Monday, February 28, 2011

fancy pants

My mom got a fancy camera for xmas so she's been shooting a ton of great photos of Olive. I really need to get photos into albums. If I was really organized I would put all my edited photos from the year into a folder and just make books on snapfish every year. Hmmm that could get expensive and time consuming but its an idea. I have shelves of photo albums starting from high school up till Blake and I got married then they just kinda stop cause we started shooting digital. Such a bummer.

Ohhh so an exterminator came today and sprayed! I've been bitching and moaning about living in a national geographic show so I finally took it by the balls and got someone out here. Seriously the spiders I find are ridiculous. I think the ants crawling all over Olives changing table put me over the edge. I'm freaked out of all the nasty chemicals so they did a non toxic spray in the house which is peppermint oil and some other oils that I forgot. Totally harmless but it smells awful in here. Blake says it smells like a dentist office. Just hope it actually works. When we lived in Brooklyn and had bedbugs (good times) we used to keep our bedposts in peppermint oil and I'd also spray it all over the entrance to our apt. I don't know if it actually worked but it made me feel better. I'm sure it was all the super toxic cancer causing spray that actually killed the bedbugs but I'm gonna hope the peppermint helps the spiders here.

momsicles and other random photos

I came across this site and it showed how to make momsicles. Since we don't use pacifiers I figured this was a good use for them. She seemed to be into it until she threw it on the floor.

I was loving my tights till....
Sierra wanted to sit on my lap.
So we went on a walk to Target this morning to see if I could find new tights. There are a ton of flowers blooming from the rain. Its starting to look like spring. I will miss my tulips in NY.

Lacey's Baby Shower

The weekends have been flying by and I don't think its going to slow down. Every weekend till mid march there is a party or baby shower planned. This weekend was my cousin Lacey's baby shower. Lily is due in 2 months and I couldn't be more excited. They are still living back in NY but there are plans for them to move back to the west coast if it all works out. I know Olive would love a little cousin friend!
Olive was a champ the whole time. Only got pissy when she was hungry and actually tolerated being passed around to strangers. She was pretty content being held and watching all the people.

I'm a jerk for not getting a closer photo of Lacey and her adorable belly but between feeding the critter and changing diaper explosions this is what I came up with.

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Friday, February 25, 2011


Olive is finally getting hair. My favorite thing after her bath is to style it. There are 3 looks that her hair can do. This is her mohawk look.

Olive WK

I've been on an Andrew WK listening spree today. My brother in law asked me a question about him this morning so he has been on my mind. On the way home from our outing I played him for Olive and she passed out after 2 songs. The soothing sounds of AWK for your baby! If you haven't danced your ass off at a AWK show I suggest you do. I was lucky enough to shoot him a few years back and he always been a favorite. Perfect music for this gross rainy day.

I was going to dress her in all white but I think people would think I lost it.
Olive WK

Here is a fun video of a show he played at The New Museum in NY. I don't know who shot it but I was there and it was one of the best times ever.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just photos

Blake looking all sexy in his spandex after a bike ride.

I'm a sucker for anything with a Chihuahua on it.

There was definitely a carrot involved in taking these photos.

A walk in the hood and the only nap Olive took all day (more on the non existent napper later)
Uncle Evan and Aimee stopped by for a visit.

5 months

5 months is just crazy, Olive is such a little human now. Yesterday Blake brought home some photo prints (yes from actual film) and there were photos of Olive from months before and she looks like such a baby. It totally blew me away. It still blows me away that things change daily with her. I can see her personality come out more and more. She still smiles at strangers and everyone comments on how happy she is. She really is a happy baby but she definitely has meltdown moments but don't they all? I love when she gets really serious then goes into complete goofball mode. She is such a girl and can go from totally happy and laughing to end of the world mental breakdown. I think its funny. She is sitting up like a champ and has been since about 4 months. She is trying so hard to pull herself up from a laying down position and she is almost there. Right now her favorite thing is bouncing. If I hold her on my lap she just wants to bounce the entire time. She gets the hyper thing from me. She loves her Johnny Jumper and can play in that for awhile now. She spins all around and jumps like crazy.

She is also VERY vocal. I wish I knew what she was trying to say but she will just talk and talk and occasionally let out some serious loud noises. I know she can say an M so I'm waiting for Mama to come out. I think her laugh is my favorite thing in the world (besides her smiles) If we kiss her tummy or neck she will belt a few out and they are just too funny. No teeth yet but we've had signs of teething for a long time now.

Night sleeping is still whatever. She usually wakes up once or twice to eat or poop and then wants to wake up for good around 6-7. Sometimes I can nurse her back to sleep in bed but other times she just wants to talk and play. Her naps are a little more predictible at least when she gets tired but she usually only sleeps for 45 min to an hour ish. I'm learning to accept that and it works for her. This week she has taken a nap without a swaddle so that is a good thing.

She loves to play on the floor either sitting or laying surrounded by her toys but her favorite is watching Sierra play. She is getting so coordinated with her grabbing and anything in reach is fair game. Even drinking a glass of water when I'm holding her is tricky cause she wants it. That means the dog better learn to be quick. She got a good hold of Sierra's tummy the other day and Sierra screamed so loud. If Sierra is near her whole mission is to grab her. Sometimes its a sweet pet and other times its a hard grab. I know she doesn't know the difference yet. Sierra will be much more understanding when she has food to offer.

So far she's had rice cereal a few times now and its been successful. She seems to love the action of eating. I want to try something more exciting than cereal so tomorrow will be bananas. She definitely understands food and is very interested in ours so I think adding a bit more variety will make her happy. Trying to breastfeed a 5 month old baby is insane. She is so interested in everything around her that she pulls off and on. My nipple is not thrilled with this. I've found that if I let her grab my face and sing to her she will stay on a little bit longer (sometimes) but as soon as she hears any other voice or noise she wants to look around. I don't want to force her to eat but I want to know she is getting enough. At night before bed or occasionally when she is really tired she will sit on the boob for an hour or so which used to drive me crazy but now I enjoy the quiet time.

We are definitely having more fun now. I love taking her out and about and most of the time she is really good as long as she has something to look at. Going out to eat is still a little tricky. She hates to sit in her carseat but loves to be held and watch everything that is happening.

Today she stuck her entire foot in her mouth and sucked on her toes. She only recently found her feet but now its like the best toy ever.

There are no words to describe how much I love this little bugger.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 day weekend

The weekend from my iphone (except zoo photos i stole from blake)

Saturday we lounged around a bit then I went to LA to hang out with a friend and visit another friends studio while Blake hung with Olive. It was the first time leaving Olive for a few feedings. It was really nice to get out and hang with my friend but I seriously missed my little girl so much. Sunday we were up bright and early and took advantage of an empty breakfast place. We headed out to my parents with a stop at Intelligentsia on the way. The day was spent at my parents with my family. I ended up getting super sick during dinner. I think it was some 24 hour flu thing. Sucked balls but I'm all better now. On Monday Blake had the day off so we went to the Santa Ana zoo. We had never been before. Its super small but really cute. Olive was probably only awake for 10 min and then she passed out till we were pretty much walking to the exit. I'm sure all the animal noises were lovely and helped her sleep while she was snuggled up in my ergo. She missed the baby monkey that was nursing on mama. Blake and I enjoyed it. It was a pretty good weekend!