Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

More fun things that I found for Olive for Christmas. I haven't actually ordered anything yet but eventually I will get on it. Thought these things were cute.

Fat man in a little coat

Ya that was me this morning shoving my big hips and butt in my skinny jeans. I have a favorite pair of jeans and I tried them on a few weeks after having Olive and they literally would not go past my knees. Today I figured I would give it another try. I'll be honest it wasn't easy and I may have made noises similar to birthing a baby to get them on but they made it. It felt good to put something semi denim on my body considering I've only worn leggings since I was pregnant. I'm still 8 pounds from my starting weight and my goal is 15. Perfect timing with the holidays. Errr. Oh well one step at a time, at least I have my jeans back.

My mother in law hosted a little get together this morning with her friends so they could meet Olive. It was really fun to show her off and I think she looked pretty darn cute. She was well behaved except for a little meltdown when people first started showing up. She missed her morning nap so she was overtired but once she closed her eyes she was perfect! We've been home for an hour now and she is still sleeping in her carseat (in the living room not in the car). I kinda feel awful leaving her there but I was starving and she seems pretty content. I could really use a nap too....

Monday, November 29, 2010

tday photos round 1

I'm kinda lagging on tday photos but here are a few cute ones I stole from my mother in laws facebook.

The almost sister in law on the left and hopefully the future sister in law on the right.

Late night blab

I've never been a night person. I like early mornings and semi early nights. Lately that has changed and I find myself staying up later and later each night. We've been putting Olive down to bed around 9:30 each night, give or take an hour and it seems to be working. Blake usually follows pretty shortly after her so that just leaves me here. I spend most of my time playing on my computer since I don't get to do it all day anymore. Its fine I guess but what happened to husband/wife time? I tried to make a plan to put Olive to bed sooner so that we could have time to hang but that didn't really work out. For a few days we both just sat on our computers and didn't really hang out. I'm a little disappointed and sad we can't find that time or a way to spend a little bit of the night together. Since he is working a "real" job he isn't home during the day like he used to be when working freelance so we don't have that all day time anymore. I get he works all day and is tired but I guess I do a lot all day too so I'm having a hard time with it. How do people do this? There has to be some sort of balance right?

9 weeks

I think Olive is having another growth spurt. My boob is suffering, I'm seriously so tired. I think I need protein shakes to keep up energy for all the boob she wants.

On a fun note I had a visit from my friend Malina and her daughter Bailey today. They were friends we met in NY but are now living in Florida. It was so good to see them. I haven't seen Bailey since she was 5 months old and now is a big 16 months. She is adorable and so super smart. Olive flashed her a few smiles which was super cute. Looks like a fun age but a lot more running around. As usual I have a million other photos on my "real" camera but for now this will do.

Here are a few more photos from my parents house.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Uncle poop

Uncle Jared got pooped on right as I was telling him that her diapers don't leak. ooops.

We are constantly changing brands of diapers. At first we were only using the seventh generation but they started fitting really funny so we switched over to Pampers and I was loving them (even though I swore I wouldn't put her in pampers or Huggies) They fit great and they didn't leak for awhile then all of a sudden after ever poop it was a total mess. So now were back with the seventh generation and they seem to be doing great. I have no idea why this is happening. We're going to wait another month or so to switch to cloth since she is still quite the little pooper so maybe that will solve the poopy problem.....

Dim Sum and Crafts

Today we went to Dim Sum. Olive loved the restaurant. She was awake almost the entire time looking around at all the lights and people. Dim Sum places tend me to be full of crap hanging off the ceilings and people running around so she was pretty entertained. She has no problem with loud places and it actually seems to calm her a bit. She eventually passed out in the moby and I didn't even spill on her this time. After our dim sum adventures we went to Patchwork Craft fair in Santa Ana. So much cute stuff. We managed to find another critter for Olive's walls from here. We got her this.

This is what she wore. I was determined to get that xmas sweater on her before she outgrew it. She is such a little chunker that I don't think it will actually fit at xmas time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ashley and Steve

Ashley and Steve came for a visit on friday. They live in NY but were here visiting family for the holiday so we got to spend the day with them. I can't even tell you how happy I was to see Ashley and to have her finally meet Olive. As if seeing them wasn't exciting enough they had gotten engaged the night before so we really had something to celebrate! They took the train up from San Diego in the morning and we went to lunch at Bear Flag. Had to get in some good fish/kinda mexican food before going back to NY. Then we dropped Olive off with Blakes family so we could grab a drink. I'm still getting used to being out and having to pump (and dump) while someone gives her a bottle. I'm getting better at it but its still strange. After our drink we went back to get the critter and hit up a happy hour back in Santa Ana. We actually go for the food but I did get to sneak in another beer. I don't know how people felt about me having Olive in the bar. I had her in the moby and she was passed out the whole time. Its absolutly normal in Brooklyn but here it might be a little strange. It wasn't like we were throwing back shots or anything but I felt a few looks. Fuck em! Olive was so good, I am really loving the moby although eating with it is kinda tricky and I manage to spill on her every time but she doesn't seem to mind. Anyways the night ended back at the house playing our favorite dice game. We used to always play back in NY before we went out for the night. It was so fun to see them. I miss my Ashley so so much and having her here for a day was just so wonderful!

Random Photos

I finally downloaded photos from my camera. Kinda random but here are a few cute ones.

This is my cousin Lacey who is about 16 week preggers.

I love this outfit.
She loves this little cow toy. It plays this awful song about counting but it makes her smile.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crack Pie and Chocolate Malt Cake

I totally spaced on taking more photos of the goodies, well that and I ran out of time. We had such a mellow quiet morning and I kinda lagged on getting ready. I figured I would have plenty of time to finish my cake, make artichoke dip, shower, and get Olive ready. Um time with a baby somehow goes a million times quicker and before I knew it I was running around rushing to get everything done. I've always been the type of person to get somewhere early and have too much time to spare but nowadays I'm rushing and running around like a crazy person. Baby time is nuts.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was really so much fun and the food was amazing. I did have a few bites of turkey but my brother in law made a tri tip which was unreal. So much food and my belly feels like its going to explode. Olive was great for a few hours but we gave her a bottle and after that she went ape shit and just wasn't happy. I think she just needs outings in small doses cause its just too much for her. Lesson learned.

I am thankful for so many things in my life. Although this has been a really crazy year with a lot of changes I feel so lucky to have the most beautiful and healthy baby who I just love to pieces and I am so lucky that I was able to have the most perfect birth and bring her into this world in such a peaceful way. I truly have the best husband in the world, he is so caring and sweet and takes such good care of all his girls. And of course my family. I have no idea where I would be without them. Each and every one of them have been so super supportive and loving and I just feel so so lucky. Although a lot of my friends live far away I know that I am lucky to have so many people in my life that I call friends. And of course my chihuahua, I am thankful for her every single day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tukey Day Baking

I'm not much for thanksgiving. I mean I love getting together with family and having an excuse to eat but turkey is just gross. It's not just turkey, its yams too. Oh and string beans. Eww eww. But I do love dessert so the last two days have been spent making a pie and a cake. Each were sorta involved but they were really fun to make. Excited to put the final touches on the cake tomorrow am and take some photos.
So Olive is officially 2 months old. I can't believe how big she is getting. She now smiles all the time and has started this funny little giggle. I don't know if its an official laugh but its pretty close. She has been swatting at her toys but I still don't think she quite gets how her hands work but she gets so exited when she is hitting things. Her play time is getting longer and longer. We will sit on her mat and she will spend a really long time staring into the mirror and laughing then looking around at all the toys. She is a pro at tummy time and her head is really strong. She has learned if she gets lazy with tummy time she can roll over onto her back. I think she is pretty smart. We've been venturing out everyday in the Moby and she loves it. Anytime I take her in a store she will look around for a good 5 min then just pass out. She is the cutest thing in the world and I just love her more and more everyday!

I'm sure I will have a million photos from thanksgiving but here are a few from last year that made me laugh.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I want a pony

I've been thinking about Christmas and what we're going to get Olive. For some reason I really want to get her a rocking horse or rocking animal. When I was a kid I had one sorta like this and I loved it. I think I was a bit older but I wanted to get her a smaller version of this. In on time she will be sitting up and able to rock on it. They say the age limit is 18 months. Please, Olive is quite advanced.

These are pretty cute but I think I'm leaning more towards a cow.

I'm not sure what other toys to get her. I don't want to go nuts but I want to get her a few fun things. What do 3 month olds like besides boob??

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Margaritas

It was Steve's bday this weekend and we celebrated with mexican food and margaritas.

Emma playing with Olive's head.
My family
Good margarita!
Spauldings + Beckers
The moms

We also made a visit to my Grandma's house

Friday, November 19, 2010

today take two

Today got much better........

today sucks

Olive has had a lot of good days so I guess It was time for a shit day. Its only 11am and I feels like it should be bedtime soon. I'm so exhausted. I'm just thankful I was able to get in breakfast . Its either I get a meal or pump. I haven't quite figured out how to do both. During her last feeding She was just so pissed off, kept pulling off my boob and screaming. So she didn't eat much but has managed to spit up for the last hour. She has Also been crying alot which is rare for her. I Have no idea What to do. I'm blaming thrush. Its gotten me pretty worked up and upset. I'm feeling like a mess and I'm sure its translating to her so I need to get my shit together. Were making spoons on the couch. Loving this cold rainy weather. The only thing missing is some matzos ball soup or a hot toddy.
Lets hope today gets better!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lots of cute

This adorable outfit only lasted about 30 min before she spit up all over the front of it. I wish I had bought this jacket in every size cause I'm obsessed with it but I imagine it won't fit that much longer. Its hard to see but the pin is a Chihuahua.

We went for a little stroll around the block at orange. I thought she would pass out but she stared at me wide eyed the entire time.