Thursday, October 11, 2012

sick house

Olive and I caught the sick and it's been a rough two days around these parts. I finally feel human again minus a sinus headache that hasn't gone away in two days. Usually one of us gets sick first and we slowly spread it throughout the house but this time we both woke up monday morning just plain sick. Staying home for two days has been nuts and the days have been looooooonnnnnggg! Monday I was useless, I felt sicker than I have in years. Olive didn't slow down and was still in her go go go mode so it was sure hard to keep up. I was hoping she would just sit through a few movies or tv shows so we could rest but that wasn't really the case. She wanted to play all day. I didn't think I could do it but somehow we managed. Today was a little better and we managed to get out the house and go on 3 separate walks around the neighborhood. She kept asking me to go to the park and I felt awful for telling her no. During the day I told her to drink water cause it would help her feel better. She finally caught on and would grab her water run up to me and tell me she was drinking water and was all better so she could go to the park. Smart kid but I'm not a germ spreader. We did make an apple pie from scratch today which was kinda awesome. Olive mostly ate the dough and apples but she was pretty excited to help. I'm hoping tomorrow we will be all better and able to join the real world and get some stuff done.
On a totally random unrelated note I'm so excited all my favorite shows are back on. Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, and Homeland. So so good! In all honesty I'm waiting for Pretty Little Liars to come back on. They are doing a Halloween special then I don't know when it will come back on after that. It is so so good. If you are looking for a mindless guilty pleasure then it's the show for you.

found photos when olive steals my phone. 

panko crusted fish caught by cameron. not pretty but so yummy. 

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