Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Natime post

I'm not quite sure what is in the air but both kids are down for naps. Olive had an hour of quiet time in her room then begged me to come out. I had just gotten done putting Otto down and with no fight left in me I said fine and let her sit on the ipad an watch Sofia. I had some thank you notes to write so I figured she would happily do her own thing. It got really quiet and when I walked out she was passed out in the middle of the room. Otto woke up after an hour of his nap and I was able to nurse him back down. Then as I walked out Olive woke up and then when I lay down with her she passed back out. Weird weird day and so unlike my kids. Otto got shots today so I'm sure he is wiped and Olive had school so lets blame it on that. Oh and its 90 degrees in the middle of november. The weather is doing some wacky stuff which has caused me a major migraine today. Feels good catching on and finally not being behind on posting photos here.

Pretending its fall. Potato, kale, and leek soup (with bacon on top) 

no couch=stage

Since removing the couch Sierra has gone in a deep depression. It was her favorite spot. She followed me around all day yesterday. 

Even when I was putting Otto to sleep. 

Funny pup. 

Our rope swing broke yesterday and she was on it. Hands down one of the scariest things that has happened to her. She was centimeters away from landing on the curb (she happened to do a face plant on the grass) It could have been really really bad. Time to get some tough climbing rope and try again. 

She wanted to wear these sock and shoes. Amazing. 

Eating fast food while I lay down from a massive migraine. Sometimes you do what you have to do. 

Otto has developed this weird habit of scratching at me when he nurses. Ouch! 

After she told me she didn't want to nap. She has been out for 2 hours. 

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