Friday, May 4, 2012

i believe in ghosts

So apparently my house is haunted. This morning I woke up and heard Olive calling out for me so  I clicked on the monitor and saw her standing. I rolled over and shut my eyes for a few minutes in hopes that my mom would hear her and get her. She has been amazing about getting her and letting me stay in bed for a little bit longer. So it was silent and I assumed my mom got her so I rolled over to go back to sleep and then I hear Olive calling my name again which I thought was weird cause usually when my mom gets her she jumps around and laughs. So I click on the monitor and it's totally bright in the room and it's in color (you can only see color in daylight so the blinds have to be open) so I figured she is in there just opening up the blinds. Again I lay back down and a few minutes later I hear her calling me again so I click on the monitor and it's dark in there and she is still standing. So I get up and go in there and grab her and bring her out to the living room where my mom is just getting up. I ask her if she went in there and she said no. So someone opened the blinds. My mom thought I was nuts and said it was just the light coming in and out but I think it was a ghost. I guess this ghost wants me up early.

Anyways more photos then I promise to get back to real blogging and updates.

sad face.

bouncing cousins.

dads and babes.

I have an amazing vintage scarf collection but I need to learn how to wear them so it doesn't feel like my 15 year old hardcore days where I wore bandannas.

Olive and Bailey.

My mom and I took Olive to Rainforest cafe. She was not a fan. The animals are crazy scary and loud and the food is gross. I think Olive is going to share my fear for chain restaurants and mediocre food.

but they have a photobooth so that kinda rules.

so all this muay thai talk and this is what i do. ok not all the time, it's mostly training but here I am "sparing" with my instructor.

shakes and silly faces from grandma.

organizing sugar.

getting my hair did and my big ugly knee bumps from soccer.

a quick happy hour/taco dinner with Tamar.

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