Thursday, October 11, 2012


Today we got out of the house and it was lovely. Being sick and cooped up was getting pretty annoying. Luckily we were snot and germ free so we joined Katie and Kylie and a bunch of her friends at Pretend City. It's been really fun hanging out with these girls and I feel pretty special to be asked to tag along as they are all good friends and I'm kinda this new girl. But they are just so sweet and adore Olive and we seriously have the best time. I always feel good after I hang with them which is a good sign they are good people. Pretend City is a bit overwhelming but I think the kids like and they can touch everything and its cool to just let them explore. Olive and Kylie kinda stuck together the whole time as they usually do on outings. They are pretty much the same person which is hysterical. They giggle and explore like champs together. The rest of the girls are a bit younger so they tend to stick to one area for a bit longer and not race around like Olive and Kylie. It's fun to see all the little personalities and see what kinda little people they will become.

So while we were watching the kids play someone started talking about preschool and apparently all the ladies are already on waiting lists for multiple schools. I feel so behind! I am so glad they said something cause it totally reminded me that I need to get my ass into gear and check some places out. I keep thinking preschool is far away but realistically I would probably put in Olive around 3 years old which is now less than a year away. Obviously all the good places will have waits. I had a major moment of anxiety. I'm a get shit done kinda girl so you can bet when I came home and Olive was sleeping I went on full research mode. I have one appointment set for tuesday and then 3 other emails I am waiting to hear back from. I get really anxious with this stuff like and now I will be thinking about it till I get something done. Hoping one of these four places is a good fit and has space and is affordable. Oh did I mention I totally got all teared up when I was looking at the websites. Imaging myself dropping her off and leaving her somewhere for a few hours that isn't family. Super big girl style. Geez it's just too much.

coffee cheers (steamed milk)

will hug the goats but totally unsure about the pigs. 

apple picking. 


super pink sunset. 

pre-bedtime ride. 

doughnut treat. 

Justin and Alanna's Wedding. 

Karina (and her cute bump) and Lauren. 

making s'mores on the table. 

my favorite trouble makers. 

the lovebirds. 

the sick kid taking a little outside break.

the outfit for our morning walk. 

apple picking means making a pie. the crust isn't perfect but it was yummy! 


Thanks to Lauren for turning me onto Farm Fresh to you. This came to my door  this morning and will continue every week. 

so excited it rained so she could wear her boots. 

Pretend City.

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