Monday, May 21, 2012

pools, beaches, booze, food, and sun on repeat

I don't know how I used to keep this thing updated all the time but I've been failing big time. The last few weeks have been busy and most nights it's a miracle if I get on the computer to check my email. The last two weeks were like one big vacation that kinda never ended. One of my best friends got married so on thursday I headed out to Palm Springs with my parents and Olive to get the most time with Ashley and the rest of the girls. Blake met us out there on friday for the rehearsal dinner. Most of the nights were filled with way too much food and drinking and then some more drinking. The day of the wedding was actually really quiet. We all got our hair and makeup done and tried to get Ashley to pep up. She was so tired from not sleeping the night before and I think a bit nervous. The night of the wedding was pretty amazing and it all turned out beyond perfect. Everything was beautiful and screamed Ashley and Steve. We had a ton of fun and Olive was a total party animal. She was so good during dinner and downed most of my lobster mac and cheese like a champ. She ran around on the grass and seemed to have the best time. She stayed with my parents at another hotel so I could make sure I was with Ashley and crew the whole time which was pretty nice of them. Sunday was mothers day so we got a late check out and hung out by the pool before heading back. It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.
The next day my friends Marisa and Jack who are from new york spent the day and night at our house so we hung out in the backyard and made a yummy bbq. The next day we hung out by their friends pool and swam for hours. Olive is pretty much swimming now or at least she can if she wants to. We mostly sat in the spa and she would dive down to the bottom of the spa and grab a toy and bring it up. It was kinda nutty. The kid loves water. Every single day she asks me to swim. I think we need a pool......
The rest of the week was beach and other activities to keep us busy. I wish I knew how to slow down but I just can't. I've always been go go go and I guess I'm lucky I have a kid that is the same way. This last weekend was pretty non stop as well. On friday we had plans to meet back up with Marisa and Jack and a few other friends for drinks. Blake and I got there early and had an unexpected dinner date which was pretty lovely. We ate at this most amazing place in Venice called Gjelina. It's been years since I've been to Venice and the whole place is like Williamsburg or some other cute place in Brooklyn. Last time I was there you wouldn't be caught dead over there at night unless you are into rape and murder. Damn things change. We met up with some friends at this crazy hotel that has a rooftop over looking the ocean. Too many fancy drinks that go down way too easy. We ended the night at my cousins  brand new bar and ate grilled cheese and a few more drinks till my eyes felt like they were gonna fall out of my head from being so tired. It was for sure the latest night I've stayed out in a long time. Luckily we were staying at my parents and Blake promised my mom a carwash if she would get up with Olive nice and early. Although I'm pretty sure she would get up anyways those few extra hours were much needed. How the hell did I ever party back in the days??? We lazied around in the morning and then my mom and I went over to my friend Kat's house to help her get ready for her little ones 1st birthday party. The party was super fun. They had a bounce house which is kinda mandatory in the birthday party world I'm noticing. It kept the kids pretty well entertained for most of the day. I have a ton of cute photos but we'll see how long it takes to get them off my phone. On sunday we actually stayed home. Blake had a ton of retouching work to take care of so Olive and I went to the nursery to get some new plants. We pretty much hung in the backyard all day gardening and playing with water. Blake ended up taking a break from work and completely thinned out our backyard which was years overdue. It was and it a total mess. He hasn't had time to bag up all of it so it looks like a hurricane just blasted through. Yikes.

I have two photo jobs this week and I'm a little bit anxious and stressed as I always get this way with work but I'm so happy to be making a little bit of money and getting out there being creative.

I have tons of photos and actual Olive updates to work on this week. My little girl will be 20 months in a few days and the whole getting closer to 2 is totally freaking me out.

*the order is all wacky and i'm wayyyyy too tired to fix it. 

walking around the block before heading to palm springs.

i was excited and olive was not.

olive showing off her drawing skills to ashley and steve.

olive laying in the middle of the parker lobby to play with tamars phone.

testing out the bed.

rob, tamar, and steve drinking the tastiest most expensive lemonade drink.

puffy faces with tamar.

oh the trouble the three of used to get into........

chillin poolside at the parker.

breakfast with blake.

gettin our hair did.

a few of the bridesmaid dresses (and ashley's)

the bride.

post wedding swim outfit.

jack and marisa-breakfast at the ace


poolside on mother's day.

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breakfast at the ace.

jack and marisa.

olive was obsessed with jack. it was adorable.

lime picker.

olive ran down the beach and i asked max to get her. older kids are kinda awesome.

olive and kylie.

watching the boys.

olive, max, and chalie.

poor sierra.

more to come, many more........

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  1. I swear I come home from college and Olive is a giant (in a good way) .Congrats on the Photo shoots