Tuesday, November 5, 2013

roadtrip and rashes

I've started a handful of posts in the last few weeks but haven't actually had time (mostly energy) to finish them.  Considering the lack of sleep I've had the last few days I'm actually not super tired or maybe I'm just adjusting to living on a few hours of sleep. We escaped out of town this weekend and it was kinda a bust. The adventure and being with the family and a few friends was awesome but traveling with two kids was quite the nightmare. We started on thursday up at my parents for Halloween. They have an annual block party and this year was pretty fun as some of the older kids were there which was kinda full circle as we all used to hang as kids. We did a few laps around the block trick or treating and Olive loved it. The neighborhood was totally empty. Such a difference from when I was a kid and the streets were just covered in kids and it was just madness. She scored on candy as people were literally giving her handfuls since it was so empty out. She has eaten exactly 2 pieces of the candy and me, well I've eaten the rest. 

So we had big plans to leave early friday am and head up to Santa Barbara for the day. Our final stop for the weekend was in San Luis Obispo so we figured we would head up slowly. Olive was complaining all morning of her lady parts hurting so I thought we should get it checked out at the urgent care since it had been an on and off complaint all week. Hours later we headed up there.  We made it to the zoo, missed the giraffe feeding which was probably 99% of why we were going there. Serious fail but we did have a good time at the zoo regardless. We had plans to stay up in Santa Maria for the night so we headed there. We ended up stopping at one of the most awesome places to eat, Flatbread of Life. Seriously horrible name but they have a woodfire oven and make the most delicious pizza ever. I feel like the first night was just a blur. We were up super early to head up to SLO for Blake's bike race. We had another good meal and headed to the races. The park they were racing out was beautiful and it was all fall like out. There was even a playground smack in the middle of the course where Olive pretty much spent all of the day in. I had a few friends there and they don't have kids so they have LOTS of energy to help me entertain mine. We drank cider, ate yummy snacks and the day was looking pretty good. BUT then Otto started breaking out in this rash on his face and things just kinda went to shit mostly because I was a paranoid mess thinking I ate something and he was having a allergy to it through my milk. Thank goodness my friends were there and calmed me and were crazy helpful with everything especially helping with Olive.  I contemplated taking him to urgent care but just wasn't sure what to do as he was eating and didn't seem all that fussy over it. We ended up going to dinner with all of our friends then wandering around downtown SLO for the night. It was so nice but I just couldn't relax wondering what was wrong with Otto. The next morning we got out of there pretty quickly and I ended up taking Otto to the urgent care. They said he has fifths disease or slapped cheek. I was super relieved but still its pretty gross. He's been sleeping like shit lately and I don't know if it's connected to him being kinda out of sorts or what? He's totally fine during the day and besides some red skin he is acting totally normal. I assume he got it from Olive but she never had the red face or rash so I have no idea. I mean we are always on the go so who knows where it came from. As long as it runs its course and gets the hell out soon I will be happy. 

Today we did Disneyland with a few friends. I was a little nervous with both kids but it was actually pretty easy. Easy as in I pulled it off and had fun. Disneyland is exhausting no matter how good the kids are. Standing, waiting, heat, its a lot. Having passes, going with the flow, and not putting any pressure on doing too much are really the key. Olive had her moments of whining and being a little jerk but she did pretty good.  Seriously when does the whining phase end?? Shit is driving me bananas! Besides the moments of whining she had a blast and I loved having my friends there even if its nearly impossible to have a bit of a conversation without having to wrangle a kid. After everyone went home and I decided to stay a little bit more. I'm the queen of pushing it but honestly it was awesome. I almost gave Olive away at one point but besides that she was super good. Sometimes when she doesn't have her friends around and its just us she is so much better. This isn't always the case but today she did good. We waited in line to see the princesses and went on two other rides before it was time to head out. I probably would have just stayed till closing but I ran out of diapers for Otto. Bad bad mom. We ended on a good note so thats the important part and really there is always next week. 

I still have a ton of older photos to post but here are Halloween through today. 

Uncle Jared + Otto. 

Grandma + kiddos. 

Pirate Princess + Pirate. 

Look at that stash! 

Lunch date. 

This is when I first started noticing a rash but didn't think anything of it as he is always stabbing himself in his face with his nails and making red scratches. 


He's starting to sit for much longer now. Still not totally sure about it. 

Chillin' in a dinosaur egg. 

Sliding down the weird fake grass on cardboard. Hippie shit. 


Those chins....

Otto the beer thief. 

Probably my most favorite photo ever. I wish I knew he was going to do this so I would have gotten a closer photo. 

Gimme that beard! 

Sorry if this grosses anyone out but I think how the rash progressed is interesting. This was the drive home where I just noticed it spread to the rest of the body. 

Drinking coffee and enjoying the view. For a few moments it felt so nice. Then the kids started crying.....

This was the night after we got home and after we went to urgent care.  Crazy bad. 

Not thrilled. 

Putting on a light show and Otto is just cracking up. 

Casey jr. 

Jungle Cruise. 

Otto was not amused by the rocket ships. 

I am obsessed with photos of characters eating Olive's head. 

And today (probably from all the sun) the "slap" look really showed up. 

Probably the only time I can win since Blake always kicks my ass. 

All the babes. 

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