Tuesday, July 8, 2014

party party

Otto's birthday party is this weekend and while I've kept it super simple and pretty easy I still have to go shopping for things. With two very active and mobile kids thats the tricky part. I'm trying to do a few things everyday so I don't have pissed off kids that I have to drag through stores. We haven't even left the house today and its after noon which is very rare for us. Just as I was trying to get out of here Otto decided he needed a nap. When he flips there is no turning back so Olive is having quiet time aka playing with the iPad and I'm trying to load photos so I can make Otto his one year book. I made Olive a one year photo book with the intention of doing it every year. Ya that didn't happen. I figure if I can at least do a one year for Otto that will be a good start. I shoot so many photos of the kids and I hate that they are just on the computer and no where else that they can actually hold them. Add it to my list to do that is now like a mile long.
That and Blake and I have been catching up on the last season of Downtown Abbey and once we start  we get pretty hooked. Wild nights around here....

Blake took this and I love it. His hands are covered in blue paint. Messy boy.

Olvera Street. 

Beach day. The moms and babes. 

Lauren and Dave got married. 

California Adventures. 

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