Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I officially have a two year old! We had a nice family celebration for her on her birthday sunday and I think she had a ton of fun. It was pretty mellow and easy and good to just be with family. I didn't feel crazy trying to run around and talk to everyone and just got to have a good time and enjoy. She went in for her physical today and is in perfect health. Luckily she didn't have to get an vaccines (I'm still holding off on all the Hep A/B and Chicken Pox which is whole other post) but they did draw blood. She was beyond pissed off and screamed the entire visit. I get it, getting blood taken sucks. I had no idea they did that at such a young age but it was cool to see all her levels of everything and how fast they can get that info. She only weighs 23.7 pounds and is 34 inches tall. So a little below average in weight and totally average height. She eats super healthy so I'm not concerned and either was the dr. In the last week her vocabulary has gone crazy. She combines 3-4 words no problems and speaks in sentences well toddler sentences but she gets her point across and uses many words. It's pretty amazing to watch it happen so fast and to add new words in daily too.

As usual I have a ton of photos to post and catch up to do. I've been slacking at her nap time and doing nothing the last two weeks like sitting on the couch and napping. Sometimes I feel guilty like I should be getting shit done but it is soooo nice to just relax and enjoy a snack or a quick nap. Also I finally caught the new Ricki Lake Show. I'm only able to see it if Olive goes down for a late nap but I so love her and wish we had real cable and tivo so I could really indulge in this new guilty pleasure. It's seriously good. After the Business of Being Born she is seriously one of my heros. I keep checking to see if she will do a show about birth cause I would love to see it. I'm totally fitting into my stay at home stereotype too. Geez pass me some Bon Bons.

we ride the carousel a lot. 

rainforest cafe. 

we've been taking the fat dog on a walk every day. olive loves holding her  and  she is really good at it. 

heels and a motorcycle. 

she wanted to do my hair. 

besides crashing into my ankles a million times it actually made shopping kinda easy. 

no personal space when snacking. also sweet potato corn chips from traders are unreal. 

bed jumping with tamar. 

gifts from tamar. 



oh the clouds. 

while i craft she colors. 

mini bun. 

picking fruit. 

ballet ready. 

roasted chick peas are our new snacking obsession. 


she said she was going to hawaii. 

new shades. 

surprise birthday dinner for tanner. 

child playing in empty beer glass is the best game ever.

when a kid asks you to take her on the pony you go. 

preggo karina and her delicious beer. 

no quarters needed. 

birthday waffles. 

reading a princess magazine.

watching blake clean. 

my caramel tester.

birthday photos coming soon............

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

shop till you pee

I had a list of things to get done today but somehow we managed to spend most of the day at the mall which is my least favorite place in the world but after a few crazy moments we managed to have a really good time. I had one errand at the mall. I wanted to try on a dress at Club Monaco. My friend Ashley told me to check out their website and I was blown away by all the cute stuff. I thought it was like old mom conservative clothing but its adorable and super hip. A little pricy but I'm looking for a dress to wear to a wedding so I figured it wouldn't hurt to look. I saw one I liked online which they didn't have in store but I figured I could get an idea of a size if I tried it on. All I wanted to do was try two dresses and Olive decided she had plans of her own. In the dressing room she lost her mind then started screaming poop and pee pee. I put on my clothes as fast as I could and she peed right there in her stroller and not like a little sprinkle like she was soaked. Never really saw the dresses on but I'm sure they were cute, errrrr. So we rushed to the bathroom and put on new panties and decided we needed to go buy a new dress as there was no way she was wearing this piss soaked dress. I always bring extra but of course today I didn't. So we're walking around gap and she tells me she has to pee so we storm out of there and run to the potty and make it. I have no idea how much water she drank but apparently it was a lot. Geez. Sidenote the family bathrooms by baby gap in south coast plaza and soooooo nice. They have a greeter that will watch your stuff and the bathroom has this tiny toilet and mini sinks they can reach on their own. Blown away!  So we go back into gap and we tried on about 100 dresses till we found one she liked. I was that mom that took her up to the counter with the dress on and said we would wear it out. Luckily the women ringing me up was a mom and she had her own pee story. Lesson learned always bring extra clothes no matter what. She is so good about telling me but that means she has to go now not in 2 min. We rode the carousal and decided to eat at Rainforest Cafe. The last time there she was scared but I figured she would like it now and she did. Lunch was pretty easy and we had fun watching the animals. The food sucks but whatever. I gave her a ring pop and we walked about forever 21 for 15 min and it was great. Then she told me she was sleepy so we left. Amazing how a few hours can feel like 10 days.

how cute is this?? the leather pocket makes me so happy. 

Also while I'm ranting can we just talk about people that don't put shopping carts in the designated cart area?? I mean really how hard is it? Today while I was pulling into a spot this asshole pushed his cart right in front of my spot. It didn't hit my car or anything but the fucking cart holder thing was literally like 10 feet away. I wanted to call him an lazy asshole but he looked like he had killed before so I decided not to. But really it's just rude and irresponsible. I don't get worked up about much but for some reason this drives me INSANE! I hate lazy and I hate rude.

Here are the rest of the photos and I'm all caught up. Let's hope I don't go weeks without blogging again.

I had a girls night out up in LA. Ashley was in town for work and I crashed in her hotel for the night. 

Tamar's art show. I just realized Tamar and Ashley are both holding the cup. 

Tamar and one of her prints. 

After art show celebration for Tamar's birthday. A little thriller is always a good thing. 

I love these girls so much.

more thriller dance. these two love birds will be married in two weeks and I can't wait! 

time to go home. 

quick coffee stop before going home to momlife. 

too lazy and hungover to cook so we lunched out. 


getting weird. 

after swim class.  

picking out her tap shoes. big fan of tap class. louder the better. 

banana bread baker. 

poor pup. 

we have been eating a lot of popsicles. 

nola and olive. 

if its not dangerous its not worth doing. 

checking out dan. 

the real dan. 

another goat friend. 



old navy. she went to every single one of them and gave them kisses goodbye and then gave the little girl in the denim jacket about 20 hugs. 

healthy food.  

shopping with olive. 


running circles. 

ready for tap. 

pounding dip n dots. 

my mom was in town! 

camping trip........

taking "photos" of the bunnies with an ipod. 

beer, rocks, and converse twins.

she thought it was a bounce house. 

she wanted to pretend we were sleeping. 

wood helper. 

cooking hotdogs. 

big fan of s'mores. 
no more tree. garden coming soon.....

quick stop at the zoo.