Wednesday, March 17, 2010

weeks felt like years

I knew the next step was to find a dr or in our case a midwife. After watching the Business of Being Born twice I was sold on the fact that I wanted my birth to be with a midwife and totally natural. I'm sure as I'm in labor I will be regretting this and begging for an epidural but I'm going to try and stick with the plan. So I called around trying to find a midwife in my area. I live in baby land so midwives are pretty easy to find in these parts. I found a few I liked and had good reviews but to my surprise they were all booked up for my due date. I was calling around literally a few days after I missed my period so that means there are crazy people (or I guess really smart people) that started booking midwives before they actually knew they were pregnant. I finally found an opening with a midwife in the upper west side. Not the most convenient location but I had heard great stuff about her so I decided a few extra stops on the train wouldn't hurt me. Georgia our midwife ended up being wonderful. Our first appt was pretty exciting and scary. So many questions and talking about things I hadn't even heard of. The appt went well but she couldn't hear a heartbeat (which I guess is normal that early on)but still that was probably the most nervous next few weeks I would spend waiting. We kept putting off telling the family and friends because I was just worried about that heartbeat. Thanks to the good ol internet I just read horror stories of everyone having a miscarriage on their first try so it was already in my head. I didn't want to get excited and then be let down.
Since I felt pretty pregnant we decided to start telling family and a few close friends and just wait patiently for that appt to hear the heartbeat.
The weeks went by super slow. I spent most of my days working then passing out as soon as I got home, eating dinner, then sleeping before 8pm. I think a lot of my friends were on to me because I was a full on hermit and when I did go out I didn't drink. It was so hard to hide it from everyone.
Finally 10 weeks came around and we had our appt to hear the heartbeat. Sitting in the waiting room was awful, just sweating and stressing on everything. It was one of the happiest moments when she immediately heard the heartbeat. Its crazy how fast it was beating. Blake ever recorded it so I'm going to attempt to insert it in here. Ok tried that and it doesn't work so I need to figure something else out.

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