Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bed post

Well hello! I haven't had access to a computer much this last month so I've taken a little break. Blake has been shooting some extra projects after work so the computer has been tied up in important business! Santa bring me a laptop!!! So I'm attempting to blog from the phone. I mean my grammar can't get any worse at this point so why not? I'm also waiting for Otto to wake. While he isn't on a super set schedule 99% of the time he has a wake up between 10-11 which means he usually wakes up right as I drift off to sleep. So when I can I just wait up and hang in bed. He is getting over a cold so I'm hoping he will get back into a better routine since that is on it's way out. The last few weeks were a bit rough. Olive has slipped back into her 5am wakeups. I remember how much time I spent trying to figure out why when honestly it's just who she is. It's been crappy and being tired is an understatement but it's who she is. Unfortunately Otto has no choice as to wake up too as she is super loud. Working on a way for her to stay quiet and be up. Some mornings she does great and others not so much. 

Sleepless nights aside things are ok. I feel like were in the crazy holiday life doesn't feel like reality mode. Every week and weekend  there is something going on and it feels busy. I had my birthday yesterday. 34 gross. It was a pretty uneventful as olive had school which she was nice and late for because I left my set of keys in the car and Blake had the other set at work. Stupid mistake. So we waited for aaa while olive had the worlds nastiest bloody nose. Happy birthday to me! Oh did I mention Blake left the house for work without saying happy birthday to me? Ya he won't be living this one down. I realize he didn't forget my birthday as we had a nice day on Sunday celebrating but he didn't acknowledge it which is so unlike him. Pretty much set my emo tone for the day. I'm actually not a huge birthday person, I don't need much but I think now that I get older those moments of someone thinking about you or doing something nice feel more special. I still want a cake....
Today started out awesome. We went to the discovery zone for a few hours. When we came home shit was just hectic. Olive refused to nap which is pretty normal so I allowed her quiet time. Normally this goes well but today she decided that she would slam her door over and over while I was trying to put Otto back to sleep. It was 100% on purpose. So poor Otto got a 20 min nap as he was not sleeping with a slamming door. I asked her to stay in her room which was a total joke. Kid went ape shit.  So I used a child's lock and she busted that off a few times. She got so mad that she ripped the handle off the door. It was hands down the worst temper tantrum ever. She was just raging. After a good 45 min she said she was tired and passed out on cough. Unreal. After her nap she was pretty pissed off too. Every little thing sets her off and as soon as I think she can't possibly be more pissed off she will break into a song or do something cute to Otto. I'm dealing with it as it comes. For now the only punishment that works it taking away her princess dresses. Timeouts, spankings, and yelling doesn't even phase her. I'm not sure what will work next week but with a kid like her it's all about taking it day by day. I've thought about reading books or taking to other parents but as I get more into this mom thing I just find every kid is so different and advice and books are so general or specific to the kids they wrote it about so I'm hoping my common mom sense is enough and I will do whatever is the right thing for her. That or I'm going to go really grey trying! 

I'm hoping next week I will get back to blogging a few times a week. I feel like I have a list of rants and ideas and about a million photos. 

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  1. have you tried an "ok to wake" clock with Olive? we just got one & it's working miracles! we're up to 7:15 & every week or so we move it up 5 more minutes.....it's saved me.