Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Olive has decided to call herself onion. She can't quite say Olive so it's onion which is adorable. The last few days have been crazy and words are just flying out of her mouth. She just keeps adding more and more words everyday.
I'm recovering from the long weekend. I kinda never got my shit together today and was just a lazy lump. It made the day kinda long and bla but I guess those days are to be expected. The weekend was a ton of fun and we had so much family time and then ended the weekend with a bunch of friends. Olive was on her wildest behavior this weekend, like full blown crazy kid mode. She is so much fun but holy shit you just kinda wish you could push pause for like 5 min to just breathe.

cleaning while watching gabba.


costco shopping carts are the size of small houses.

uncle evan as a baby and olive. genes are wild.

carb loading before petting zoo.

seriously come to dinner with us, we're fun.


babies and puppies.

hummus bowl licker.

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