Thursday, July 17, 2014


June (July) gloom morning and a feverish Olive calls for pjs and destroying the house all day. Olive has a mystery fever with no other symptoms so she must be fighting something or just in need of a rest. We keep pretty busy and this weekend was non stop with Otto's party and a day at the fair. A day at home will do us all good. We have crayons to make and I'm thinking some soft pretzels will make us all happy! 
I've been feeling pretty anxious lately (shocker right) about wanting to check things off my list. Most days its a miracle I can get a load of laundry in. The other day I actually cleaned the house which was a good combo of a workout too. I held Otto the entire time because the vacuum scared him (although he had no problem climbing it) So we dusted and scrubbed very much on the surface but enough to feel better. When we make our millions you can bet someone to clean my house will be on the list. 
Trying to enjoy the quiet home days even if Olive has the sick.....

Olive did a photoshoot with my friend Tamar. I'll post the photos once they are published but it was super fun. Olive did amazing and totally shocked me. It only took a few packages of tummies but she nailed it. Plus she got to get her nails and makeup done so she was pretty pumped. 

nursing is brutal.

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