Monday, September 17, 2012

hey again

Uggg I did it again, big ass blog break. I'm back at least for now and I'm about to explode some serious photos on here. In less than a week Olive will be 2. But she is really like a 13 year old teenager. I'm positive she wakes up every morning with the intention on doing the opposite of everything I say. She has a mind of her own, opinions and wants to do what she wants to do. Oh, and is she smart and sneaky. Damn I love this kid but I swear some days I think I'm just going to melt into a big pile of mom mush and just quit. I've said this before but with all of the hard days the plus side is her personality. I don't even know adults that have this much personality. I'm totally bragging about my kid but this is my blog so I'm going to. She is so damn funny. Some days I laugh so hard I don't even know how to handle it. I guess this balances it out where most of the day I want to scream my brains out cause she is driving me insane. 

Potty training is going great. She totally gets it and its been pretty easy for the most part. She has had 2 accidents in the car but no biggie at all considering how much we are on the go. At home she does it all by herself and yesterday she told me to leave the bathroom. We've hit a bit of an attitude phase. She dumps her own pee and wipes and flushes. Whatever works I guess. We still have tons of wet diapers at naps and bed so we'll tackle that down the road. 

Everyday she seems to talk more and more. She is starting to combine 3 words together and make little sentences. Well toddler sentences. Tons of new words too. The singing is my favorite. She sings one of her little gym songs over and over again "bye bye beasties" and does the hand motions but the other day she started putting in other words and she thought it was the funniest thing in the world. She makes  up songs with nonsense words too which is funny. I remember when I was maybe 4 I had one of those fisher price tape recorders and I would sit in my room and make up songs and talk in it with all these silly voices. I still have the tapes. She does the same thing. 

This kid is dress obsessed. She changes at least 5 times a day. Clothes on and off and she requests "new dress" all day. Oh the laundry we create cause of course nothing stays clean. And even if its 100 out she has to put on pants with her dress. She is getting really good at color coordinating and some of the combinations are cute, others not so much. Some days I let her wear the outfit out of the house and other days its my choice. My choice is usually a battle but I love that she actually cares what she wears. 

We have her party planned on sunday with family and I'm really excited. We got a few goodies today and I'm starting to plan everything out. It's going to be super low key but I'm excited as this year she keeps talking about being 2 and having a cake. 

just a few photos for tonight.....

bike ride.

pit stop for fuel. 

checking out the wedge. 

uncle beach chases. 

uncle tackle. 

and she has discovered barbie. we have the panties to prove it. 


beach nap.


choosing panties. she went with barbie and hello kitty. 

pants don't quite fit the same. 

the lorax is her favorite movie in the entire world right now. 

testing out dance clothes. 

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perfect activity before bed.

love this wall. and her turned over foot kinda kills me.

no makeup mom hair. 

test run for halloween costume. i'm positive she won't even put this wig on again.

snuggles with anna. 

goat friend. 

once in awhile she is sweet. little hands on mama. love it. 

train ride. 

not dan but still dan. 

picnic lunch. also she hated the icee. what kid hates an icee???

no nap. skipping naps was kinda a thing last week. not cool not cool at all. 

first day of ballet. 

her choice. 

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  1. You can tell from the pictures she has such a huge personality! How did she like dance class?