Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm in full panic meltdown mode. I went to pump the other day and nothing came out except a few drops. I figured maybe it was just a bad time so I tried again a bit later and the same thing. NOTHING! So this whole weekend I pretty much spent freaking out that I was starving my baby. I blamed my pump but after a phone call to Medela today all seems to be working. So its me. Otto is super plump, poops and pees like a champ so I have so idea what is going on. I read over and over that this can happen but I just checked the freezer and I have over 9oz of milk from a single pump in the beginning of this month. It's not making sense. I tend to go into full hypochondriac mode with stuff but I feel like since I'm the only source of food keeping my child alive I can panic. I made an appointment with a lactation consultant tomorrow so I can get a before and after weight so at least I know what is going on.  Trying not to freak out and trust my body but in my crazy head I'm freaking out. Thanks boobs.....

Look at my chunky baby!!!!

photo by olive. 

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