Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pup psychic

I'm convinced my dog knows something I don't. She has been following me around the last few days like she just knows I'm gonna pop this baby out. When I do my exercises on the floor she has to be right there next to me and when I do my hypnobabies she has to lay on me. Then the rest of the time she just stares at me. I seriously don't know how I'm going to birth without her there by my side. But really I think she knows something.......

Rasberry Leaf Tea

When we lived in Brooklyn right next store to us was this amazing healthfood store. It was like they shrunk down a whole foods or something. When I was first pregnant I would go in there and buy everything. They had an amazing selection of teas and all these cool natural products related to pregnancy. In my first trimester I quit coffee and started drinking tea a few times a week. At first everything I drank was ginger flavored but after awhile it grossed me out so I switched to Raspberry Leaf tea. I only had it a few times cause I kinda got over my nausea and craving for something in the morning. I actually forgot about it till a friend was talking to me about it. She had mentioned that I should start drinking it close to my birthing time to prep my uterus. I had no idea what it did only that is was in the preggy section of the teas so I did a little research. This pretty much sums up what I found.

"Rich in iron, this herb has helped tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains. Many of the “Pregnancy Teas” commonly contain red raspberry leaf to help promote uterine health during pregnancy.
There is some controversy about whether this should be used throughout pregnancy or just in the second and third trimester, so many health care providers remain cautious and only recommend using it after the first trimester."

from this website (pretty good article about teas during pregnancy)

I just started drinking it again today so we'll see if it helps with anything. If not it sure tastes yummmy.

Have you thought of a name?

This is always the second question someone will ask after they ask when you are due. I normally tell people what we are thinking unless I'm not in the mood to talk about it. At first I was really concerned with people and their reactions but I don't really care. I feel like Blake and I need to make a decision soon. I would like to think we could decide once we see her but there is no way I want that pressure. So the first name is Olive. This was the only name we had in the beginning when we had no idea the sex. I think this was something Blake came up with. I love this name but lately I've been hearing it around a lot. Also the name Olivia is on the top 5 name list of this year or something. I know its not the same but its close. Also when Blake and I were at the movies last week we saw a preview for some stupid teen movie, something based on the Scarlett Letter and the girls name is Olive. I don't want it to be like Twilight where everyone is naming their kid Bella. I probably shouldn't really care, I mean if we like it we like it.
The other name is Milo. This was originally for a boy but the more we talked about it we thought it would be really cute for a girl. I love the idea of a boyish name for a girl. But my thought is we could always save it if we ever do have a boy? Milo is the singer of a punk rock band called the Descendents. He is the one with the glasses. Besides being punk rock he has a pd.D in biochemistry. I don't know how our little one would feel about being named after him?

We also liked the name Marlow but now I'm not so sure about that one. What to do what do to?

Monday, August 30, 2010

36 weeks

Were now creeping into 36 weeks. How did that happen? This week the bag will get packed. I keep putting it off cause it kinda makes me nervous but also really excited. Baby needs to at least wait till 37 weeks so I can deliver at the birth center, anything before that and I have to go to the hospital. Obviously she will come when she is ready but for some reason the date September 23rd keeps coming to me. It's also a full moon that day and they say more babies are born on full moons. Although after I did more research on that I don't think its an actual fact, more a myth but whatever I believe it. Although this could totally screw up her chances of being a Libra. She will be here when she wants so I should probably stop thinking about it.

While I was laying in bed last night I was thinking about when I first found out I was pregnant and everything that I've learned in the last 9 months. Luckily I had friends that gave me some good advice but at the same time there was so much that I had to figure out on my own, things that suited my lifestyle. So I thought I would make a list of things that I wish I had known earlier in pregnancy and other things I just couldn't live without.

*Burt's Bee Belly Balm- lube that belly and boobs up every single night or even better have hubby rub it on (although like a typical man that got old after after a few months) but warning make sure you shower in the am cause its pretty sticky stuff

*Prenatal Vitamins/DHA- I love Rainbow Lite once a day. Even better when you can find them in that double pack with the DHA although I found it very difficult to find so I switched DHA brands here and there. It never made me sick or anything.

*Bras- I had no idea how sensitive my nipples would be. Underwire was about the worst thing in the world but I lived in these bras from american apparel. They also make a bunch of others that are really thin cotton for all those skinny model chicks with no boobs. I never felt like I needed crazy support from a bra (ask me this after my milk comes in) but I just didn't want to be bothered with underwire. Also getting a size up in leggings and buying their oversized shirts were a wonderful alternative to maternity clothes. I'm still wearing them in the end of my pregnancy.

*Eggs/Protein- Obviously eating healthy is important for the baby and everyone knows that but I wasn't aware how important eggs were for the baby. They say you should be eating at least one a day. As much as this makes me want to vomit I guess it keeps the ambiotic membranes strong. Also protein should be at around 75 grams a day. I guess this is really important in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. I wish I had known that. I recently discovered Hemp protein shakes (powder mix) and Odwalla Protein shakes which are super helpful!

*Lavender Oil- I'm not huge on smelly things but putting a little behind the ear to cure a headache was super helpful. I also found a few drops on my pillow helped me to sleep better too.

*Beauty Products- I'm glad a friend gave me good advice on this but I was shocked to see that all my beauty products, face wash, body wash, shampoo, hair gel, etc had so many parabans and nasty toxins that could absolutely affect the baby. I switched over everything I could to natural and organic products. Just interesting to read to the labels. I figure if I can't pronounce it then I don't want it on my body. This leads to the next one.

*Read "Raising Baby Green" by Alan Greene. I wish I had read this the week I found out I was pregnant. There are just so many amazing tips for pregnancy that I wish I had known early on. Not everything can be green and there are still so many things I could do but just making small steps here and there seems like such a healthier way to live.

*Yoga- I just keep reading over and over how helpful all the yoga positions are for birth. I didn't start yoga till my 3rd trimester and I can't say I do it enough but I do practice some of the stretches daily at home. But I can say when I do go my body really loves me for it. We'll see what happens during my birthing time....

I dunno maybe this list is silly but just stuff that was important to me. I'm sure there are more but right now that is all that comes to mind. I'd love to hear what other people did or couldn't live without during pregnancy.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today is a much better morning. Although the sun isn't shining I feel ok. Blake left for a long bike ride so I'm just catching up on blog reading which I haven't done in awhile. Right now I'm obsessing over this blog
It's the perfect pregnancy blog. Out of all those goodies and iced latte photo came up and now that is what I need. May have to venture out and get one. I can't say I've really had cravings my entire pregnancy but once I see something I want I'm pretty determined to get it. On the complete opposite side this is another blog I am loving. There is a ton of of good info on there are some really yummy recipes.

Last night was Cameron and Ashley's engagement party. I felt like total shit while trying to get ready and was actually in tears trying to get dressed. I officially have about 3 things left that fit me so I was feeling extremely ugly and massive. I knew once I got there I would be fine so I just threw something on. Besides going naked I realized nothing would really be comfortable. The party was really fun and there was a lot of yummy food and good company. I saw a fellow pregger friend and apparently she was doing the same thing as me (clothes thrown on the bed with nothing to wear feeling like crap) Not to say I was happy she felt like shit too but I didn't feel so bratty. The little lovebirds had a great party and I'm so happy for them. Finally my mother in law gets a real girly girl in the family!

Yesterday we pretty much finished all out baby chores. Blake built bouncers, rockers, co sleepers, strollers, and hung frames. Now its a matter of figuring out where to put it all........

And the best news yet is Andrew and Lisa had their baby girl Lily last night! 9 lbs 15.8 ounces, and 21.5 inches. I have a few photos sent by my mom and Andrew but I'll wait for an official one to post but she looks absolutely perfect!

Now time to get that iced latte......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

5am blues

My right arm has been asleep for the last 5 hours. This has been happening the last week or so. It usually comes back to life in the later part of the morning. Somehow I must be sleeping on it funny. I can't quite figure out how to get comfortable anymore but I think its all part of the last few weeks of pregnancy. I feel like I'm getting sleep cause I don't wake up super tired so I guess I should just go with it although a sleepy arm is really annoying.
I was up again at 5am just hanging out in bed. Got really sad again for NY. I don't know why it will just hit me at random times but it does. I have to talk myself down so I don't get too upset. Just sucks cause it kinda set my tone for the morning. It's gloomy out so I feel gloomy inside. I've said it before but its just a funny time with everything changing. I've been back in California for a few months now and I've barely seen any of my friends. Since they are spread out its been a lot harder than I thought. I don't exactly have the energy to be driving to San Diego and LA all the time and if I did I can only do so much cause I get tired. I just miss my old life. I know looking back and feeling sorry for myself is silly but I think I just need to get all these sad feelings out of me so I can move on. Might just take some time and I know I will find my place here, just hoping its soon. I try to tell myself that if we were there now it wouldn't be the same, none of our friends have kids and I'd feel out of place but I dunno. I had so many good people around me there, I was so happy and felt so loved. I miss that so much. I miss all the yummy food and coffee. I miss getting ice cream at Sweet Melissa's. I miss going to the park and making fun of hipsters. I even miss walking my 5 blocks to work just cause I got to walk through the flower district. I miss the flea on the weekends. I miss riding my bike. I miss happy hour. Seriously so much. My mom said something to me the other day. Something to the point where she thought we would move back. As much as I want to be there right now I don't think we ever will. That time has passed and things would never be the same.
Eventually when I am done being sad I will focus on my life here and try to find a way for it to work for me. I won't be sad forever and I will find my place and friends here but for now I'm just not ready to put out effort. My sad rant is over with and its time to face the day.

Friday, August 27, 2010


My mom just left after being here for the last 4 days. It was so nice having her around to help with everything. We got so much done. She is really really organized so its very helpful especially since I've been so unmotivated. The babies room is pretty much done besides hanging the art work (but everything is framed) and a few loads of laundry. Need to get the bathroom together but Blake still has all his black and white film processing chemicals everywhere so I will have to wait on that. The living room pile of rockers and bouncers is slowly being built. Blake and I are going to have quite the exciting weekend of building and hanging wall art. Oh the fun!

I still can't get over all the amazing gifts I've gotten from people. One of the best gifts (and so practical) were closet dividers. I can't find the link online but I believe they were from Nordstroms but they seem to sell them at many place. I was using hangers from babies r us (that came with outfits) and they looked pretty ugly but these are so cute and they come with a bunch of different stickers so you can change them really easily.

This was one of the favorite rockers we got by Mamas and Papas
Its a UK based company that makes some pretty hip baby gear. Sierra tested it out for baby last night.

One last photo of me torturing Sierra with baby stuff. Not sure how I feel about this sleep sack vest thing but I'm gonna give it a try.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

lesson learned

I've been so good about drinking water during my pregnancy like to the point where I would pee every 5 min but I figured the more the better. My doula would tell us stories of moms calling her and thinking they are going into their birthing time because they were having terrible cramps but she would always tell them to drink a ton of water then call her back. Most of the time it was just the amniotic fluid getting low making cramps. Well this happened to me the other day and I seriously thought I was going to have this baby. Problem is were having a heat wave in California and its like 100 out, its so gross. So at lunch I drank a shit ton of root beer for some reason. I never do that but it was from the fountain and so good. So I peed like crazy so I never even thought about being dehydrated. Then during hypnobabies class I started getting the worst cramps ever. I had about 12 in row and they lasted about 30 sec each time. I was sweating the entire class while everyone was chilly from the a/c. I didn't say anything but kinda connected that maybe I might be dehydrated. I pounded so much water then came home and drank and drank till I felt like I was going to puke (while laying on the floor feeling like I was dying) Then all of a sudden the cramps were gone and I was totally fine like nothing ever happened. Stupid long story but I seriously realized how important water is. I will never do that again.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

and i'm done

People always say there is that point in pregnancy where you just hit the wall and are done being pregnant. I felt like the last few weeks I was getting there but I was still feeling ok. Well until yesterday when I hit the point of no return where I am officially done, don't want to be pregnant anymore. I woke up yesterday feeling pretty shitty and not rested at all. Blake wanted to go down to the beach which was fine with me but everything was irritating me, EVERYTHING! I was picking fights with Blake about everything and anything. I don't even know why but I was just annoyed. My body was just completely uncomfortable and I was crampy and tired and emotional. So many things at once that its hard to put on a happy smile. So I feel like yesterday I just about lost it. Being at the beach was nice, but I just didn't feel like myself and I hate more than anything being crabby around Blake's family but in all honesty there was nothing I could do I just didn't feel good.

Yesterday was a really rough night too. Sleeping is now impossible although I'm having dreams so I must be getting some sleep in there? I can't seem to find a comfortable position to lay so no matter what my body parts just fall asleep and I wake up feeling like I ran a marathon, just sore and stiff. And peeing that's another thing. I think I got up every 20 min for the first few hours then it finally got better. Too much water before bed is a bad idea. I spent from about 3am to 5am writing emails to my mom and listening to my neighbors fight. The funny part is my mom writes back, I guess that is where I get my lovely sleeping schedule. So my neighbors are a total mess. This is the second time I've heard them yell at each other. They sound young but I was too lazy to look out the window. Its mostly the girl crying and telling him to leave in a very creative way. Then he calls her a bitch over and over. Then they yell about stupid shit for awhile and it always ends with him standing outside spitting and slamming his car door. Its kinda like my own Telenovela. I've thought about calling the police but as long as its just yelling its really not a big deal and its way more entertaining then checking my facebook at 4am. It kinda takes me back to living in a city. When we lived in Brooklyn we lived across the street from a bar so every weekend you were guaranteed something entertaining, usually some dumb girl crying in the street about a guy or people in really deep drunk conversations about art or politics (those were always my favorite)

Blake has some weird cold and throat sick so I'm really hoping that I don't get it. I've told myself I won't so I'm hoping I can trick my mind! After my shoot tomorrow I am going to take it easy and just be pretty mellow. My mom is coming down next week to help me get organized and put all my shower stuff away so that will be really helpful. I really have no energy to do it alone. The whole nesting thing is bullshit, who the hell has the energy to nest?

After all that bitching I'll end on a happy note. I made a birthday cake for my brother in laws fiance the other night. Baking makes me happy and calms me for some reason. I have a feeling there could be a lot of treats being made in the next few weeks.

Friday, August 20, 2010

stupid blood sugar

Some days I forget I'm pregnant and just want to go go go. The last two days I've been feeling really funny. At about 11:30am I get this sudden rush of a hot flash then feel cool. Then I start to shake and feel like I'm going to pass out. I've never actually passed out in my life but I imagine that is the feeling. Its almost like I drank a shit ton of coffee on an empty stomach. Yesterday it freaked me out and I immediately turned the a/c on in my house thinking I was just hot. When it didn't go away I realized ok maybe I was hungry so I ate a huge bowl of cottage cheese and strawberries and pb filled pretzels. After about 20 min I was feeling back to normal but it really scared me. I can usually tell when I'm getting hungry but nothing like this has ever come on this fast. I already got checked for diabetes and I was fine. Maybe the baby just needs more food? I'm not quite sure but tomorrow I'm going to make sure and eat again after breakfast even if I'm not feeling hungry. I try my best to eat little small meals here and there but some days that just doesn't happen. Today the same thing happened and its been hours now and I still feel weird. Although I should sit down and relax I decided to make pasta salad and a cake for a dinner party we are going to tonight. Maybe not the best idea. When my cake is done its nap time for a few hours. I guess baby wants more food and for me to nap more often. Booooooo

Vit K and eye drops

Are the vitamin K shot and eyes drops really necessary for newborns? I didn't know anything about them till my midwife told me about them yesterday. I guess they are state law but it sounded like there was an option? I dunno I like to do my research and at least have some sort of knowledge. The eyedrops seems kinda pointless to me cause its to prevent chlamydia and gonorrhea. Since I don't have those I don't really see the point. Unless Blake is sleeping around with a bunch of bitches but I'm gonna go with a no on this one. I understand the Vit K shot cause it can prevent bleeding in the brain but I guess its very rare. The problem I have is they say it increases the risk of leukemia. That kinda scares me. I dunno I could go back and forth over all of these things and drive myself nuts. The internet is great to research but its hard to know what to trust or believe. What to do what to do......


Pregnancy dreams are just weird. For the past few months I've been having the same dream over and over. Not the actual dream but the same idea. I keep forgetting to feed the baby in my dream. Like I'll show up somewhere and someone will tell me I need to feed the baby and I can't find her or getting to her is impossible. Why can't I have sweet dreams where I'm holding my baby and things are great? What does this mean?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

braxton is kinda mean

Just waiting to go to my midwife appt in a few min. Having a very anxious day for some reason. I got hired for a shoot next week and I think I'm a bit nervous about it (not the actual shooting but actually having the energy) I couldn't say no, the money was really good so I'm gonna have to suck it up but I think its just getting my nerves going cause I have to plan a lot of it. Normally I love the stress of planning a shoot, its fun cause its different and exciting every time but while all these other hormones and emotions are flowing its making me nervous. Oh well I'll get through it and paying a few bills will be worth it!
So the other day I think I felt my first Braxton Hicks pressure wave (I am not supposed to use the word contraction) Doesn't pressure wave sound better anyways? It was pretty mild and short but definitely a strange feeling. I was sorta excited only because it will give me some practice to use my hypnobabies and try and figure out how to control them. Obviously I know they are nothing like the real deal but it gives me a little understanding. I noticed 2 more this morning and it was more of a shooting sensation. One was pretty intense where I had to stop for second from what I was doing. I imagine they will get more frequent as the time goes on. I'm trying to just take every pressure, pain, and movement as as experience and one step closer to meeting this little critter.
Also here are a few more photos from the shower...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

34 weeks really? are you sure?

Just got my week 34 pregnancy email as I was sitting here, officially freaking out and feeling overwhelmed. I am not ready at all. I feel like most people are totally ready at this point but I am not. The room is not even close to ready, well the furniture is built but she isn't sleeping in the crib for a few months so it's just going to sit pretty for awhile. I have no means of organizing all the little things in the room (note to self order bins today) and nothing is in frames. I know its dumb little things but I won't have to the time to do it after she is born and I don't want to wait till I am further along. I already get out of breath walking to the kitchen.
We were so fortunate to get most of our stuff from showers but there are still a few things that are a necessity......

Co-Sleeper sheets
Changing Pad
Changing Pad sheets
Baby Bjorn
Blake's diaper bag
nasal aspirator

Luckily we have some gift cards which will be a HUGE help but I think this weekend we are due for a Babies R' US run. I've only dragged Blake there once but I think this weekend will be lucky trip number 2 for him! That and building a stroller and bouncing things!

Random cute photos of sierra sniffing and sitting on babies stuff.

the hunt for a pediatrician

So the mission today is to make appointment(s) to meet pediatricians. I've been putting this off for weeks now. I've done research but getting info on dr's online is very limited. All of the dr's I've been looking up are referrals from friends of friends but I've only gotten names. Some have websites if they are part of a bigger practice but some don't so how am I supposed to know?? I'm being really lazy about meeting with people, mostly because I'm tired as shit and have ZERO patience left! Like none at all. BUT I know this is important but at the same time the person I choose isn't someone I'm stuck with forever right?
I started reading The Vaccine Book by Dr.Sears which was highly recommended to me by many people. So far I am loving the book. Its not an anti vaccine book by any means, it just lays everything out there. I am absolutely going to put the critter on a alternate vaccine schedule. Even without knowing all the specific details about vaccines my common sense tells me it can't be ok to give a newborn a bunch of shots at once. Plus I think all the drug companies are scary. I honestly don't think they give a rats ass about people and health, it's all about making a buck. It's a business and I get it but I just want to be educated about it especially if the info is there for me.
I want to make sure the dr I choose will work with me and a schedule and be able to help and guide me. I know now since more and more people are doing this there are a ton of dr's out there but its just a matter of finding them. The Dr. Sears site has a resource guide for dr's all over the US that will work with you on an alternate schedule but its still a very select few in orange county. I would also love to find someone that has a knowledge of alternative medicine. Don't get my wrong I love me some drugs but I also think a lot of things are heavily treated with unnecessary antibiotics and drugs right away without exploring other options.
So I think I've narrowed it down to 2 places that I like and will start there. Anyone heard of Dr. Leila Iravani or Dr. Lin,Irvine Kids? I was also told about Coastal Kids but then I read a nasty review for them on yelp that kinda freaked me out since the women going in for a prenatal meeting specifically went in to talk about an alternate vaccine schedule and the dr she was meeting with basically called Dr. Sears a hack. I know there are other dr's in the practice but I don't have any info on them. Are they worth a visit?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another great weekend

Wow what a weekend! Again I think I will be recovering for a few days. Had my second baby shower up by my parents house. It was absolutely perfect! My mom is quite the little party planner. Unfortunately I don't think I got those skills that she has. The party was at my parents neighbors house. The night started with pizzas from the wood burning over (a chef neighbor is always a good touch) and sliders. My mom wouldn't tell me anything about the party so everything was a big surprise which was really fun. We had sushi and yummy Italian food. Everything was so pretty and delicious. The best part was the dessert spread. Lots of little treats and then a HUGE ice chest of different kinds of ice cream. It was like attacking an ice cream truck, it was so fun. All the little touches, from the flowers (that were all picked from around the neighborhood) to the candles to the cute colors were just so amazing. I know how hard my mom and her friends worked to put this together and it was just perfect! We decided not to open presents at the party since there were 60 some people and it was all couples. It would have taken forever and I just wanted to be able to hang out with people and have a good time. So we opened everything yesterday. Oh my gosh, my living room is covered in stuff. I don't know if I will have the energy to put anything away today but I might pull out all the clothes and wash them. Again I can't get over how generous my friends and family are. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Blake and I are VERY lucky! Here are a few photos from the night.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The dadness


The husband started a blog and its really cute! He has a really good way with words and uses proper grammar so check him out.


As you can tell I get obsessed with things and have to find solutions. So this week it is all about protein. I've been getting great suggestions on different protein shakes and ways to really max my protein. Today I tried an Odwalla Protein Shake and it was actually pretty good. I got the vanilla one and it kinda tasted like drinking cake batter with soy milk. It seemed to have a good amount of protein but also a ton of calcium.

In the beginning of my pregnancy I started drinking whey protein shakes (since I would usually have one after kickboxing) but after a few weeks I came across an article and it kinda freaked me out. The article talked about how hard it was for the baby to process the whey and that it wasn't a good idea. At the same time I was reading all these articles that said it was perfectly safe but in the end I just stopped using it, I didn't feel comfortable. I kinda gave up finding a shake since I thought the only other alternative was soy and I already consume a lot of soy (since we eat very vegetarian)
BUT since I'm back on a protein kick I decided to look a little harder today. My doula had suggested a Hemp shake so I bought one of those and I also got some sample packets of an egg white protein shake. I chose the ones that had all natural ingredients and nothing with fake sugar or added crap so I'm gonna assume they are safe. As far as taste I'll report back on the brands that I like but I feel like this might be a good way to add a bit more protein on those days where I just can't stomach an egg.....

Also I'm a total noob to this blog thing and I noticed I had a whole bunch of comments. I was so excited to see that! So thanks for commenting on all my silliness and also for some great suggestions. I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Haba Toys

I don't really know when babies start playing with toys or when they need them but these are pretty cute.

Really cool site