Tuesday, June 26, 2012

palm springs or bust

I think it's safe to say I am only going to get to my blog about once a week. Life is just too busy and finding the time to do this is much harder these days. I want to make sure I document this time in my life but maybe it will just be a bit more sporadic. Last week was nuts, like totally insane busy. So many things happening. Some good and some bad but damn it was busy. Tuesday morning Olive woke up around 5:45 and Blake brought her in bed with us. She felt really warm but I thought it was just her sleep sack so I took it off and we went back to sleep for another 45 min. She was tossing and turning but that's sorta normal for her but when I reached over and felt her head she was hot as hell! I almost lost my mind. I'm cool with most sick but I don't do fevers. When I took her temp and saw 103 I freaked out. At this point we were all awake and she was really upset and you could tell not feeling well at all. Blake gave her some Tylenol and I got dressed to take her to the ER. I don't even know why I took her to the ER. Looking back I probably should of just put her in a cool bath and waited till the meds kicked in but I totally freaked and I was sorta half asleep. Whatever, we pay for our insurance and I knew it would give me piece of mind. The ER had valet parking. How sweet it that?? We were the only people in there and we were with a nurse in no time. Once we were in the room and waiting for the dr I looked down at Olive's name band to take a photo and they had her name as Angelica Hernandez or some shit. I should have checked homeboy checking us in but really dude there was no one there. That sorta freaked me out and #2 on my list of why I will not birth my child in a hospital (#1 is an IV and beeping sounds of machines). No offense to people who do but if you can't keep track of the name of the one person in there when I wrote it down clear as day then I don't know what they are capable of ya know. It was all fixed and Olive got a proper check up. The dr and nurses were amazing. They couldn't see anything wrong but decided it would be smart to check her for an UTI which I was actually going to suggest if he didn't. Poor kid had to get a catheter but she was a champ and it was pretty quick. We were sent home with no answers and a sick sad baby. The day was long and we spent most of it on the couch watching every episode of Fresh Beat Band and Gabba. She took two pretty long naps on me. I wasn't about to let her sleep alone as I was freaked out about her fever. Her temp went up and down all day and got pretty high at one point where I was about to get her back in the car to the ER. Thankfully I was texting with my friend Lauren who saved the day with suggestions on meds and support. I let he sleep in our bed that night so I could be a crazy person and check her temp every 10 min. But she woke up fever free the next morning and back to normal. I think it's strange I mean what the hell was wrong??? Four different people told me they were sure it was Roseola but she never got a rash. Blake and I never got sick either so it's a mystery to me. I'm just thankful for modern meds and Popsicles.

We took it easy the rest of the week even though she was back to normal. We had our trip to Palm Springs so I wanted to make sure she was 100%. I had a job on friday which was ok. I worked with a new photo editor and she is sorta stressing me out. I don't think she liked the photos so it's been sorta annoying. Sadly this happens every now and then and as much as I just want to crawl in a hole and cry I have to just get over it and deal with whatever happens. I'm stressing big time but I don't really know what to do. I don't want to dwell on it but this magazine is a huge client so I want to make them happy and I didn't and I feel disappointed. Bla bla bla.

Luckily I was in a good mood all weekend since we went to Palm Springs for a little vacation. We woke up early saturday and headed out to the hotel. We were meeting up with two other couples and kids but we ended up getting there hours before them so we hung out by the pool all day. Olive was seriously in heaven. Blake and I ordered overpriced drinks all day and it was the best! The kids had the best time ever. We did it all over again on sunday. Olive is at the perfect age to do this sorta thing so I think we need to take advantage of this. She was non stop swimming and jumping into the pool. There was also a water slide and I can't even tell you how many times we went on that. The kids played the adults drank and drank and drank some more and it was lovely! Olive slept like a champ and having her confined to one hotel room made it so easy. She loved wandering around and there was nothing she could destroy so it was perfect. I think we may need some more of these trips before the summer is over for sure.

with the right name. her first and i hope only hospital visit.

the sad lip was out in full effect.

so much sleeping.

when her fever broke she was happy.

playing with a light saber and feeling better.


olive, ricky, and bagel.

summer solstice surf with dad.

no waves and a whole lotta surfers.


organized grilling.

vacations mean shitty sugar food.

people thought we were crazy but she loved it.



Olive and Sonia.

milk wasted.

terrorizing the hallways.

must get a king bed asap!

the boys went golfing so we got breakfast.

peek a boo.

more napping and delicious snacks.

the moms and babes.

juice wasted.

vodka soda and lots of cherries.

the moms snuck out to the bar for an hour.

naked run on the golf course.

the crew minus a few sleeping kids.

mess drive home.

not happy while i made dinner.

her new toy from my grandma (gg)

covering my grey hair. not kidding.

ballet olive.