Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It will probably be a while till I post again as we are pretty busy this whole week and weekend and I'm hoping we will do something fun for labor day. The weather hasn't cooled down so I'm guessing there will some beach days this week. So I think we are almost half way there with potty training meaning I am ready to try having her go diaper-less outside the house. She has been so good this whole week with pee and poop when we are home so I think it's time to try and try it outside the house. I'm a little nervous but I guess worst case she pees and we change clothes right?

Her vocabulary seems to get better everyday and she adds more and more words all the time. It's so fun to be able to talk with her and have her tell me things. Thanks to my mom showing her the game of memory its her new favorite thing ever. We sit on the ground and I line up about 12 cards and she matches them. It's kinda the cutest thing ever. She is over coloring for now but really into playdough but everything is in very short amounts of time. Toddler patience is in the negatives or at least my toddlers is.  My friend told me that her daughter will only color for 20 min then moves on. I almost peed myself, Olive has never done anything for 20 min except sleep. Besides the matching game she spends a lot of time cleaning. I know it sounds crazy but she asks me for the sponge and then she goes in the backyard and wipes down all her cars and slide. Sometimes my windows which is not that awesome but she loves it. Weird right? We've also been spending a lot of time playing dress up. She is so shoe obsessed. My mom got her a bunch of those plastic dress up shoes and she almost lost it she was saw them. She has become so girly and wants to change her clothes like a million times a day. That or be nakey as she calls it. We keep pretty busy these days, that's for sure.

So a few of my friends have asked me if I know what I'm getting Olive for her birthday. Honestly I hadn't even thought too much about it. She is so spoiled having two sets of grandparents that buy her everything that she really doesn't need anything. Like I said before playing with a sponge is one of her favorite things ever and I feel like my house is filling up with so much shit which most of she could care less about.  BUT my friend did suggest something like this and I think she would love it. She has a tricycle but sadly her little legs don't quite reach the pedals. I'm all about having bikes and things to keep her active and I think she might be able to figure this out. Maybe??


Also I think I want to take her to see Fresh Beat Band live. At first the idea of it made me die a little inside but she really loves the show and is OBSESSED with Kiki. Tickets are stupid expensive which makes me really appreciate my parents for taking me to all my silly concerts like New Kids on the Block and Debbie Gibson. Just wonder if she would sit through this like she did the rodeo?


Super sleepy so time for photos.......

sadly mornings look like this lately. 

morning bike ride and play-dough jewelry. 


car reading. 

hanging with uncle cameron. 

cleaning her wagon. 

while olive naps we eat cupcakes. 

fresh beat dance party. 

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