Friday, December 31, 2010

Last year

Last new years was quite memorable.

Lets just say when I meet people with a birthday at the end of September I know how they spent their new years....

The family.

At some really shitty new years party.
Me and Ashley being all young and free and shit.

new years resolutions fuck ya

I've never made new years resolutions cause I know I never follow through but what the hell, maybe this year will be different.

-Get rid of the pudgy gross on my body. I'm not being unrealistic here but I WILL workout. I have plans to call the kickboxing place near my house and join.

-Be more phone friendly. I hate the phone but I love my friends and I know I need to call and return calls more often and not rely on text messages and facebook.

-Stop being so damn emo and make some friends in OC. I know a few people but I haven't made an effort to hang out and I hate that.

-Make a garden. I started growing some veggies and herbs when I was pregnant and some are doing well but I need to gut a few areas in the yard and really show it some love. I would love to have things in my garden to feed Olive when she is ready.

-Spend more time with Blake. We obviously see eachother everyday but its passing Olive back and forth while trying to make dinner and get her ready for bed. When she is finally in bed we are both exhausted and we usually want to sit on the computer and catch up. I would like to have one night a week that we do something alone even if its just sitting playing cards at home when Olive is in bed. But I would LOVE a date night once in awhile too. I think we need it.

-Do something with breastfeeding. I know that doesn't make sense but I have become so passionate about the boob and I want to help other people with it. I'm no expert but I would like to learn more so that I can help people. I feel it has been such an important part of my experience as a mother. It didn't happen naturally for me and I suffered through so much shit but at the end of the day the bond that I have with Olive was worth every second of it. Not quite sure where I can take it but just putting it out there.

-Cloth diapers. I feel so guilty about the waste and I keep talking about going forward with it. I only committed to 2 diapers and I need to just go balls out and invest in a full set. No more wasting.

-Start a new photo series. I try to always have a series going as it keeps me motivated but since being a mom has been top priority I haven't really had the time but I need to since I think its pretty important to my sanity.

-Learn to use my sewing machine. The thing blows my mind when I look at it but i'd love to start making Olive little simple things here and there.

We'll see how the year goes......

Extreme stroller pushing in the snow.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bluebird Day

It was a beautiful sunny day, probably amazing on the mountain but I was still feeling sick so my mom treated me to a massage. Seriously best massage I've ever had, maybe because I actually needed one. She seriously put my body back together again, I will be sore tomorrow for sure. I feel like a new person and I think my sick is gone.

Blake and I left Olive with my family and went to happy hour. I attempted to drink a beer and was just too tired. I used to be quite the little drinker so its funny to not be able to even finish one beer. We did get to eat some great food and was nice to escape for a little.

I can't believe its new years eve tomorrow. I wonder if I will stay awake till 12. That seems so late these days.

Just a few photos that Blake took.

My parents have a HUGE tub so we took a family bath. Ya we're strange.....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Olive has become quite the little chatterbox.

I hate you sick

When I was little I didn't think moms got sick. I can't recall a single time during my childhood that my parents were sick. I mean I'm sure they were but its not like you can take a sick day as a parent. Now that I'm sick I get that. What I'd like to do is crawl back into bed with a stack of movies and tea and sleep the entire day away. Obviously I can't cause Olive needs me (my boob) What a shitty time to get sick while I'm up in Mammoth supposed to be enjoying myself. I feel like death. Just hoping Olive doesn't get this and the super powers of my milk protect her cause this sucks!

On a happy note its snowing like crazy and absolutely beautiful!

This was shot yesterday.
And this morning....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Just watching the snow falling and Olive sleeping. I've been looking forward to Mammoth for months now. I love being up here even if this year is a bit different. Most of our days up here are usually pretty lazy, lots of movie watching and game playing. I especially love to snowboard and sled too. This year with Olive its a lot of holding her, feeding, playing on the floor, feeding, and over and over again. It doesn't leave much time for movies or snowboarding. I love having her experience the mountains even if she won't remember any of it. I guess it won't be much of a vacation since we're on constant baby watch but it sure is nice to be up here watching the snow fall and being with the family.I was a little worried about the drive. Its about 5 hours or so and I knew that meant stopping a few times to feed her and changing diapers. She slept most of the time and would wake up to eat around 2 or 3 hours. I've gotten pretty good about feeding her in the car so it worked out totally fine. Since the car was packed full of shit the only option was changing her on the front seat. She kept sliding around so it was pretty interesting but it worked out. She got a bit grumpy the last 45 min but really not too bad. I was worried about the altitude since our house is around 8000 feet and it effects us so it would surely affect her. I just know that I get extra thirsty the first day or two so I'm just following her lead and she seems to want to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours. Same with night. The first night she was up every 3 hours or so which I kinda expected. I know that I wake myself up to get water so it makes sense. Last night she only got up twice and I imagine as the week goes on and she gets used to the altitude she will adjust.
We took her into the village yesterday and walked around for a bit. She was so cute and bundled up in her snow outfit and in moby so I'm sure she was pretty toasty.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Round 2

Christmas Day was spent at my parents house. Another wonderful day and of course Olive was spoiled!

Also Grandma turned 90.

Bagels and Lox
Grandma made Olive a scarf.
Uncle Jared playing with Olive's toys.
So many presents.Jordan and Lacey practicing with Olive (half way there)

Olive had her first injury. I was holding her and my cousin Lacey gave me a goodbye hug and Sierra jumped up to protect Olive. She didn't mean to but she scratched Olive's face and head. She screamed and cried and it broke my heart. It was the first time I really felt that out of control mom feeling like I just wanted to do anything to make her feel better. It was awful. Luckily my mom was there and cleaned it up while I nursed her (which immediately stopped her crying) or I seriously would of just started crying too. I want to keep her in a bubble cause that was the worst feeling. Of course she is totally fine and the scratches on her face were gone by morning and all that remained was a little tiny cut in the back of her head but still it sucked.
Birthday Cake with Grandma.Play time with Uncle Jared and Grandpa.

Stella was exhausted from all the excitement.

Christmas Round 1

Christmas Eve was spent with Blake's family. It was the most beautiful day down at the beach. We spent the morning eating and opening presents.

Olive had many outfit changes due to a case of the barfs. The family.

Walking to the beach.

Uncle Ross
Uncle Cameron and (almost) Aunt Ashley.
The lion and Olive.
I imagine she will be sitting up in a few weeks.
Fun toys!
Nursing Olive with Evans dicktowel.
Tons of fun with the family and of course Olive was spoiled rotten with so many wonderful toys. She is a lucky girl!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I forgot to take a photo of our tree with all the presents but its ok. This is the first time we've gotten a tree over two feet. I feel so grown up. We don't have a proper tree blanket so I think that is on my list to have my Grandma make for us. Olive needs to get busy and open those presents.

This is our tree from last year. How awesome are our presents? Goddammit I miss Brooklyn and my friends.

My little hipster

There were too many cute ones so I posted them all. How cute are these bibs? I'm so bummed, I can't remember who made these bandannas and wanted to get some for all my friends having babies. I'm on a serious mission to track them down.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We'll be celebrating at the in laws house which will be nice cause we can spend some time at the beach! I attempted cinnamon rolls again and I think they worked out but we'll see tomorrow when I actually bake them.

Olive and I made it to the mall this morning and it was actually pretty mellow. I think we got there before the crowds. I got my bra and then decided to check out baby gap and got this for the little one.

Olive passed out so I took advantage and did some shopping for me. Yay for new undies! That was the extent of my shopping but it was nice to wander around a bit. Blake got off work early today so we all went to lunch. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and attempting to pack for Mammoth. Looking forward to vacation so bad!!