Tuesday, September 4, 2012

pee day 2

I love starting the week on a tuesday. I know I don't have a normal job but for some reason I feel so much more motivated. We had a good day and didn't really do a whole lot of anything exciting. We are on day 2 with no diapers (except for nap and bed) and it is going really well. Yesterday was pretty easy as we were at the beach for a few hours. She did have to go there but I dug her a hole. I know kinda gross but what else are you supposed to do? The beach we go to doesn't have bathrooms and you can't tell a 2 year old to hold it. Also to be honest I don't care if she pees on the beach at this point. She is in and out of the water and sand that I can't even tell if she actually goes. Today we took a stroller ride to target and she did so good. She told me she had to go in target so I ran across the store like a crazy person only for her to tell me no. Errr and public bathrooms are sooooooo gross cause she wanted to touch everything. We made it home and the rest of the day was great. She had one little accident when we were in the car to run some errands but it was no biggie. I think I need to start bringing the little potty with me. Is that what people do?
So we signed up for a dance/gym class and today. It's at the same place we've been going for gym but instead of all gym half the class will be different dancing. We got ballet shoes and adorable outfits cause obviously that will make her dance better. She was soooo excited in the dance store. I can't believe I have such a girly girl.

this is how i shop at target. 

snack chair. 

beach bums. 

olive and kylie. they are pretty  much the same person. super funny personalities and WILD! 

super into being "nakie"

olive and sonia sharing yogurt. gross. 

surfing with gabriel and max. 

tow in. 

the moms and babes.



my loaf of bread. 

orange street fair. 

balloon and uncle evan. 

keeping it classy.  

loves the corn. 

bridal shower for alanna. the brunettes! 

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  1. I didn't ever bring the potty with me. The boys generally never would poop in public and held it for at home. I'd just let them pee on the tire, or into the grass on the side of the road if it was so bad they could't hold. Now with little girl, she's learned to squat, so that's was she does.