Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its a baby

First the excitement of the heartbeat and then the actual ultrasound. There is no way to describe the feeling of actually seeing your baby. I think up until that point it didn't feel real but as soon as I saw it kicking and moving around in there it felt very real. It was hard for the nurse to get a good photo because it kept moving all around. Of course I would have a hyper baby. But good to see it was active. We decided to do the test where they measure the neck for downs syndrome. I forget the name right now. Those tests all came back negative so that's good news. I still have another round of blood tests next week but I'm hoping its all good.

I've finally hit my second trimester. I think I'm 15 weeks now. I'm finally starting to show a little. I've noticed the last few days my belly has kinda popped out. Its bizarre cause its hard and doesn't feel like my stomach anymore. I will post a photo soon but I'm still in the chubby tummy phase where I don't think people would know I was pregnant, just might think I had too much dessert. Anyways the second trimester, so much better than the first. I finally wake up and feel good not like I'm gonna puke all over the place. Oh and the best part is I can stay up till 10:30, I know I'm wild. I think as the weeks go on my energy will come back even more so I'm waiting for that.

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