Sunday, October 7, 2012

more weddings and birthing babble

Remember that one time I blogged about how I wanted to go see Ricki Lake on her new show if she was talking about birthing or something awesome like that?? Um ya missed that BUT I got to see it on tv so that sorta counts. Seriously the day after I blogged about it I turned on the tv and saw a commercial for a whole show about the Business of Being Born. The show was amazing and inspiring and made me so excited. She had on midwifes, dr's, and doulas, and I was just so excited that maybe a few future moms saw that show and realized there are other options when it comes to birthing if that is what they want. I even started watching More Business of Being Born which got me even more pumped up. I've only watched the first part but they visit The Farm where Ina May Gaskin works and it was the coolest shit ever. If you know me in real life or I guess even through the blog you know I'm not uber crunchy or even close to being a hippy but something about this place makes me excited and everything they were saying just rang so true. I could go on a crazy long tangent but I know I've gone there before. I posted something on facebook about the Business of Being Born being life changing and  I got a few comments from this girl I know about how that movie almost killed her and her baby cause she felt like it pressured her into having a natural birth with no interventions and that if she didn't there wouldn't be a bond with her baby. I did my best to try and explain that the movie wasn't supposed to make anyone feel guilty or pressured but was just giving people a little insight on the world of natural birthing. Any normal person using common sense knows that no matter how that baby comes out you are going to bond with it. I mean just cause you get a c-section or have every drug pumped into you isn't going to change that. I mean come on. The idea from the movie at least from what I got was that if you want to have a natural birth then it's perfectly safe and normal. It showed women that there are options if they want them. Maybe it was more on the extreme side but it was their documentary, it wasn't meant to show all sides but their side. I dunno people are funny sometimes.

The last 2 weeks we've been pretty non stop. We went up to San Luis Obisbo for Rob and Tamar's wedding and have been pretty non stop since then. I think gas prices might be slowing us down for awhile. At almost $5 a gallon I think we're going to keep it local as much as we can. Seriously how did it get so high??? We have a wedding to attend tonight and trying to get some energy to get all prettied up.

As usually too many photos and in weird random order........

playing dress up while helping me clean out my closet. 


kylie and olive pumpkin searching. 

sharing fries with amelie. 

hay ride. 

fallish things....

the beach in fall is the best. 

cameron went fishing and got a ridiculous amount of fish. 

ashley got to experience breakfast out with olive. 

its the cutest sad face i've ever seen. 

my attempt of getting them together for a photo. 

in the car and bored. 

good coffee and good treats. 

the madonna inn!!!!!

pre wedding drinks the night before the wedding. 

i was kinda obsessed with our room. 

tamar the bride. 

limo ride the venue and champagne at noon. not bad not bad at all. 

blake and steve. 

inside of the barn. the photo doesn't do it justice but it was unreal! 

bathroom photos. 

jennie and ashley at the after wedding party. 

after wedding party with the bride. 

it got wild......

they were thrilled to watch us dance. can't you tell?

perfect moves and perfect backdrop. damn the madonna inn is cool! 

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  1. I still haven't seen her new show. I want to find the one you are talking about!