Saturday, October 27, 2012


Olive and I got the sick AGAIN and I'm not too pleased about it. This sick is lingering and being a bit of a jerk. Luckily it hit Olive after our big day at Disneyland so she was in a good mood and snot free. We got the whole family (well most of us) together to celebrate Olive's first trip to Disneyland. It was such an amazing time and she loved every second of it. You know how people say having a kid you get to see everything thing through their eyes?? I don't always get all mushy gushy like this but this was just the most incredible thing in the world to watch her on the rides and get excited to see Mickey and Minnie. Oh and don't even get me started with the Princesses. I would say Dumbo was her favorite ride   and meeting three of the princesses was probably the highlight of her life. She gave them hugs and kisses and talked to them about nails and shoes. It was beyond girly but adorable. She loved the parade so much. I can't remember the last time I actually watched the parade but it was actually so much fun. I've been to Disneyland probably 1000 times in my life, no joke. Growing up we used to go every superbowl sunday and as I got older I had a good friend whose Dad worked for Disney so we would go all the time. Then when I met Blake we got season passes and spent a ridiculous amount of time there. But I'm telling you this time was different, I saw Disney in a totally different way. It was magical and special not just a place with fun rides and good churros. My mom got me a season pass for Christmas so there will be plenty of trips back there, perhaps even tomorrow.........

So after bitching and moaning about wanting to get our house in order we finally took the plunge and bought paint. A lot of paint. We have big plans people. So far after two weeks we've completed the kitchen, living room, and family room. It has been way more work than I expected but we are slowly making progress. It makes the house look 100% better and I'm excited to start the other rooms but mostly to get it done. We're only able to work after Olive goes to sleep at night which makes it a long process. My goal in life is the be rich enough to hire someone to paint for me. The only plus is Blake and I are doing it together which makes it pretty fun and it's our project (or really big mess)

I'll start here with the photos since I'm way behind.

tap class. 

dancing while we do a little shoe shopping. 

walks with the pup. 

minor threat and chi pin. 

doughnut testing for a new shop that opens up in december called sidecar doughtnut. she approves! 

so does charlie. 

quick brunch at ikea. 

these two are cousins and they are in LOVE! 

Lily is happy I promise!

they kept stopping each other for hugs and kisses all day. 

Jordan and Olive and getting deep in conversation about snacks. 

some days I just let her dress herself. 


blake started playing disc golf and olive is quite obsessed with throwing the "disc" every night when he comes home from work. 

olive's new little friend Falon. 

cause its still beach weather in october. 

uncle ross hung out with us for a bit. 

i took about 10 photos like this and she didn't change her expression. 

beach babe.

the three musketeers. 

obviously the best place to play. 

zoo day with all the ladies. 

we walked to target and I let her eat a popsicle which ultimately ended in this.

beet juice. 

ballet class. 

serious moves. 

cookies! I always replace the eggs with flax seed so she can eat the dough cause thats the best part! 

disc golf in tap shoes. 

when she woke up from her nap she had lined all her dolls up in a perfect line. 

olive and justin having a serious dance party. 

lauren brought a "vintage" camera which olive enjoyed very much. 

throwing rocks in mud. 

hay fight. 

ringing the bell to cheer on tanner and dave for their bike race. 

pumpkin patch. 


snack break. 

this place is where i had the last meal before i went into labor with olive so i claim its labor ramen. also japanese places are the most kid friendly places ever. they always have plastic utensils for the little ones which I can totally appreciate. 

my shoes. 

my shoes again. 

the pup never gets enough camera time. 

messy pumpkin painting. 

band shirts. 

every few weeks she ends up in bed with us. this morning she did not want to wake up.

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  1. I can't wait to bring Elinor to Disney when she's older! Also I love Olives outfits!