Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Prince James

This weekend we took my soccer mom status to a whole new level and got a new car! I'm like the happiest person in the world. I can't imagine ever driving a little car again. We ended up with a Highlander and I love it. I have so much room! So ya it was a good weekend!

So a few weeks ago Blake went in Olive's room when she woke up. She asked Blake where Prince James was. Blake thought it was a toy so he looked around a bit. Olive started saying that Prince James was in her room last night so then he figured out she was talking about a dream. But this wasn't any dream, this shit was detailed! She told us this incredible story about her and Prince James (from Sophia the first) danced, played, etc. She told me what they were both wearing. The details were insane. She talked about this dream for almost a week afterward. We explained to her that it was just a  dream but I know that she thought it was real at first. Since then she told us she had another dream about him and they got married. She told us about her dress, etc. I hope that I can remind her of this when she is older and see if she remembers this dream. I can recall being a pretty little kid (probbaly more like 4-5) and remembering some of my dreams to this day. I'd say she has her first crush on Prince James!

In more Olive news she is pretty obsessed with penises and vaginas. I figure it's probably pretty common to have a lot of questions and observations at this age. We talk openly about everything and anything. I thought she was pretty clear on the who had what till Otto came into the picture. So now she is convinced that when she was a baby she had a penis. She told me so over and over this morning. The whole thing is just so damn funny and I guess these are the little moments in parenting where you get to laugh at the funny shit your kid is saying. I was with my friend the other day and she told me she starting writing down all the funny stuff her kid says and I think its genius so I started a little log in my phone. I might post them yearly or something on my blog but I thought it was a good idea and funny to look back at.

Today we had a play date with a friend at my house. It was the first time that Olive really used her words and didn't push or hit. I mean there were instances but they are two almost three year olds so you can only expect so much. She would tell him to stop if she was upset or a few times she would come over and tell me if he was upsetting her. I was so proud as we have talked over and over about how we treat our friends. I know it all depends on the situation, mood, person, how hungry they are, etc but I felt proud. Kids are so so unpredictable but I feel like I'm trying so hard with her to try and get her to be a nice kid on play dates so this felt good. Now we will see what happens tomorrow at soccer and if she will be a super jerk. Taking it day by day.

Just cause he's cute. 

UFC picnic on the floor. 

Haircuts. Attempting to grow her bangs out for now......

Beach babe. 



The beach was a bit bright. 

Olive and Zoe. 

She jumps off everything. 

Looks gross but this was one of my favorite meals I've made in a long time. Purple potato salad and quinoa chickpea burgers. 

Now that my body is back to normal we are starting to get a bit more active. Feels SOOOOOOO good! 

Getting creative cause she told me she was tired. Words I never thought I would hear her utter.  Not tired enough to nap just sit on her scooter. 

I didn't notice that I dressed them in the same exact colors till we started taking photos. 

His little face is just the best. 

Tummy time is very entertaining for him. 

Olive and Gabriel destroying her room. Olive has too much shit and when I have a free chance shit is getting purged. 

Wild beasts. 

They are cute when they are quiet and happily eating. 

I made ribs. The best ribs of my life. 

He is going to be so so big. 

Here are a few recipes from this week. I figure I will start posting them here if anyone is interested.....

I didn't use cayenne cause I hate spice but these were amazing and beyond easy to make. Olive downed them too so that was a good sign. I normally shy away from brown sugar in dinner food but the sweet with the salt and rosemary was unreal. 

Quinoa Burgers-
I replaced the carrots with green peppers cause it was what I had and added celery. I think any veggie would be yummy. We are on day three of eating these as the mix seems to stay good in the fridge for a few days. I put ours on parmesan sourdough bread and didn't use the mayo. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

hulu hulu

My mom was in town the last few days, I wish she didn't have to go home, it's just never long enough. We had a lot of fun and going out and about was so much easier with her help. Now its the weekend and its just been a slow start. If we don't make plans we don't get out of the house these days as getting up and just going quickly is a thing of the past. It was overcast and bla out which didn't help our motivation at all. Hoping after both kids wake up we can drag our asses out of the house.

I've been thinking so much about vacation lately and how nice it would be to go somewhere for a few days. I'm so hoping next year we can find some way to get to Hawaii as both kids will be perfect ages and we will be out of the hole with tax crap and hopefully most credit card debt. I like to think we can make this happen. With Blake back at work and all our crappy tax stuff payed (thank you severance) we only have credit card debt, sucky but its progress so my goal this year is to put a little away so next summer we can have a mini vacation!

Otto turns 7 weeks on sunday and I'm sorta freaking out how fast its going. I love love love this age as he is smiling and laughing so much. He is obsessed with Olive and as soon as he sees her he just lights up. Its crazy how he just knows. She's been amazing to him besides a shitty incident this morning where she scratched the shit out of his head. She is still working on the whole gentle thing. Its a combination of not understanding when to stop and getting overly excited and probably being a bit of a jerk. Luckily he doesn't seem to mind at all when she pokes and rolls all over him. He just smiles and coos. She better watch out, if he keeps growing like he has been he may be bigger than her in a few months.

the rollercoaster again. neck breaker. 

ghetto tea cup. 

happy birthday mama!

first attempt at this cake. messy but next time i have much bigger plans.  


nursing anna. 

first time at the zoo, thrilled. 

tired tired mama.