Monday, October 14, 2013

party hangover

I'm in major party hangover right now and I'm enjoying the last few minutes that the kids are sleeping and picking at some leftover cake. Olive's party was awesome and I'm so excited to post photos later this week. Blake took care of all the photography as I was only able to get a few on my phone. Trying to purge my house of party and get back to normal aka no cake for breakfast. Till then I'm posting some old photos.......

Wind tunnel. 

Dino bones. 

The chickens have pretty much taken over the backyard. 

Dinner for two. 

Dinner is ALWAYS super relaxing. 

Windy day. 

Olive's choice. 

Donuts with Barbie. 

Date night means loud bands. We're so romantic. 

Apple picking. 

Olive and Sonia have all the sass.

I've been shooting her everyday she goes to school (with a real camera) some days I shoot with my phone if I'm feeling it. 

These lead to some delicious apple crumble. 

Pre bedtime sillies. 

Handsome dudes with milk bellies. 

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We had one rainy cold day so we got Ramen and it was lovely. 

Followed by hot chocolate with peeps.

Then a little splashing in the rain. 

4 months. 

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  1. Our dates are the same. Olive and Otto are so amazing! I want to squeeze Otto