Monday, June 4, 2012

Swedish meatball

You really haven't lived till you've had a full blown hyperventilating nervous breakdown in the Ikea parking lot. Ya I lost my shit big time today and luckily after 2 hours of muay thai and kickboxing I think I am ok, although I could really use a glass of wine. Some days are just THOSE days where everything is just going wrong and at any minute you feel like you are going to crack. And well I guess I did. Olive just pushed my over the edge and I just lost it. She didn't do anything particularly bad but it was constant and I got nothing done. I think now in hindsight you just gotta keep your expectations kinda low with getting shit done in the day which is hard for me. I'm a check things off my list kinda girl and when I have my mind set to what I want to do and it doesn't happen I get pissed. Having a toddler I must learn to just let that go. Anyways my mission in Ikea was simple. To get her a mini table for her play room and to look at a coffee table. My coffee table looks like we found it in the trash and as much as I hate to buy another Ikea piece of shit I don't see any other options. I figure I would just find something to get me by till I get my dream couch and ottoman. Well I got neither of those things cause Olive just went ape shit. I won't even bother with the 30 min of hell we spent in the store but it was bad. We've all been there and some days I can handle anything and other days the littlest things set me off. This toddler phase is a real pisser. After I recovered from my sob fest I decided we needed a re-do so we headed to Portola so I could get some coffee and a ridiculously expensive doughnut. I sat and drank my coffee while Olive threw pennies in the fountain. It was a glorious 5 min of relaxing and getting my head back on straight.

I hate complaining about my child like she is some sort of problem but I really had a bad day and I just need to get it out there and move on. She is so so so crazy but she is my crazy kid and I love her more than anything in this world but some days I just wish she would give me a little break. I have fantasies of having another kid or even 3 kids but really can I even handle another one?? I mean today I really thought about it while I was crying and I couldn't even fathom it. Let's hope this is just a really crazy phase and it will be over soon. At least no one will ever say Olive is lacking in personality. To better days tomorrow!

And now a photo dump........
san pedro fish market. lunch.

evan and the pile of shrimp and veggies. it looks nasty but i assure it was not.

the best churro i have ever had in my entire life.

korean friendship bell.

tamar's bridal shower.

me and the pup.

9:30 pm and someone was refusing to sleep.

heel walker.

our morning re-do

popcorn and gabba.

i remember doing this on the swing as a kid.

and this is how i make dinner. warm water=20 min of fun while i cook. score!

we adventured to la for the day. first stop was bottega louie for stumptown cold brew and macaroons.

took her to an art show that was 100% inappropriate. total mom fail. this was the only ok thing there and she loved it.

harmony korine video. naked girls sword fighting on bikes. again she loved it.

last stop at 101 cafe for milkshakes.....

and grilled cheese.

milkshake=no nap

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  1. OH those 5 minute coffee breaks...I love those during those during my weekdays.