Friday, April 3, 2015

green and brown

More photos from my film camera. We were actually in this location yesterday and it looks nothing like it anymore. Everything is brown and dead. This drought is serious business. I've been trying to take Otto on adventures when Olive is in school. Sometimes I feel like all I do is bring him along on all my chores and I feel kinda bad so I'm making more of a effort to plan days for us. The days have been long. Otto is still up at 5 give or take the days he will fall asleep on me till 6. And he won't nap at home. He has no problem in the car or stroller but refuses at home. I keep telling myself its just a phase but I think that's a lie. 
We survived spring break and actually it was kinda nice. I don't mind when Olive isn't in school. We always keep busy so that's not really a problem. Things are just a lot more crowded and annoying during spring break which is the shitty part. I hate crowds, I'm totally spoiled from being able to do things all week with places fairly empty. I'm hoping during summer we can come up with a good list of things to do to avoid crowds. 


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