Sunday, January 30, 2011

More weekend please

I sure wish the weekends were longer. Saturday I was able to officially sign up for kickboxing. Watch out baby weight, I'm gonna take you by the balls. While I'm getting my ass kicked I totally get to learn all about the shitty songs the kids are listening to. Bla. Lady Gaga makes my ears bleed. Anyways besides working out we were pretty mellow and ventured out to see Blake's family for a little while.

Today was filled with Dim Sum with a few of Blake's friends and brother. Olive was perfect. She slept most of the time which amazes me cause it was so loud in there. We came home and had a pretty quiet day. Blake put together an entertainment center while I made some vegan thin mint cookies. It was rainy and lovely out, perfect for being lazy.

Friday, January 28, 2011

you got style

I love this blog. If you're into the whole mommy blog thing then I'm pretty sure she is on your blogroll. Her outfits totally inspire me to get dressed cause it really does help if you feel that much better during the day. Some days I can't pull my shit together but hey I try. I'm not super duper into fashion but I like clothes. The other day when I was tearing apart my closet trying to find something to wear (to breastfeed on my couch most likely) I was just annoyed. I have a lot of clothes but I HATE putting outfits together. I was wondering if there was a person out there who comes to your house and takes the clothes you have and makes outfits out of them for you. If I was rich I would totally hire someone to do that. Its like I know what I like and I love buying clothes but putting things together just seems like a big headache to me. Also half the clothes in my closet don't actually fit like they used to. Hello hips!
Anyways here is to trying to get dressed a few times a week and maybe putting on a little makeup to feel human!

swaddle and sleep

Last night we tried to put Olive to sleep without a swaddle. It worked for an hour then she woke herself up and was pissed. I think it took another hour or so to put her back down and we ended up using the swaddle. We both tried over and over without it and as soon as she touched down into the bed she screamed. I don't know why I have it in my head that we need to ween her from the swaddle but I guess I just want her to know how to sleep without it. We also bounce her to sleep every night and it works for her but now I keep reading that you need to ween them off that so that they can fall asleep on their own. Although I've read a zillion books and blogs I still have no idea how I can do that cause if I just put her down in her bed and leave her she will scream. I will not let her cry it out I know that for sure. She can fuss and stir but screaming till she falls asleep is not gonna happen. So with that I need to find a way that works. When I was pregnant I was recommended a bunch of books on sleep training. I honestly had no idea there were so many. I bought two of the books, one was the Baby Whisperer and the other was the no cry sleep solution. At the point when I bought the books I didn't know there were different parenting techniques. I'm telling you I've had ZERO baby experience. So anyways last night I picked up the Baby Whisperer book and skimmed through. Problem is I'm like a sponge since I don't know anything so after reading the book I think I'm doing it all wrong. I know most people I talk with will tell me to stay away from any kind of sleep training book and I get that now that I'm reading it but everything is still so confusing. Everyone tells me to just listen to Olives cues and take it from there. Ok I get that to a certain point but I also have no idea what the hell I'm doing. She is 4 months old and can only tell me so much and sometimes when she cries I seriously have no idea what it means. I'm getting better but I'm not perfect. I guess the point is that I'm frustrated and don't really know what to do. At this point I can only pull from what feels comfortable to me and go from there but even then I still don't know. So do I really need to ween her off the swaddle? Am I doing something wrong if she is waking up a few times at night? Am I going to screw her up if I have to rock her to sleep at night? Blaaaa I need a beer.

Enough of that. On a kinda funny/annoying note Olive has been having the hardest time eating. She is totally distracted. In the morning she will sit there and laugh and smile at Sierra the whole time (Sierra sits right above me on the couch like so) Today she was blowing spit at her and laughing and Sierra actually had enough and got up and moved to the other side of the couch. It was pretty funny although semi annoying cause she is so distracted.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today she figured out how to put her butt in the air but she still doesn't get how to lift her arms quite yet. I'm not going to tell her. I am not ready for a crawler.

I had Del Taco for lunch. Don't judge me.

Big Giggles

I swear we're not high but Olive made us lose our shit tonight with her giggles. I always give her raspberries on her tummy and she always gives me this huge grin and sometimes a little giggle but tonight when I gave her tummy kisses she went ape shit. Best thing ever!

the beach and other random photos

I had some much need head clearing to do today so Olive and I headed to the beach. She was having a fussy morning so I knew getting out would be best for both of us. I timed it so I knew she would nap and I could relax and unwind a bit. It was at least 80 out and I'm pretty sure I got a little sunburn. My NY friends say its 7 degrees and snowing. Bummer.......

These are from the last few days.

She doesn't quite get the jump thing yet. She would rather eat it.

She is obsessed with the remotes. Anywhere I put them down she finds them and grabs at them.

Happy Birthday Brother

It was my brothers birthday the other day so we celebrated at the Palm. We've been going here for years now for the lobsters. Its quite a treat. It was Olives first time having lobster (via boobies)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

momma and baby

she already knows how to look at the camera.......

i need a haircut
and some eye cream
and perhaps a shower

but olive looks good






lots of light







more olive faces

this might be my new favorite photo ever.




faces of olive






photo barf 1

Finally unloaded my camera so the next few posts are going to be very image heavy .






Monday, January 24, 2011

Hip Hut

I'm sold. Olive NEEDS one of these for the beach this summer.

Found via Spearmint Baby. How cool is this bday party?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 4 months

The little one is growing like a weed. I swear she grows overnight. She is really starting to get a personality. I can see she is going to be really goofy but also have a very serious side (just like Blake).I think we might have a bit of a dramatic ones on our hands (my fault) I can see little things come out and I wonder if they will carry into her personality as she gets older. At four months she has perfected rolling over and will spend a long time on her tummy. She mostly gets frustrated because she wants to crawl. Its close but she can't quite figure out how to get her body up to get moving which I'm totally fine with. We've been working on sitting up and everyday she seems to get stronger. She isn't slouching forward as much these days but doesn't really have any interest in sitting. She loves to be held up like she is walking and she has some serious strong legs. Right now her favorite game is peek-a-boo and airplane. She will grab things if I hand them to her and immediatly everything will go into her mouth. She is a teething fool right now. A total slobber monster chewing on her hands. She loves when I give her kisses on her neck, I always get the best smile from that. When I feed her she always has her hands scratching me somewhere or sometimes her hands fly around and hit me in the face. She is in love with Sierra and spends most of the day tracking her around the house. She laughs at her all the time but still won't reach out and touch her. Sierra wants nothing to do with her but I think that will change when she starts dropping food for her. Right now her favorite toy is Sophie and the little mushroom friend. She also loves little blankets that she can chew on. Oh and grabbing my hair is a fun one too. I can't wait to see what she will do tomorrow to make me laugh, smile, or get frustrated.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm beyond exhausted but I'm not feeling like bed quite yet. Blake has a headache and went to bed so I'm killing some time in blog land. We had a super long day shopping. Olive was a trooper. We spent like 5 hours in this one shopping center near our house. It was such a beautiful day out so it was nice to wander around outside. I even got to do a little clothing shopping which was fun. Its nice getting more comfortable with Olive while being out and about. I have no problem feeding her anywhere now which took me awhile. I still HATE changing her in public restrooms, its just gross but it works and I have my little system now.

The hard part for me is her schedule. She will take little naps here and there while we are out but she won't take a full on long nap like she should so I always feel like she is going to be all over the place schedule wise. Maybe it doesn't matter, I dunno. I guess at some point she will adjust to whatever lifestyle we have. Still not sure how that works. The last few days of naps have been going really well. Yesterday she took her first 2.5 hour nap. It was wonderful. I baked a cake while she slept which made me very happy.

We took her to a bbq/party tonight. I thought she would just pass out in my moby but she had other plans. The first 15 min she was the life of the party, laughing and smiling at everyone. She has a thing for boys in glasses.

She puked like 5 times tonight. Still have no idea what is wrong with her stomach. She must have some major reflux but that is a whole other issue. All of a sudden she just wasn't having fun anymore and she got super grumpy. I tried everything but she wanted to go home so she won. I managed to get in one beer and half a veggie burger so I guess it was a good night! We did go out last night to a movie while Blake's parents watched her so I can't really complain.

Tomorrow she will be 4 months!!!

Outfit #1 for the day

Breakfast time

Thursday, January 20, 2011

jab punch

I checked one thing off the new years resolution list. Kickboxing! I took my first class today and I plan on signing up as soon as I sit down with the husband and talk finances. It was similar to the classes I used to take in Brooklyn so I didn't feel too lost with all the moves. My body could not keep up. Talk about being out of shape, holy shit it was brutal. We had to run laps and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Then we had to jump up and down and all I could picture was my boobs hitting me in the face and knocking me out. They aren't that big but they sure feel like it. My next fear was squirting milk all over the place. Ya this is the shit I think about. My body hasn't experienced exercise like this in a long time so I had no idea what was going to happen. I survived and I loved it. Olive was happily hanging out with my mom so it all worked out. Just trying to get rid of this damn headache. I drank my coffee too late and now I'm paying for it.

A few photos of the little bugger from yesterday.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Now that I put this out into the world its going to bite me in the ass but fuck it. Olive only woke up once last night at around 4am!!! So so happy, it was a much needed night of sleep. Lets hope I didn't jinx it. She ended up getting up at 6:45 and I fed her in bed, then Blake took her for 45 min while I went back to sleep. Of course she didn't make a peep the entire time for him. Not even 4 months old and she is playing her dad. She just went down for a nap which is now the same thing she did yesterday so hopefully this will become a habit. I'm slowly drinking my coffee and catching up on my blogs which makes me very happy. I can't wait for my mom to get down here so I can take a nice long shower and put makeup on without having to sing the wheels on the bus. I love my little girl but sometimes a non rushed shower can really make a difference.

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping at the Pump Station. I've talked about this store before but I just love it. Of course my mom got Olive a few fun things and I even got a sexy nursing bra. They have a really good selection of Haba toys which I'm finding I really like. I'm hoping to minimize the amount of plastic Olive plays with or at least make sure they are BPA free. It helps that there are so many options out there. Most of the stuff is a bit too old for her but I can't wait to get her this.

Olive is loving Sophie the giraffe so we got her a friend. I think its a mushroom. She chewed on it this morning and poor Sierra was about to have a heart attack from the squeaking. She thinks that anything that squeaks is hers so she was pissed.

I forget where I found this but I subscribed to the newsletters and I've really been loving the little daily readings. This was from the other day.....

There is only YES
by Scott Noelle, posted on 2006-09-14

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you give your attention to, you attract more of.

That means there's effectively no such thing as NO... There is only YES!

If you tell your child, "No, you may NOT have any candy! It's BAD for you! You shouldn't eat that junk," then you're essentially saying YES to candy by focusing so much attention on it. The more you resist it, the more you're thinking about it, which guarantees more and stronger thoughts about candy (or whatever you're resisting).

The key to happiness in a YES-based universe is to give very little attention to what you don't want, and lots of positive attention to what you do want.

If you truly believe your child is better off without something, then look for something else to say YES to — preferably something even more attractive.

Remember that Life Energy and Unconditional Love are more attractive than any thing.