maybe other pregnant people are going through this, maybe not. I dunno but it works for me. Just going to try and get through these next few weeks and focus on my birth.

I've been doing my hypnobabies exercises and I really enjoy them. At first I would just pass out and sleep (although they say its ok cause your subconscious still hears everything) but I'm starting to find a place where I can focus more and I really enjoy her voice and how I feel afterward.

Ok time to see what I can make of this day. Was supposed to go to San Diego to hang in the sun with a friend but since I look like a lobster I think I will lay low and get some house stuff done.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Pump Station

I came up to my parents yesterday for a few days. Sometimes you just need a little mom distraction to make everything better. Plus its my moms bday on saturday so we're going to have a fun little day. Yesterday was shopping for the critter, facial, and sushi. Rough huh?

We went to this amazing store in Westlake called The Pump Station. I had never heard of it before till I was at Lisa's baby shower and a friend bought her a few things from there. Anyways the store is great! I guess there are a few others in Hollywood and Santa Monica. The store isn't huge but they have a really good selection. We managed to find 4 or 5 onesies for the critter and some adorable leg warmer things. The store has a really nice mom section with great bras and pjs for breastfeeding which I still can't get into but the concept is cool. They sell a lot of organic and eco friendly toys too. Just a lot of the brands that I'm finding I really like. The best part is they offer classes, like really interesting classes and even have stuff on breastfeeding. If I lived closer I would probably take them all but its a little far from me. Just fun to know the store exists.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Getting dressed this morning and all I could think about was how much my body looks just like Humpty Dumpty.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

baby down

Just got back from my midwife appt. Its weird to go every 2 weeks, its very real now. The baby is head down which seems nuts cause she said she will stay like that till she comes out. She felt around in there and told me exactly how she was laying. It will be easier to identify body parts when she is kicking around since I know the general position she is in. I guess I should get Blake to build the crib and stuff since its getting kinda close. That and painting, better get going on that. Yikes!

So I tried the first hypnobabies exercise last night. It was the special place imagery track. I think I fell asleep a little bit in the middle but they say that is normal. I guess its good cause I was fully relaxed. I'm having a hard time trying to imagine that "special place" but I'm sure after I listen to it a few times I will come up with something. I thought it would be really weird and I would giggle but its actually quite soothing and positive and I enjoyed it. I'm going to try the other one today before yoga because I think I did the exercise too late last night and it was really hard to go to bed cause I was wide awake.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

big belly

Just got back from yoga. Some people are meant for yoga and I am not one of them. As much as I enjoy it and it actually feels really good on my body I have zero coordination. I've done yoga a zillion times but I'm just not good at it. Oh well as long as I'm getting a workout I guess it doesn't matter but I get so jealous of those people that just flow with it and make it look so natural. Its fun to be in a class with all the preggers cause when class starts everyone says what week they are in so its neat to see the different shapes and sizes of the bellies. The girl next to me was 31 weeks as well and she was shaped totally different. I am looking forward to getting back into kickboxing after the critter arrives. I guess I excel in kicking and punching things.....

I've been terrible about shooting photos considering that is what I do for a living so here are two from the cell phone (ya super good quality) The reason I'm posting them is not to show you my awesome bras but these were take 2 days apart. Maybe I'm nuts but I can see a huge difference. Even the shape is different.

Just got my hypnobabies cd in the mail from our doula and I'm supposed to start practicing everyday till classes start next week. I'm actually really excited to see what its like.

Monday, July 19, 2010

hyper baby

Baby has been kicking all night like crazy. I'm talking non stop. Aren't babies supposed to sleep a lot? I'm still blown away how much many changes happen on a daily basis. Just when I think she can't kick anymore she does. She has also started to really stretch out so I can feel her kick in two places at once (from one end of my stomach to the other) which is the newest weirdest thing.

I think she has dropped but I will ask my midwife on Wednesday cause I can really feel her pushing on my bladder. I literally pee every 30 min and sometimes even more. Fun fun! Today I started getting weird cramping when she would kick. I think its just the stretching of my skin which I really haven't felt this intense before. It feels so tight, I can't believe she is going to grow anymore. Sleeping is getting interesting too. As soon as I get comfortable on a side she starts kicking and then I feel like I'm squashing her so I'm constantly shifting around. Once she is asleep and quiet I can go back and forth on my sides which isn't really a choice since after about an hour some body part will go numb and I have to switch. Sometimes in the morning I will lay on my back and just stretch out for a few min. I know I'm not supposed to but I do it pretty quickly and it feels so nice. I have good nights and bad nights, but I'm glad that I'm getting sleep even if I stay awake during the middle of the night for a few hours. I'm back to feeling mostly sleepy like I did in the first trimester but I'm sure that is pretty normal. I can't believe I have 10 weeks left.

Blake got the new iphone so he was playing with the video. Of course as soon as he started filming she would stop kicking like crazy but you can see a little movement.

too fat for denim

Yep officially too fat for denim. During the beginning of my pregnancy I squeezed my butt in my skinny jeans for as long as I could. When the waist started to roll down I gave up and switched to leggings. I was so excited when I found a pair of super cute maternity denim cutoffs from Gap. I bought them in NY when it was still a little cool (and apparently I was much smaller) but I figured when I got out here I would live in them in the summer. I love cut offs with an oversized shirt (ok everything I own now is oversized), a cute pair of sandals, and even a hat. I have a picture in my head of this outfit. So today I go to put them on and it wasn't pretty. Trying to squeeze a pregnant body in denim is just plain gross. Of course I already removed the tags like an idiot. Uggg lesson learned but I'm planning my next baby around these shorts cause I'm gonna wear them dammit.

Yep I'm probably nuts

I hope I'm not the only crazy pregnant person out there who has stressed on the registry. I feel like I over thought a lot of it but I'm really weird about people buying me stuff. I mean don't get me wrong I love it but it makes me uncomfortable. I also hate attention but that's a whole other deal. So I really want to make sure that everything on there is something I truly want and need. Obviously I don't know what baby will like so it makes it super difficult. I'm also trying to be as safe as possible with my choices and make sure I do what I can organic or free of toxins. In doing so that makes everything more expensive which makes me feel kinda shitty for people who are buying me stuff. I guess I can't think of it like that but I do cause I'm like that. Also I feel really limited with babies r us and Target. They are really good for the basic stuff but a lot of the goodies aren't really my style.

The one thing I'm having problems with is a changing pad. I haven't looked around too much but I've only see one organic one. There is nothing wrong with it but they only make one changing pad cover. I guess I want to have options like colors besides natural but I can't seem to figure out if I can put another brand on it?

Also toys. I feel strange registering for these since they are not really necessities and babies r us and Target have a crappy selection anyways. Also I think I'm going to be VERY picky with the toys she plays with. When I was hanging out with my friends last week they were talking about how they are testing kids for lead now because of all the shitty toys from China. Ummm that is soooooo scary. Of course you can't entirely avoid every shitty toy out there but at least while she is just shoving crap in her mouth I can make sure its safe. I think as she gets older this will be more difficult so I'm just gonna concentrate on now. There are a few cute things on here.

I find so much cute stuff on random sites that I want so this is why the blog is helpful. I can kinda keep track and what I saw then maybe go back and buy it later. Speaking of stuff loving these things right now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sierra vs llama

My friend Marisa got me this llama as a birthday gift a few years ago. Its the funniest thing cause its part of Michael Jackson's farm collection. Super strange. The other one(which I think is a unicorn) was from Blake for Valentines or an anniversary. I thought they would be cute in the babies room. Well Sierra had other plans for it.

When did we get so old?

I got together with a few friends that I hadn't seen in years. We all met out at Natalie's house in Menifee for a little lunch and play time with the kids. We all went to high school together, in fact I think even elementary school too. Natalie and I have kept in touch over the years but since I was in NY its been awhile. She has the cutest little girl Nola who is going to be 2 and is expecting a little boy around the same time as me. Stephanie and Laura brought their kids out too. Julia who is 1 and Connor who is 2 1/2. Talk about some cute kids. It was super fun to catch up and gossip about people we went to high school with. It's been way too long since I've seen these ladies so I'm happy to be back and hopefully have some more fun times together.

no more mtv for me

I'm pretty sure I'm going to come home one day and find that Blake has put a parental lock on MTV. I should not be allowed to watch 16 and pregnant anymore. Twice I've broken down into hysterical fits over this show. I'm not really the crying type either. I'm not one to cry at a sad movie or get overly emotional but damn these hormones are getting to me. Anyways I've seen 16 and pregnant a million times, before I was pregnant and never really thought twice but watching it while being pregnant makes me so upset. The two episodes that really got me were the adoption ones. It just broke me heart to watch these girl go through everything and hand their babies over. Ya they are 16 and shouldn't be pregnant in the first place but that's a whole different story. It just broke my heart and I lost it. So I will try to avoid the show for the next few months....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Self Portrait

I'm part of this photo blog ( where each month someone gives out an assignment and then we all post something. It started off as just a bunch of people I went to Art Center with but has grown to be a pretty big blog. Its fun to have an assignment that isn't a job and you can kinda do what you want. Anyways the reason I'm talking about it is because this month we were asked to do a self portrait (we had to reflect the style of someone off the blog so it made it more of a challenge) It came at a pretty perfect time since as a photographer I should be taking more self portraits but seriously its really hard. I felt so goofy doing this but I tried to have fun with it. So here I am at 27 weeks.....

Click here to see it on flickr

Natural Baby Pros

My friend Alison sent me this site. I guess her friend started it. It has a lot of good info on it about natural childbirth, pregnancy, etc. Always love reading about new products and goodies that are out there. They also have a lot of events but most of them are in San Diego area but a good resource if you live down there.

Check it out.

diaper bag obsessed

Ok just found this and I think I'm in love. Fake shopping is one of my favorite things to do while drinking my morning coffee!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

29 weeks

Today I tried out another yoga place in Irvine. It was totally different than the other one I went to a few weeks back. It was an hour of straight yoga and I actually sweat. It felt really good. I felt nice and flexible and it was much needed! The teacher was a sub so not sure how the class goes normally but I guess I will see when I go back Saturday. Its nice since the class tomorrow is mostly talking and relaxing. Hopefully there will be some nice people in some of my classes. I really want to meet people who live here but being pregnant I just don't feel like myself so I'm kinda holding back. Its a lame excuse but its totally true. I've never had a problem making friends when I've moved to new places but I've also never been pregnant so its a little different. I don't feel especially social and not really feeling crazy adventurous. In all honesty I feel really boring and bla right now. Maybe I'm being a baby but being around people I know and feel comfortable with is the only thing I want right now. I guess I feel a little lonely. I don't think I wanted to admit that to myself and I'm not sure I realized it till today when I was driving home from yoga. I realized that I haven't felt that feeling in years and years which I guess is pretty lucky but damn its shitty. I know the hormones and being in a new place is an added stress. I'm really truly trying to keep my head up and stay focused on this baby. I dunno sometimes I just need to get it out to make me feel better. It will all pass......

I'm having an off night. She is kicking like crazy which is awesome but she keeps catching my bladder and side and its making me jump every time. Its also really hard to breath, I feel like I'm carrying a whale in my stomach. I hate complaining but I'm super whiny tonight. I tried watching TV and ended up getting up and pacing in the backyard watching a family of crickets and listening to the fireworks from Disneyland.

I started a new book last night, "Raising Baby Green." So far its really interesting. I semi finished "The No Cry Sleep Solution." I think its something I need to re read when I figure out what kinda habits baby has and then make a plan. There was a ton of good information about starting off with good habits and routines that was interesting. The more information the better!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Little Seed

I've been waiting patiently for this to be available on Targets site (oh how my life has changed)

It was started by Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) Everything is organic and eco- friendly which makes me very happy. They have a "real" line which is a little more expensive but still really reasonable. I love all the colors and I imagine everything is super soft.

Hope they have it at my Target!


Just some photos from the weekend. It was a nice quiet weekend here. Didn't do much saturday (I was in a super grumpy mood and feeling sorry for myself-thanks hormones)
For dinner we went down to the Orange Circle cause I've never been. It was neat to walk around. A bunch of cute stores and lots of little places to eat. We ended up at a Cuban place. It was ok, nothing special but sitting outside was really nice and just getting out after being a grump all day. The whole place feels really haunted.

Sunday we got up and headed to HB dog beach. There was supposed to be a dog surf contest but I think we got there too late. Sierra didn't seem to care, she was happy running around. We ran her around awhile and then came back to the house. We had some gardening to do. Blake built up my rocking chair too! We're so damn domestic. I cooked up a vegan storm. Chocolate chip cookies and Farmers Market Sandwich.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A girl can dream....

I'm not big on fashion. I like my stuff and clothes of course but I don't own anything fancy except for a Marc Jacobs Bag and a dress. Give me a forever 21 and I'm pretty happy. Ok if I were rich I may buy more Marc and maybe a Chanel ring (I've been obsessing over them since I found a plastic one for $7 in Santee Alley in downtown) BUT this is really cute. Its impossible to find anywhere which is a good thing.

Friday, July 9, 2010

burbs vs city

Interesting little article mostly because it was something we thought and continue to think about. Of course there is no right answer but peoples comments are interesting. I have to say living in a big house with a backyard is wonderful but there is nothing around me and its a little boring. I miss walking out my door and having a coffee shop, restaurant, or park right there.

hey suburbia

The crib and dresser have been ordered thanks to Grandma and Great Grandma! I will wait and take photos once its all in and built but we went with the Baby Mod stuff. It was reasonably priced and seemed to be made out of good stuff and non toxic paint. My mom was down for a few days and we sat and measured and taped off to try and see what would fit in there. The room is a really good size but there isn't alot of wall space so we had to ditch the bookshelf. Here is what it looks like right now. We were storing that white piece in the closet and decided to bring it out. I was thinking some fun colored bins would be cute in there? The box is a rocker which hopefully Blake will build this weekend. Its slowly coming together.....

We found a doula this week as well. She is absolutely wonderful and I think will be really helpful with the birth. She will also be teaching our hypnobabies classes so I'm really excited to start those at the end of the month. So glad that is all set.

I will get the results of my glucose test in a few days. Drinking the stuff was really gross. At first it was kinda yummy and sweet but when you get to the end you kinda wanna vomit. She also told me that I gained too much weight between my two appointments (which was a month) I was actually super disappointed in myself because I've been doing so good with weight. The last week I've been eating like shit but I know that isn't why since I eat really healthy 99% of the time. Its my lack of exercise. I was used to doing kickboxing 3 times a week (and walking everywhere in NY) and I've done nothing here. I will start doing yoga 2x a week (thanks to my wonderful mother in law for helping me out with that) but she told me that I need to be walking at least a mile everyday. Boring!!!! I did my first walk today around suburbia. It was ok. I put on an episode of "This American Life" and walked up and down streets for about 30 min. I figured that was about a mile. Plus I had to pee and can't be away from a bathroom for longer than that. It was so quiet, I think I saw like 3 people. I walked past this little old man and he got all excited and waved to me. It was really cute. I found a few places to hike in the hood but I don't really want to go alone. I'll wait for Blake on those days. I know there are a ton of places to drive to but its hard to get the motivation to get in the car. I guess the important part is I feel good. I feel like I have energy and my body feels right. I feel massive in the tummy (my mom had to put my shoes on for me the other day) cause the strap was tricky and I couldn't bend to the right position. It was actually quite funny. I start going to my midwife every 2 weeks now which is crazy cause its getting closer to my due date!

Enough blabbing for today.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

28 weeks

or maybe 29 I dunno but regardless its officially third trimester time. I think I thought that started 2 weeks ago but maybe I was wrong. I'm still recovering from the weekend. On Saturday we had people over for dinner. It was really mellow and nice to see friends but it was a lot of work. I got the idea to slow cook pork, mac n cheese, coleslaw, and bbq sauce. I loved cooking all of it but I was beat. The next day was the 4th so we went down to the beach and hung out there with the Sinclair family. It was super fun to watch all the craziness. Lots of eating and people coming by the house which was super fun but kicked my ass. Its crazy how exhausted I get doing nothing these days. I also noticed that the 2 days I was running around like crazy the baby didn't move much. But as soon as I got home on the 4th and took a bath she was kicking around like crazy. I guess she likes to be mellow.
I mentioned before that the baby is starting to kick my ribs. I can feel her getting up under them. It hurts but the weird part is I haven't had as much pain in my ribs. I mean they hurt after sitting for awhile but its not as bad as it was before. Maybe because she is shifting around a lot more?? My face is a mess. It never got clear the whole pregnancy but it wasn't super broken out until now. I feel like a teenager. I'm sure all the hormones aren't really helping out. Its gross, I wanna glow dammit.
Today is my glucose test so hoping that its all normal considering my diet the last few days of cupcakes, ice cream, and doughnuts.

Here is a photo a friend took on the 4th. I'm pretty sure I waddle when I walk......

Friday, July 2, 2010

was it a craving??

I bought a box of those damn white mini powdered doughnuts. I don't think I've ever actually bought those in my entire life. When I was a kid we would get them on camping trips or out on the lake as a special vacation treat. I was slightly embarrassed at the check out line as our items included the doughnuts, mint ice cream (for blake), a pineapple, and 5 pounds of pork butt.
We had to go to 3 markets tonight to find stuff for a little dinner party were having tomorrow and all the little check out ladies made comments about my belly and asked a bunch of questions. I forget that people in California will actually stop and talk with you. I got so used to no eye contact and hurrying through the line as fast as you can in NY. Its kinda refreshing that people are so friendly.

Coffee Talk

Drinking coffee and waiting for some dude to come fix my stove (again) Thought he fixed it yesterday but nope! But it was super fun sitting home all day waiting for him. He better come soon cause if I don't leave the house today I will hurt someone. I get a little stir crazy.

Fun fact of the day is that the baby now wakes up with me which is really cute. I don't feel her all night so I assume she is sleeping? I was laying in bed this morning just waking up and talking to Sierra and I felt her start kicking around like she was ready to face the day.

I'm still reading that book "The No Cry sleep solution" and it was talking about co-sleeping and how sometimes when you are that close to your baby you can actually get in sync with each others breathing. I thought that was a fun fact. All the books/sites that I read are very much for co-sleeping. Blake is 100% for it but I'm still a little weary. I definitely want her in the room for the first few months but I just don't know how I feel about her sharing a bed (although I found a really cool co sleeper online that attaches to the bed) I guess I get worried about the time we want to put her back in the crib. According to everything I've read its not a problem at all and only takes a few times for them to get used to being away. I still need to think about that a bit more. I've never done this before so I have no idea if rolling over and giving her a boob is going to be easy or it will be easier for me to take her to the rocker and feed there (as my mom said was easy for her) Need to decide somewhat soon.
Oh and on to a totally gross and random fact. I have been drooling like a crazy person in my sleep. I remember reading that you produce more saliva when pregnant but that was in the first trimester I think. It was never really an issue but the last few weeks I've been waking up with a lake on my pillow. And the internet has my answer....

Most women experience excessive salivation as a result of changing hormone levels. Excessive saliva may happen sporadically during periods of rapid hormonal fluctuation like during the first and third trimesters. Other women will notice they have more saliva in general throughout their pregnancy. Your best bet is to swallow more frequently. Most women do so naturally.

Some women find excessive salivation contributes to pregnancy heartburn. Fortunately you can relieve pregnancy related heartburn using simple over the counter antacids. Some women find drinking milk helps relieve the problem. Still others find brushing their teeth multiple times each day helps relieve their symptoms, or at the very least makes the problem seem less annoying. You may find drinking more water improves rather than worsens the condition. Your body may produce more saliva in response to dehydration. Still other women find chewing gum or sucking hard candies helpful for at least taking their mind off the problem.

I have been having heartburn the last few days too, weird never connected that. I've also been having milk at night (with cookies) so I'm pretty sure that cancels anything out.

more on saliva

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Hidden Risks of Epidurals

Yesterday I was talking about an article that was handed out in the yoga class I took. Well I finally read it today and it is full of great information. Now I've had a handful of friends who swear by their epidural and they fine and so are their babies so I think its totally a personal choice. When I first became pregnant I watched "The business of being born" which was recommend by a good friend and it for sure guided my birthing choices and opinions. Ya the dangers really scare me but the part that really gets me is how an epidural can affect the natural hormones that a mom produces while in labor. I'll just put a quote in from the article cause trying to explain something will just be a mess.

"For example, oxytocin, known as the hormone of love, is also a natural uterotonic"ha substance that causes a woman's uterus to contract in labor. Epidurals lower the mother's release of oxytocin8 or stop its normal rise during labor.9 The effect of spinals on oxytocin release is even more marked.10 Epidurals also obliterate the maternal oxytocin peak that occurs at birth11"hthe highest of a mother's lifetime"hwhich catalyzes the final powerful contractions of labor and helps mother and baby fall in love at first meeting. Another important uterotonic hormone, prostaglandin F2 alpha, is also reduced in women using an epidural.12

Beta-endorphin is the stress hormone that builds up in a natural labor to help the laboring woman transcend pain. Beta-endorphin is also associated with the altered state of consciousness that is normal in labor. Being "on another planet" as some describe it, helps the mother-to-be to work instinctively with her body and her baby, often using movement and sounds. Epidurals reduce the laboring woman's release of beta-endorphin.13, 14 Perhaps the widespread use of epidurals reflects our difficulty with supporting women in this altered state, and our cultural preference for laboring women to be quiet and acquiescent."

Ya I'm scared out of my mind of the pain but I just can't fathom sticking a needle in my spine and cutting off my natural chemicals in my body and risking any kind of harm to my baby.

I've included a link to the article and also copied it in here.

The first recorded use of an epidural was in 1885, when New York neurologist J. Leonard Corning injected cocaine into the back of a patient suffering from "spinal weakness and seminal incontinence."1 More than a century later, epidurals have become the most popular method of analgesia, or pain relief, in US birth rooms. In 2002, almost two-thirds of laboring women, including 59 percent of women who had a vaginal birth, reported that they were administered an epidural.2 In Canada in 2001-2002, around half of women who birthed vaginally used an epidural,3 and in the UK in 2003-2004, 21 percent of women had an epidural before or during delivery.4

Epidurals involve the injection of a local anesthetic drug (derived from cocaine) into the epidural space"hthe space around (epi) the tough coverings (dura) that protect the spinal cord. A conventional epidural will numb or block both the sensory and motor nerves as they exit from the spinal cord, giving very effective pain relief for labor but making the recipient unable to move the lower part of her body. In the last five to ten years, epidurals have been developed with lower concentrations of local anesthetic drugs, and with combinations of local anesthetics and opiate painkillers (drugs similar to morphine and meperidine) to reduce the motor block. They produce a so-called walking epidural. Spinal analgesia has also been increasingly used in labor to reduce the motor block. Spinals involve drugs injected right through the dura and into the spinal (intrathecal) space, and they produce only short-term analgesia. To prolong the pain-relieving effect for labor, epidurals are now being coadministered with spinals, as a combined spinal epidural (CSE).

Epidurals and spinals offer laboring women the most effective form of pain relief available, and women who have used these analgesics rate their satisfaction with pain relief as very high. However, satisfaction with pain relief does not equate with overall satisfaction with birth,5 and epidurals are associated with major disruptions to the processes of birth. These disruptions can interfere with a woman's ultimate enjoyment of and satisfaction with her labor experience, and they may also compromise the safety of birth for the mother and baby.

Epidurals and Labor Hormones
Epidurals significantly interfere with some of the major hormones of labor and birth, which may explain their negative effect on the processes of labor.6 As the World Health Organization comments, "epidural analgesia is one of the most striking examples of the medicalization of normal birth, transforming a physiological event into a medical procedure."7

For example, oxytocin, known as the hormone of love, is also a natural uterotonic"ha substance that causes a woman's uterus to contract in labor. Epidurals lower the mother's release of oxytocin8 or stop its normal rise during labor.9 The effect of spinals on oxytocin release is even more marked.10 Epidurals also obliterate the maternal oxytocin peak that occurs at birth11"hthe highest of a mother's lifetime"hwhich catalyzes the final powerful contractions of labor and helps mother and baby fall in love at first meeting. Another important uterotonic hormone, prostaglandin F2 alpha, is also reduced in women using an epidural.12

Beta-endorphin is the stress hormone that builds up in a natural labor to help the laboring woman transcend pain. Beta-endorphin is also associated with the altered state of consciousness that is normal in labor. Being "on another planet" as some describe it, helps the mother-to-be to work instinctively with her body and her baby, often using movement and sounds. Epidurals reduce the laboring woman's release of beta-endorphin.13, 14 Perhaps the widespread use of epidurals reflects our difficulty with supporting women in this altered state, and our cultural preference for laboring women to be quiet and acquiescent.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline (epinephrine and norepinephrine, collectively known as catecholamines, or CAs) are also released under stressful conditions, and levels naturally increase during an unmedicated labor.15 At the end of an undisturbed labor, a natural surge in these hormones gives the mother the energy to push her baby out and makes her excited and fully alert at first meeting with her baby. This surge is known as the fetal ejection reflex.16

However, labor is inhibited by very high CA levels, which may result when the laboring woman feels hungry, cold, fearful, or unsafe.17 This response makes evolutionary sense: If the mother senses danger, her hormones will slow or stop labor and give her time to flee to find a safer place to birth.

Epidurals reduce the laboring woman's release of CAs, which may be helpful if high levels are inhibiting her labor. However, a reduction in the final CA surge may contribute to the difficulty that women laboring with an epidural can experience in pushing out their babies, and to the increased risk of instrumental delivery (forceps and vacuum) that accompanies the use of an epidural (see below).

Effects on the Process of Labor
Epidurals slow labor, possibly through the above effects on the laboring woman's oxytocin release, although there is also evidence from animal research that the local anesthetics used in epidurals may inhibit contractions by directly affecting the muscle of the uterus.18 On average, the first stage of labor is 26 minutes longer in women who use an epidural, and the second, pushing stage is 15 minutes longer.19 Loss of the final oxytocin peak probably also contributes to the doubled risk of an instrumental delivery"hvacuum or forceps"hfor women who use an epidural,20 although other mechanisms may be involved.

For example, an epidural also numbs the laboring woman's pelvic floor muscles, which are important in guiding her baby's head into a good position for birth. When an epidural is in place, the baby is four times more likely to be persistently posterior (POP, or face up) in the final stages of labor"h13 percent compared to 3 percent for women without an epidural, according to one study.21 A POP position decreases the chance of a spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD); in one study, only 26 percent of first-time mothers (and 57 percent of experienced mothers) with POP babies experienced an SVD; the remaining mothers had an instrumental birth (forceps or vacuum) or a cesarean.22

Anesthetists have hoped that a low-dose or combined spinal epidural would reduce the chances of an instrumental delivery, but the improvement seems to be modest. In one study, the Comparative Obstetric Mobile Epidural Trial (COMET), 37 percent of women with a conventional epidural experienced instrumental births, compared with 29 percent of women using low-dose epidurals and 28 percent of women using combined spinal epidurals.23

For the baby, instrumental delivery can increase the short-term risks of bruising, facial injury, displacement of the skull bones, and cephalohematoma (blood clot under the scalp).24 The risk of intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding inside the brain) was increased in one study by more than four times for babies born by forceps compared to those with spontaneous births,25 although two studies showed no detectable developmental differences for forceps-born children at five years old.26, 27 Another study showed that when women with an epidural had a forceps delivery, the force used by the clinician to deliver the baby was almost twice the force used when an epidural was not in place.28

Epidurals also increase the need for Pitocin to augment labor, probably due to the negative effect on the laboring woman's own release of oxytocin. Women laboring with an epidural in place are almost three times more likely to be administered Pitocin.29 The combination of epidurals and Pitocin, both of which can cause abnormalities in the fetal heart rate (FHR) that indicate fetal distress, markedly increases the risk of operative delivery (forceps, vacuum, or cesarean delivery). In one Australian survey, about half of first-time mothers who were administered both an epidural and Pitocin had an operative delivery.30

The impact of epidurals on the risk of cesarean is contentious; differing recent reviews suggest no increased risk31 and an increase in risk of 50 percent.32 The risk is probably most significant for women having an epidural with their first baby.33

Note that the studies used to arrive at these conclusions are mostly randomized controlled trials in which the women who agree to participate are randomly assigned to either epidural or nonepidural pain relief. Nonepidural pain relief usually involves the administration of opiates such as meperidine (aka pethidine). Many of these studies are flawed from high rates of crossover"hwomen who were assigned to nonepidurals but who ultimately did have epidurals, and vice versa. Also, noting that there are no true controls"hthat is, women who are not using any form of pain relief"hthese studies cannot tell us anything about the impact of epidurals compared to birth without analgesic drugs.

Epidural Techniques and Side Effects
The drugs used in labor epidurals are powerful enough to numb, and usually paralyze, the mother's lower body, so it is not surprising that there can be significant side effects for mother and baby. These side effects range from minor to life-threatening and depend, to some extent, on the specific drugs used.

Many of the epidural side effects mentioned below are not improved with low-dose or walking epidurals, because women using these techniques may still receive a substantial total dose of local anesthetic, especially when continuous infusions and/or patient-controlled boluses (single large doses) are used.34 The addition of opiate drugs in epidurals or CSEs can create further risks for the mother, such as pruritus (itching) and respiratory depression (see below).

Maternal Side Effects
The most common side effect of epidurals is a drop in blood pressure. This effect is almost universal and is usually preempted by administering IV fluids before placing an epidural. Even with this "preloading" episodes of significant low blood pressure (hypotension) occur for up to half of all women laboring with an epidural,35, 36 especially in the minutes following the administration of a drug bolus. Hypotension can cause complications ranging from feeling faint to cardiac arrest37 and can also affect the baby's blood supply (see below). Hypotension can be treated with more IV fluids and, if severe, with injections of epinephrine (adrenaline).

Other common side effects of epidurals include inability to pass urine (necessitating a urinary catheter) for up to two-thirds of women;38 itching of the skin (pruritus) for up to two-thirds of women administered an opiate drug via epidural;39, 40 shivering for up to one in three women;41 sedation for around one in five women;42 and nausea and vomiting for one in twenty women.43

Epidurals can also cause a rise in temperature in laboring women. Fever over 100.4 F (38 C) during labor is five times more likely overall for women using an epidural;44 this rise in temperature is more common in women having their first babies, and more marked with prolonged exposure to epidurals.45 For example, in one study, 7 percent of first-time mothers laboring with an epidural were feverish after six hours, increasing to 36 percent after 18 hours.46 Maternal fever can have a significant effect on the baby (see below).

Opiate drugs, especially administered as spinals, can cause unexpected breathing difficulties for the mother, which may come on hours after birth and may progress to respiratory arrest. One author comments, "Respiratory depression remains one of the most feared and least predictable complications of intrathecal [spinal] opioids."47

Many observational studies have found an association between epidural use and bleeding after birth (postpartum hemorrhage).48-53 For example, a large UK study found that women were twice as likely to experience postpartum hemorrhaging when they used an epidural in labor.54 This statistic may be related to the increase in instrumental births and perineal trauma (causing bleeding), or may reflect some of the hormonal disruptions mentioned above.

An epidural gives inadequate pain relief for 10 to 15 percent of women,55 and the epidural catheter needs to be reinserted in about 5 percent.56 For around 1 percent of women, the epidural needle punctures the dura (dural tap); this usually causes a severe headache that can last up to six weeks, but can usually be treated by an injection into the epidural space.57, 58

More serious side effects are rare. If epidural drugs are inadvertently injected into the bloodstream, local anesthetics can cause toxic effects such as slurred speech, drowsiness, and, at high doses, convulsions. This error occurs in around one in 2,800 epidural insertions.59 Overall, life-threatening reactions occur for around one in 4,000 women.60-63 Death associated with an obstetric epidural is very rare,64 but it can be caused by cardiac or respiratory arrest, or by an epidural abscess that develops days or weeks afterward.

Later complications include weakness and numbness in 4 to 18 per 10,000 women. Most of these complications resolve spontaneously within three months.65-69 Longer-term or permanent problems can arise from damage to a nerve during epidural placement; from abscess or hematoma (blood clot), which can compress the spinal cord; and from toxic reactions in the covering of the spinal cord, which can lead to paraplegia.70

Side Effects for the Baby
Some of the most significant and well-documented side effects for the unborn baby (fetus) and newborn derive from effects on the mother. These include, as mentioned above, effects on her hormonal orchestration, blood pressure, and temperature regulation. As well, drug levels in the fetus and newborn may be even higher than in the mother,71 which may cause direct toxic effects. For example, epidurals can cause changes in the fetal heart rate (FHR) that indicate that the unborn baby is lacking blood and oxygen. This effect is well known to occur soon after the administration of an epidural (usually within the first 30 minutes), can last for 20 minutes, and is particularly likely following the use of opiate drugs administered via epidural and spinal. Most of these changes in FHR will resolve themselves spontaneously with a change in position. More rarely, they may require drug treatment.72 More severe changes, and the fetal distress they reflect, may require an urgent cesarean.

Note also that the use of opiate drugs for labor analgesia can also cause FHR abnormalities. This process makes the real effects of epidurals on FHR hard to assess because, in almost all randomized trials, epidurals are compared with meperidine or other opiate drugs. One researcher notes that the supine position (lying on the back) may contribute significantly to hypotension and FHR abnormalities when an epidural is in place.73 Another found that the supine position (plus epidural) was associated with a significant decrease in the oxygen supply to the baby's brain (fetal cerebral oxygenation).74

The baby can also be affected by an epidural-induced rise in the laboring mother's temperature. In one large study of first-time mothers, babies born to febrile (feverish) mothers, 97 percent of whom had received epidurals, were more likely than babies born to afebrile mothers to be in poor condition (low Apgar score); have poor tone; require resuscitation (11.5 percent versus 3 percent); or have seizures in the newborn period.75 One researcher noted a tenfold increase in risk of newborn encephalopathy (signs of brain damage) in babies born to febrile mothers.76

Maternal fever in labor can also directly cause problems for the newborn. Because fever can be a sign of infection involving the uterus, babies born to febrile mothers are almost always evaluated for infection (sepsis). Sepsis evaluation involves prolonged separation from the mother, admission to special care, invasive tests, and, most likely, administration of antibiotics until test results are available. In one study of first-time mothers, 34 percent of epidural babies were given a sepsis evaluation compared to 9.8 percent of nonepidural babies.77

Drugs and Toxicity
Every drug that the mother receives in labor will pass through the placenta to her baby, who is more vulnerable to toxic effects. The maximum effects are likely to be at birth and in the hours immediately after, when drug levels are highest.

There are few studies of the condition of epidural babies at birth, and almost all of these compare babies born after epidurals with babies born after exposure to opiate drugs, which are known to cause drowsiness and difficulty with breathing. These studies show little difference between epidural and nonepidural (usually opiate-exposed) babies in terms of Apgar score and umbilical-cord pH, both of which reflect a baby's condition at birth.78 However, a large-population survey from Sweden found that use of an epidural was significantly associated with a low Apgar score at birth.79

There are also reports of newborn drug toxicity from epidural drugs, especially opiates administered via epidural.80 Newborn opiate toxicity seems more likely with higher dose regimes, including those where the mother is able to self-administer extra doses, although there are wide differences in individual newborn sensitivity.81

It is important to note that a newborn baby's ability to process and excrete drugs is much less than an adult's. For example, the half-life (time to reduce drug blood levels by half) for the local anesthetic bupivacaine (Marcaine) is 8.1 hours in the newborn, compared to 2.7 hours in the mother.82 Also, drug blood levels may not accurately reflect the baby's toxic load because drugs may be taken up from the blood and stored in newborn tissues such as the brain and liver,83 from where they are more slowly released.84

A recent review also found higher rates of jaundice for epidural-exposed babies. This result may be related to the increase in instrumental deliveries or to the increased use of Pitocin.85

Neurobehavioral Effects
The effects of epidural drugs on newborn neurobehavior (behavior that reflects brain state) are controversial. Older studies comparing babies exposed to epidurals with babies whose mothers received no drugs have found significant neurobehavioral effects, whereas more recent findings from randomized controlled trials (which, as noted, compare epidural- and opiate-exposed newborns) have found no differences. However, these older studies also used the more comprehensive (and difficult to administer) Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Score (NBAS, devised by pediatricians), whereas more recent tests have used less complex procedures, especially the Neurologic and Adaptive Capacity Score (NACS, devised by anesthesiologists), which aggregates all data into a single figure and which has been criticized as insensitive and unreliable.86-88

For example, all three studies comparing epidural-exposed with unmedicated babies, and using the NBAS, found significant differences between groups:89

Ann Murray et al. compared 15 unmedicated with 40 epidural-exposed babies and found that the epidural babies still had a depressed NBAS score at five days, with particular difficulty controlling their state. Twenty babies whose mothers had received oxytocin as well as an epidural had even more depression of NBAS scores, which may be explained by their higher rates of jaundice. At one month, epidural mothers found their babies "less adaptable, more intense and more bothersome in their behavior." These differences could not be explained by the more difficult deliveries and subsequent maternal-infant separations associated with epidurals.90

Carol Sepkoski et al. compared 20 epidural babies with 20 unmedicated babies, and found less alertness and ability to orient for the first month of life. The epidural mothers spent less time with their babies in the hospital, in direct proportion to the total dose of bupivacaine administered.91 Deborah Rosenblatt et al. tested epidural babies with NBAS over six weeks and found maximal depression on the first day. Although there was some recovery, at three days epidural babies still cried more easily and more often; aspects of this problem ("control of state") persisted for the full six weeks.92

Although these older studies used conventional epidurals, the total dose of bupivacaine administered to the mothers (in these studies, mean doses of 61.6 mg,93 112.7 mg,94 and 119.8 mg,95 respectively) was largely comparable to more recent low-dose studies (for example, 67.5 mg,96 91.1 mg,97 and 101.1 mg98).

These neurobehavioral studies highlight the possible impact of epidurals on newborns and on the evolving mother-infant relationship. In their conclusions, the researchers express concern about "the importance of first encounters with a disorganized baby in shaping maternal expectations and interactive styles."99

Animal Studies
Animal studies suggest that the disruption of maternal hormones caused by epidurals, described above, may also contribute to maternal-infant difficulties. Researchers who administered epidurals to laboring sheep found that the epidural ewes had difficulty bonding to their newborn lambs, especially those in first lambing with an epidural administered early in labor.100

There are no long-term studies of the effects of epidural analgesia on exposed human offspring. However, studies on some of our closest animal relatives give cause for concern. M. S. Golub et al. administered epidural bupivacaine to pregnant rhesus monkeys at term and followed the development of the exposed offspring to age 12 months (equivalent to four years in human offspring). She found that milestone achievement was abnormal in these monkeys: at six to eight weeks they were slow in starting to manipulate, and at ten months the increase in "motor disturbance behaviors" that normally occurs was prolonged.101 The author concludes, "These effects could occur as a result of effects on vulnerable brain processes during a sensitive period, interference with programming of brain development by endogenous [external] agents or alteration in early experiences."102

As with neurobehavior, effects on breastfeeding are poorly studied, and more recent randomized controlled trials comparing exposure to epidural and opiate drugs are especially misleading because opiates have a well-recognized negative effect on early breastfeeding behavior and success.103-107

Epidurals may affect the experience and success of breastfeeding through several mechanisms. First, the epidural-exposed baby may have neurobehavioral abnormalities caused by drug exposure that are likely to be maximal in the hours following birth"ha critical time for the initiation of breastfeeding. Recent research has found (rather obviously) that the higher the newborn's neurobehavior score, the higher his or her score for breastfeeding behavior.108

In another study, the baby's breastfeeding abilities, as measured by the Infant Breastfeeding Assessment Tool (IBFAT), were highest among unmedicated babies, lower for babies exposed to epidurals or IV opiates, and lowest for babies exposed to both. Infants with lower scores were weaned earlier, although overall, similar numbers in all groups were breastfeeding at six weeks.109 In other research, babies exposed to epidurals and spinals were more likely to lose weight in the hospital, which may reflect poor feeding efficiency.110 Other research has suggested that newborn breastfeeding behavior and NACS scores may be normal when an ultra-low-dose epidural is used, although even in this study, babies with higher drug levels had lower neurobehavior (NACS) scores at "Ntwo hours.111

Second, epidurals may affect the new mother, making breastfeeding more difficult. This situation is likely if she has experienced a long labor, an instrumental delivery, or separation from her baby, all of which are more likely following an epidural. Hormonal disruptions may also contribute, as oxytocin is a major hormone of breastfeeding.

One study found that babies born after epidurals were less likely to be fully breastfed on hospital discharge; this was a special risk for epidural mothers whose babies did not feed in the first hour after birth.112 A Finnish survey records that 67 percent of women who had labored with an epidural reported partial or full formula feeding in the first 12 weeks compared to 29 percent of nonepidural mothers; epidural mothers were also more likely to report having "not enough milk."113

Two groups of Swedish researchers have looked at the subtle but complex breastfeeding and prebreastfeeding behavior of unmedicated newborns. One group has documented that when placed skin-to-skin on the mother's chest, a newborn can crawl up, find the nipple, and self-attach.114 Newborns affected by opiate drugs in labor or separated from their mothers briefly after birth lose much of this ability. The other Swedish group found that newborns exposed to labor analgesia (mostly opiates, but including some epidurals) were also disorganized in their prefeeding behavior"hnipple massage and licking, and hand sucking"hcompared to unmedicated newborns.115

Satisfaction with Birth
Obstetric care providers have assumed that control of pain is the foremost concern of laboring women and that effective pain relief will ensure a positive birth experience. In fact, there is evidence that the opposite may be true. Several studies have shown that women who use no labor medication are the most satisfied with their birth experience at the time,116 at six weeks,117 and at one year after the birth.118 In a UK survey of 1,000 women, those who had used epidurals reported the highest levels of pain relief but the lowest levels of satisfaction with the birth, probably because of the higher rates of intervention.

Finally, it is noteworthy that caregiver preferences may to a large extent dictate the use of epidurals and other medical procedures for laboring women. One study found that women under the care of family physicians with a low mean use of epidurals were less likely to receive monitoring and Pitocin, to deliver by cesarean, and to have their babies admitted to newborn special care.119

Epidurals have possible benefits but also significant risks for the laboring mother and her baby. These risks are well documented in the medical literature but may not be disclosed to the laboring woman. Women who wish to avoid the use of epidurals are advised to choose caregivers and models of care that promote, support, and understand the principles and practice of natural and undisturbed birth.


I haven't posted any photos of the house yet but I will eventually. The best part is the backyard. There was a HUGE tomato plant that kinda overtook the backyard so Blake and I decided to cut it back. We had no idea where it actually started but about 2 hours later and discovering about 1000 different species of critters we found the source. It was even planted next to a beautiful plumeria that was just being taken over by tomatoes. Both of us have never really gardened before so I hope we did it right. It seems a bit shocked but I'm sure it just feels naked so hopefully it will grow. We also planted zucchini and red peppers so well see. I would like to plant more veggies and maybe some fruits but we need to find some more room and maybe research how to garden first. We also planted herbs so now we have basil, lemon thyme, rosemary, tarragon, and something else that I can't remember. ooops.

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Kristin and Ryan came to visit last weekend and they brought baby a few adorable things. I'm obsessed with these skinny jeans and stripped top. I seriously can't stop looking at them. They are so mini. Plus I totally have that outfit in my closet but I promise not to wear it at the same time. And how about that onesie? Its just too much cuteness.


I've posted a million photos of cribs and I go back and forth on which ones I like daily but I am making a decision and ordering next week. I'm gonna lay them all out here and then stare. I have learned a lot in this process. I started off thinking I would just get the Graco from Target that was $180. It was cute, modern, and TOXIC! Ya learning about all the crazy shit they make these cribs out of just blows my mind. Its still really hard to really tell if the ones I've been looking at are totally safe but most will tell you what they are made of and make a point to say they are safe. The only way to totally avoid the toxic crib is to spend a whole lotta money. If that were the case I would probably get this. My only complaint is there isn't a good dresser that matches it. I found this but I have no idea if they would work together. Plus its crazy expensive!

Oeuf Sparrow Crib

Ouef 4 drawer dresser

The one I keep going back to is the Land of Nod stuff. Its expensive but seems like it will last for a really long time.

White Anderson Crib

White Blake Dresser

Columbia Convertible Crib White Atlantic Furniture

Windsor 6 Drawer 54" Dresser in White

Baby Mod

Baby Mod - Cadence Combo Dresser

Baby Mod - Cadence 4-Drawer Dresser

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Once I get furniture and I can think about painting and art which is the fun stuff! I already have a bunch of art on Etsy that I have bookmarked and will post another time.