Thursday, March 12, 2015

pop princess

Most of the time I come on here and write a sentence and delete. I have nothing and everything to say. Life has been busy but not too busy. I've been trying my hardest not to go like my usual crazy self. I mean we are still on the go but its less manic. While I thought the go go go was keeping me busy it was actually just hiding all my shit that I'm dealing with. So I'm finding quiet moments in the day, for me, for the kids, for everyone. I'm really starting to feel more balance on most days. I feel more in control or at least aware. Its a process and I know that. I'm still learning to take care of myself and after never really doing it I'm learning I need to cause in the end it makes us all happy. 

The kids are happy and crazy as ever. Otto is coming into two full speed ahead. He is so fun. He has the funniest personality ever. Has a dance in his step when he walks kinda guy. He's nut's and all boy He is currently sporting two black eyes and a giant scratch under chin. Not to mention the giant shiner on his head he got tonight. It's busy busy but he is a sweet kid. He's insanely smart and thoughtful about everything he does. We just put him in a toddler bed and it's been a little wild around here. A lot of nap skipping and crying but I think we're getting there slowly. I really wish him and Olive would crawl into bed together but I can see that being a pillow fight up till midnight kinda thing. Olive has become my little teenager. I was talking to a women yesterday who was saying this is the exact age you will see what a teenage version of your kid will be. I'm terrified if that is true. She is a good kid but she will test me and take me to the very very end. Lets just say my grey hair is going strong. 

With daylight savings we've been spending a ton of time in the backyard. I can't even remember the last time we ate inside. Something about being outside just makes us all a bit more calm. 

He said night night and kissed her. Kinda sweet and equally creepy . 

Some days I try to yoga and I fail. 

Ikea ice cream fail. 

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