Monday, June 11, 2012

just photos

Lately my blogs have mostly been filled with photos and little words. Probably best since my writing is terrible but I've just been a bit blank on what to write about and I don't want to force anything so I hope for now the photos will do.

awkward bathroom photo at church of misery show. very few girls were there so the bathroom was mine

church of misery @ satellite

first time sparring and i got a bloody nose. super wuss.

i also have shin splints. obviously cookies are the cure for this.

last class as a "bird"

olive and kylie running away from us.

sitting in the corner eating junk food.

blake and his brothers at his grandpa's celebration of life. wearing his jackets.

pointing at ducks??

blake and his fancy socks.

the mom.

sleepytime at the beach.

she slept so long with the ocean breeze. i don't blame her.

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