Tuesday, June 12, 2012

sleepless nights and too much wine

I drank half a glass of wine too many and now I'm sleepy or maybe it's because Olive was up most of the night last night. I dunno. I've heard that toddlers can have weird sleep problems as they get older. I have no idea what happened but she decided she did not want to sleep. She went down like normal and woke up an hour or so later screaming her head off. It took her forever to calm. I don't know if it was a night terror or pain or what but she refused to sleep in her bed. I don't mind her in our bed once in awhile but she didn't want to sleep there either. She kept talking and poking at us. Finally after 2am she got tylenol. I really think her feet hurt her like growing pains cause when I rubbed her feet she was really happy. Either way the kid has taken tylenol about 3 other times in her life so I didn't feel that bad. She went to bed and was up at 5:45am ready for the day.  Poor Blake got that shift and I got another hour of sleep. Hoping for a good nights sleep tonight for her. I will be happily passing out soon.

So on a total random note I've been ready the fifty shades series. I've never in my life read a book like this or even desired to do so but everyone was talking about and I was curious. Holy shit they are a good. Totally terribly written and mindless but I love it. I'm half way through book three right now and while this one is kinda whatever I'm still a big fan. It's the perfect summer reading book. You know when you read books and picture the characters in your head?? We'll lately Olive has been watching Fresh Beat Band a lot of now I'm picturing that damn redhead on the show as Ana the main character. My mom and fantasy world are coming together and I am not happy with it!

So in a week Olive will be 21months old. I still can't believe I have a kid that is almost 2. She is talking and talking more and more everyday. She definitely repeated the word "fuck" after me last night so I think now is the time to put that filter on. Ooops. I think the thing I notice most about this age is it's all monkey see monkey do so you have to be so careful cause she picks up on EVERYTHING and she doesn't forget. This can be good and bad as she is quick to learn new skills and words but also bad habits. She has been throwing her toys lately and being pretty nasty about it. Today she threw both remote controls at the dog which led her to a nice time out. She is responding well to the time outs so I'm happy with that. She gets that she is in trouble and always gives me a hug after and says sorry. She did throw her toys a few more times during the day after that but I imagine it will just take time. She is a defiant little thing so I think it will just take a bit more patience. My lazy potty training is going well. Anytime she is home she is diaper-less or has on panties and she almost always tells me when she has to go. I think I need to try a outing without a diaper but I'm a bit worried. Getting peed on is zero fun.

This week is kinda going by slow. A good friend of mine and Blakes is coming in town on friday from nyc and I'm seriously so excited to see him. We're having a little dinner party for him and some other friends over here and I cannot wait. He hasn't seen Olive since she was a year. I seriously used to hang out with him in new york more than Blake sometimes and I miss having him around. Plus this mom needs to throw back a few more glasses of wine and relax!
circus vargas

$7 glow stick sword that lasted exactly one hour.


when a toddler wants to sit they sit.

her first cotton candy. big big fan.

car washes.

slumber party.

making sure my shoes are waterproof.

silly faces.

not a portable phone.

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