Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I finally tried out prenatal yoga and I actually liked it. It was a tiny bit of yoga, mostly talking and relaxing. I searched on Yelp and found a few places in the area but I was drawn to Soul at Home (ok maybe cause they offer massages too) Plus its right down the street from me. The first class was complementary which was great cause scraping up $15 is actually hard to do these days when you have no income. I found my little spot in the back corner and just sat around and made small talk with the girl next to me. Its funny watching a bunch of preggers waddle in all together. So turns out the instructor is a midwife and not much older than me. The first part of the class was just introducing ourselves, giving our due date, where we are delivering, and something new that has happened that week. Turns out like 4 or so people in the class are delivering at Beach Cities. That made me soooo happy! So the class goes on and we do some yoga which was really basic stretches and actually felt quite good. The last part of the class we get to cuddle up with blankets and she put on the hypnobabies affirmation cd. I was so excited cause in a few weeks Blake and I will be taking our first hypnobabies courses so it was good to get a little peak at it. At the end of class she gave us a handout about the hidden risks of epidurals. Seriously I have no idea how I got so lucky to have found this class but it was right up my alley. Hope baby liked it!

Forever 21

makes maternity clothes! I've said it before but I'm not a fan of maternity clothes in general but this is great news because the basics look really cute and they are super cheap! And how about those skinny jeans for $13.80. I'm pretty set on clothes but I'm temped to try and track down those leggings and jeans.......

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


As if birthing a baby wasn't enough......,%202010&MsdVisit=1

Your due date is coming on quick. You have burp cloths. You have safety Q-tips. You have 12 brands of diaper rash cream and three newborn-sized bathrobes with matching slippers. There's no question you're prepared for baby's arrival... but are you ready for all that other stuff that happens after delivery? (You know, to your vagina. And perineum. And rectum.)

Alright, let's just say it: If you give birth vaginally, you're going to need some serious TLC down there. But have no fear: We checked in with tons of new moms, and a few of our doctor friends including Dr. Susan Bliss, OB/GYN at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, to bring you an insider's guide to postpartum body care. (You’re welcome.)


The condition of your no-longer-very-private parts -- your vagina, perineum, and rectum -- after childbirth depends a lot on your particular birth experience. (Duh.) So if you push out an 11-pounder and tear badly, you're going to have a tougher recovery than if baby is smaller and your perineum stays intact. But genetics can play a part too. (Just be prepared for the fact that an investigation into family history may involve your mom discussing her own hoo-ha.)


Expect lots of bleeding and some general soreness. Wondering how much blood to be prepared for? Dr. Bliss says postpartum bleeding can be compared to a heavy period and may last for a few weeks -- which is why super-absorbent maxi pads (yes, like the kind you wore in junior high) will become your new best friend.

So here's the deal: No matter how long you pushed for, expect some swelling. You can also expect small contractions and occasional gushes of blood, especially when you breastfeed. But don't let this freak you out. "This is a good thing," says Dr. Bliss. It's your uterus shrinking back to its normal size. In addition, you may have some trouble pooping, and you’ll probably spring a few leaks (pee and gas to complement the oozing of milk, sweat, and tears farther north). So be on guard.

If you have any stitches from tearing, expect them to first be sore and then a little itchy. Most stitches reabsorb in about three weeks. Later, you’ll have some scar tissue, but chances are you will probably never notice.


Steal Things

You'll definitely want to cop some freebies from your postpartum recovery room before checking out of the hospital. "Get as many of the hospital pads as possible," urges Bumpie Princessn6. "They're better than anything you can get in the store." Consider stocking up on the hospital's mesh panties too. (Don't be shy -- ask your nurse for extras.) No, they're not sexy, but when you're bleeding for weeks on end, disposable panties rock. And don't forget your peri bottle (a squirt bottle for rinsing). It will keep you feeling clean and also help any stinging that may happen when your pee hits your stitches.

Pack the Ice

"The nurses at the hospital brought me newborn diapers that they had packed with ice. It helped a lot!" says Bumpie Kat28655. According to Dr. Bliss, ice is awesome for swelling prevention in the first 24 hours. Lay off the ice after that, though. Some women mistakenly attempt to treat their swollen labia with cold packs, but it won't help. "The labia is swollen because of excess fluid," says Dr. Bliss. “Ice packs will not help that swelling." So if your labia are swollen, don't worry: They will deflate within a few days.

Soak Your Bum

"I really strongly believe in sitz baths," says Dr. Bliss. "Take one every time you pee or poop for the first week and several times a day for the next week. Be diligent. Set aside those 15 minutes it takes to sit there with your bottom in water."

Witch Hazel It Up

This herbal remedy can bring sweet relief for painful, itchy stitches, and nerve-wracking hemorrhoids. "I've been rolling up those witch hazel pads and sticking them between my [butt] cheeks," says Bumpie taprehoda. "It gives me hours of relief." You can also line your pad with them for maximum coverage. Try spraying on some Dermoplast spray first, and you'll be comfortably numb for a while.

Do Your Kegels

Strengthening your pelvic floor by doing Kegel exercises is a must, according to Dr. Bliss. "This helps maintain urinary continence and function of your anal sphincter." Sounds pretty important to us!


"Don't be scared -- just do it," says Dr. Bliss about pooping after giving birth. "Like I tell my four-year-old, if you hold it in, it just gets bigger." And if you need help, get help. "Mommas, take the stool softener that the hospital offers!" urges Bumpie jwoods6056.

Invest in Some Lube

No, your vagina will never be exactly the same after a vaginal delivery. (There. We said it.) Sex is on the horizon, though. Good sex, even. Still, it will take some time for things to feel totally "normal" again after delivering baby. When you’re ready for sex (and you've held off for the recommended six weeks), go for it. Just don't forget the Astroglide! Here's why: You're low on estrogen after delivery (and while you're breastfeeding), causing a thinning of your "vaginal mucosa" (or vaginal membrane), which can lead to dryness. Altogether, this can make sex, well, hurt. That's why investing in some lube will be a lifesaver.

baby boxer

Baby has discovered that my ribs make the most wonderful punching bags. Starting Sunday I noticed she was really really hyper the entire day. She put on a show for Kristin who got to feel the belly. It was total alien stomach. Then the rest of the day it felt like she was standing straight up on my left side. It was actually quite painful and annoying. She eventually moved but has spend the last two days moving like crazy. I hope that is normal? I tried to look it up on the internet but I don't trust all those stupid forms. Some people said girls tend to be more active and its when they aren't active you should be worried. Then there was the one idiot who says this happened to her friend and the next day the baby died. Awesome lady, just what I needed to hear. I don't trust any of it. I figure she is moving and she is happy right? I can tell she is getting bigger since she takes up most of the belly space now. I used to only feel her on one side but now its pretty much across the whole belly. I can still feel body parts just not sure which ones they are yet. I'm generally uncomfortable in the belly area, just a lot harder to breathe these days. Hope the little one is doing ok in there. I kinda want to get another ultrasound just to make sure she isn't some giant baby but I'm super scared of the 4D scans, I have no desire to see my baby like that. I dunno well see.

Just got my letter from my insurance saying they I can go to my midwife (but only for 90 days) I'm hoping she will fudge the dates a bit because I only have between 6/23 and 9/23 to see her (according the insurance). Baby is due the 30th so this is going to be interesting. Hoping they will extend it for another 30 days or my midwife will just have to lie.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm loving this mobile that I saw on ohdeedoh.

I wish it matched the bedding but damn its cute!

weekend fun

Had a pretty full weekend filled with a baby shower and visits from friends. It was nice to be busy with fun stuff and not moving in crap (although somehow we managed to find time to paint some stools and run errands but it wasn't too bad)
On Saturday my mom and I went to Lisa's Baby Shower. Lisa is due at the end of Aug with baby Lily. She looks amazing and seems super happy. Lisa is married to Andrew who I've known since I was born. Mine and Andrews parents went to high school together and have been friends since. A few years back Andrew and I always joked about having kids around the same time (like our parents did) but that was years ago. So a few months ago I get a phone call from Andrew to tell me that Lisa is 12 or 13 weeks pregnant. I was freaking out cause I had literally just found out I was pregnant too (I want to say I was like 7 or 8 weeks) but at this point we hadn't told a single person so I was dying not to be able to tell them. Just kinda funny how that works out. They are going to be the most wonderful parents ever and I can't wait to take our kids on adventures like our parents did with us.

bitch bitch moan moan

Trying to get the morning started. Having one of those panicky mornings where bills are due and I haven't quite figured out how I am going to be paying them due to the no job thing. Trying not to stress and make some plans and of course not to upset my stomach. The baby senses it and I get all crampy and tense. I've emailed a bunch of contacts that I thought could possibly give me jobs but nothing so far. I will email more today but it would be silly to expect to get hired right away for a shoot. It takes a few months for them to work you into the system. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time. I knew moving back here would be difficult for work so its not a huge shock but the reality is kicking in and I'm scared out of my mind. I'm trying not to beat myself up or regret anything. I love being here with my family but I left a really good job that I actually liked. Having family is wonderful but they can't pay the bills. Money isn't everything but when you can't pay your bills its a problem. I told myself I wouldn't look back. We made the decision to move and now its all about moving forward, just not sure what to do. Ok enough bitching and moaning for one morning.

Switching to something happy. A friend sent me this video and its one of the most beautiful things I've seen. I totally cried my eyes out. The tears on the dads face, oh my gosh!

Friday, June 25, 2010

my registry

You would think clicking "add to registry" is super fun and easy but making this baby registry has taken me months. I started on babies r us and target about a week before we found out the sex of the baby. I wanted to wait to starting adding things cause a lot of the stuff is pretty gender specific. Also when I looked at babies r us I would almost start crying cause I didn't know what anything was or did. There were bouncers, swings, swaddles and like a million other things. And not just one but like 20 choices for each thing I had never heard of. I didn't know a bottle could cause colic. Shit I didn't even know what colic was. I feel much better months later after asking everyone I know that has had a baby what they use and like. My mommy friends have been more then generous sending me links, websites, and brands they love. I honestly can't imagine doing this without them. I still panic a bit on the registry but I'm definitely having more fun with it now. Obviously every baby and person is going to have a different opinion but there were a few things that everyone had a similar take on.

So currently I'm registered at babies r us, target, and land of nod. It kinda feels like a lot of places right? My super smart friend Kristin found me this site.
Its one registry but you can add things from anywhere, any store, anything. I was complaining to Kristin that I liked a lot of these other little random stores and wanted to add stuff to my registry but didn't want to register at 20 different places. For example I found this site giggles that has the cutest outfits (I know I know I shouldn't be registering for clothes but I want people to see what I like) There are other things, the diaper bag that I love is only at so this site allows me to add it.
The site is seriously awesome but my only worry is that people have to sign in to this site (in order for it to show that things were bought) Does that make sense? That way it tracks if you actually bought an item (even if you wanted to buy it somewhere else) I just searched my registry and pretended to go shopping on it. My only complaint is it will be annoying for the people that actually like to go to the store and print out a registry there and shop. Should I worry about that? Don't most people buy online anyways?
If anyone wants to check it out you can search for my registry and pretend to shop and see if its super annoying. I just added a few random items I want to test out for now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

stay back stretch marks

I was talking to my friend yesterday and she was asking me if I had stretch marks. Luckily I don't or at least not yet. I can't imagine them not showing up since my body is like expanding in all areas. Anyways I've been using two different types of creams just in case and in a few months I'll report back if they worked. I don't just use them on the belly either, it goes on the boobs and hips too. Both are a sticky mess and stay on for hours after they are applied so it definitely something you put on at night before bed.

Just finished my first book last night and started on "the no cry sleep solution."
I think it might be a little premature to be reading since I think you are supposed to start reading it if you have a baby that won't stop crying or won't go to bed without being fed. I dunno I figure I will skim through it now and hope I never have to refer to it again but the reviews for it have been great so I figure why not.

Blake and I are going on a walk this morning. We never do that. He has been reading in his dad book that I need to be in good shape so I have strength to deliver the baby. So I get a walk, like a dog. Just kidding its sweet of him. Since I left kickboxing in Brooklyn I've been kind of a lazy as far as working out goes. I bought some dvd's but they bore me. I'm going to try a prenatal yoga class as well but I'm more of a hyper work out person plus those classes get expensive. I'd re-join kickboxing out here but its just so late in the pregnancy and I'll be taking off a few months with the baby so I don't want to get into some contract and again too expensive. All these plans of being in awesome shape kinda went out the window but I promise this last trimester I'm going to do something to stay in shape.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The messy room

I guess I should post some before photos of the babies room before I get in there and start working on it. My mom and I have been researching cribs and dressers for the last few months. I thought it would be much easier but there are sooooo many options out there that its hard to really nail down what I want. I found a set that I really like on Land of Nod but its really expensive so I'm trying to find something a little less expensive but still good quality. I'm sure I posted this before but this is so far my favorite.

These are also pretty cute but maybe too much going on.

There is a fine line with cribs. The cheap ones are usually made from crappy material. Thanks to my mom for pointing this out. I didn't even think about it but you really have to read what they are made of so you don't end up with a toxic crib made from formaldehyde. So many neat things.

Ok so here are photos of the room along with some cute things that were in the closet. Mostly gifts and some shopping that my mom and I did. I haven't shot photos of everything but here are a few. Excuse the tags on outfits, haven't had time to wash the clothes yet.

Only furniture that will stay is the bookshelf that I will paint. Most likely white??

Baby closet and bedding


from blakes old work, sorta boyish but damn cute!

From Liz and Katie

From Robins friends

From my mom

From Marisa

Just a few from shopping with mom


I've talked a little about diapers in recent posting or maybe I thought I did, I dunno. There are a ton of brands out there and I've kinda been baffled on what to use. I really want to try cloth out but not when she is a newborn and shitting all the time. I got a sample of Huggies Natural from babies r us. Super cute and felt amazing. I tried to put them on Sierra but she wasn't having it. So I decided to look them up and see what "natural" ingredients were in them. On my search I came across this awesome post which pretty much summed up why I will not be using them.

But here is the lowdown on each claim they make and why they are so questionable:

Aloe & Vitamin E: Well, kudos. Too bad for those who are allergic to aloe. Is this there to minimize the rash from the chlorine bleached liner? They are nice and soft though if that is of any consolation.

Fragrance Free & Hypoallergenic: If it is indeed, then it shouldn't smell so toxic. Seventh Generation diapers are hypoallergenic too, but they have no smell whatsoever. These Huggies have chlorine in case you don't know. That means they have dioxin that accumulates in the body and has been linked to cancer and immune system depression.

Liner includes renewable materials: Great wording. Includes? It is like saying "may contain traces of renewable materials". Do people really buy this misleading cliche?

Soft outer cover with organic cotton: This one really cracked me up... What is the point of organic cotton where it doesn't even touch the baby's bottom? "With organic cotton" doesn't tell me anything either, is it 1% organic cotton or 99%? Why bother with organic cotton if the rest is synthetic? Seventh Generation does not have organic cotton, but at least it doesn't falsely advertise outlandish claims about its products.

Less inks: Wow, really impressive there! Less inks. I guess the inks are something toxic if having less of them is considered as something to applaud. Yet another reason to stick with Seventh Generation if you are opting for disposable. They don't have Disney characters and trade mark signs all over. Even better, go cloth - as all things disposable are not very Eco-friendly (unless it is completely biodegradable in less than say 5 years).

Packaging 20% post-consumer recycled materials: Hm, just 20%? I guess you can't really expect more from a large corporation.

So looks like we will be trying out the 7th generation (per suggestion from a friend) and hoping they work out for the baby. Besides Earths Best they are the only diapers that are chlorine free. And they reveal exactly what is in the diapers which I appreciate. I'm pretty sure between Blake having nasty eczema and me being allergic to everything when I was little our baby is going to be sensitive.
Being pregnant and bringing someone else into this world has totally opened my eyes to all the shitty things that are out there. Blake and I eat fairly good, we try to buy organic when possible and look out for dangerous environmental things we can avoid but we're not perfect. I can't say we will be for our daughter either but we can at least try and do everything we can at least in our power. I wrote this long email to my mom today expressing all of this. I just feel like there are so many environmental factors today that are screwing us up and it scares me. Like girls getting their periods super early. I believe its from all the hormones and crap in our milk and lunch meats (and other things) but there are so many crappy processed things now that its hard to stay away from them. How did we get to this place?? Its just gross. Trust me I enjoy crap food, fast food, and whatever other bad thing I can get my hands on but in moderation of course. I just think we need to be smarter about what we put in near and in our bodies. Wow ok I'll stop my rant.

Monday, June 21, 2010

photos from the weekend

I either get the wow you are really big or oh my gosh you look so cute and tiny. Someone is lying to me. I think I look really big for 26 weeks but I'm also 5 foot nothing and wasn't exactly obese before I got pregnant so I'm thinking its all relative. The weight has to go somewhere......

Happy Father's Day (a day late)

Had a wonderful fathers day weekend and saw all the dads. On saturday we made a last minute trip to Agoura to see my family. It was super relaxing sitting by the pool and playing ping pong. We cooked up a little feast and enjoyed the day. Yesterday we went down to the beach in Newport to spend the day with the Sinclair family. Beach and BBQ! We ran into a friend down at the beach who has an 18 month year old and talked for a really long time. She gave me a ton of information. She is super natural so had a lot of good advice on books and stuff. There are still so many things that I just have no idea about that I feel like I have about 3 months to figure out. I'm glad I ran into her cause I'm totally going to need some mommy friends. She is kinda in the same spot where none of her friends have kids yet. I know a ton of people with kids but I don't hang out with them all the time so it will be nice to know people in OC with babies. All my friends are so spread out over California its nuts.
Anyways going on a rant as usual but the point of my post was to say Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful dad and amazing husband!

1880 Town

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Third Trimester Oh my

I can't believe I'm in my last trimester. I know I still have a ways to go but its coming up soon. My belly grows by the day and she kicks more and more everyday. Blake told me that now is the time she may be starting to turn her body so her head is down (ready to birth) I guess once she is like that she will most likely stay that way till she pops out. Wild. I can feel her mainly on my left side now but I'm not sure what body part it is. I thought I felt her head the other night or I guess it could be her butt but it was for sure one or the other.
Blake and I started our third trimester photo project a few days ago. Considering we are both photographers it took us a really long time to get on this but I guess its better late than never. He dusted off the 4x5 camera and has been shooting 2-4 sheets of film each night. The first 2 nights we had polaroids so it was pretty funny to see but we've run out and are just kinda winging it now. Its fun cause we're shooting in different places in the house. I was going to try and wear the same outfit the whole time but we've just been doing it with whatever I have on. It will be fun to make a little slideshow at end with all the photos. I'm sure one day our kid will just think we're weird.
Here are the two polaroids. Ya I look plump and not so pretty but I'm all about exposing it all no matter how gross it looks.

Monday, June 14, 2010

stuff my baby booked failed to tell me

1. After a few months don't wear a wire bra. Your nipples will get so painful and raw and the wire totally makes this worse.
2. When you sneeze you will pee yourself. Not like you need a diaper but sometimes it just happens.
3. The baby has the ability to kick your bladder. Technically speaking I don't actually know how accurate this is but it will make you pee like every 2 min.
4. You cannot see your vagina when you look down so grooming is very difficult.

I learn something new everyday. Baby is kicking like a crazy person and it gets more and more intense everyday. That doesn't even get old. I can sit and watch that all day. I wish I could see in there to see what she is doing. This week she is favoring my left side and I can see her body creeping up higher and higher.

Also I'm almost done reading my first of about 10 books. "Heading Home with your newborn"
It is a must read! Its written from 2 doctors who are moms and they are cute and quirky. A good book to start with just to get the basics down. I also watched the dvd "The happiest baby on the block." I have the book but actually watching the dvd was super helpful. It reminds me of Ceaser Milan but instead of dogs its babies. There are basically 5 S's to getting the baby to stop crying. A bunch of people told me that they swore by this method so I'm really excited to try it out. I better start practicing my swaddle!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Junk in my Trunk

Ya my ass has gotten big during the pregnancy. I've always had a booty but its pretty massive now. I love that my brother and cousin were quick to point this out. Gotta love family.
Still slowly moving into the house. Our moving truck isn't here yet but we've moved in stuff we had stored back here. Pregnancy and moving across the country are probably not the best combination. I'm stressed beyond belief but I think I'm handling it pretty well. I've stayed calm but its kinda one of those scary calms. Just trying not to think of anything too far ahead, each hour at a time. Not having work is making me feel a little crazy, mostly not having income. Of course staying between the parents house we aren't really spending that much money (except on gas) but its still stressful.
I've started missing my life in Brooklyn but I still don't totally feel like I live here yet. I think because of the comfort of being at parents houses. I dunno its just a strange feeling.
We had an appointment with our new midwife yesterday and that was wonderful. I really like her and feel comfortable with the birthing center. I'm glad I checked that off the list but there are still so many things to prepare for that have to be done now. The insurance is really tricky. Trying to use a midwife in California and having insurance cover it is nearly impossible. It makes absolutely no sense to me considering the cost of a pregnancy at a birthing center is way less than a hospital birth. Fucking criminals. So dealing with insurance and just hoping it all works out. We have a lot of bills from lab fees back in NY that we are probably going to be paying for a really long time. I guess its all expensive learning. There were a lot of tests that were offered to us to take and I don't know if all of them were necessary. I guess with the first baby since everything is so new and scary you just kinda do whatever you think and hope its the right thing.
So the big thing for today is deciding on a doula. I was kinda back and forth with using one or not but I think the first time around I want to be totally prepared and have all the support I can. The next step is deciding on what type of birthing method. The Bradley vs Hypnobabies. Yesterday I couldn't of told you anything about either of these but thanks to the good old internet I feel like I have a good idea. At least enough to make a decision. I think we are going to try the hypnobabies method. It seems to make sense to both of us. From what I can understand from it shows you how to get to a place where you are comfortable not just how to deal with the pain but more of a way to actually not have pain. Ok I know I won't be pain free but I want to be able to feel calm with what is happening to my body and feel in control. Yikes.......

A few photos.....

(don't worry its all cooked)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Photos from my phone

In n out, swimming pools and a sunburn

Yep officially back in California. At my parents house so I still just feel like we are here for a visit. The weekend was really nice and relaxing. Just spend time with the family by the pool, too the dos to the dog park, and ate yummy food. I even managed to get a sun burn in there. Pale NY skin does not gracefully turn tan. The baby seemed to like it. I was on the raft and she was kicking around like crazy. I'm wondering if she could sense the sun? I know they are sensitive to light so maybe? Today is monday and I feel like I should be somewhat productive but I don't think I can get back into my photo grove till all my stuff arrives. I have all my camera here that I would need for a job but I just feel like I'm not settled yet so I think I will wait a week or 2 to bug people about work. I think today we will start out on the crib search. I figure since I know nothing of cribs I should play around with a few and see what I like. Also I'm dying to buy some baby clothes. We found out if was a girl during the intense packing before we left NY so I never really had the time to buy anything. Not that I need anything right now but I just want to pick something out that I'm excited about. Blake and I did get her a t shirt when we were on the road that's pretty epic.