Monday, November 19, 2012

Growing Pains

Every two weeks or so Olive wakes up with some nasty growing pains. So lately we've been using an Arnica cream which is homeopathic and it works like a champ. After rubbing it in for a few minutes she usually passes right back out and tells me the pain is gone. When I bought it at Sprouts the women assured me it was safe for kids but I've been reading a few things and I'm not totally sure. Half the sites I read say its totally fine as long as its not ingested and others say there are all these side effects. Errrrr this stuff really works and I have no idea what to believe. Sometimes the internet is amazing and other times its just a bunch of junk that I have no idea what to believe. Anyone know anything about this stuff?

This week is flying by and I'm excited for the thanksgiving holidays but a little stressed on the go go go were about to do. Days will be busy and fun with family but this mama is sure tired. I keep dreaming of vacationing in Hawaii. Dreaming is the key word here. Like I find myself just drifting off trying to find that calm happy quiet place. I am in need of a break and I'm hoping that I can find some time over the winter holiday to have a little me time. Olive has been a bit of a handful these days really showing us all her moves and voice. She can really pull out the nasty side which is just beyond draining. Luckily its not always like that and she will always balance it out with some funny and sweet but damn that nasty is a lot of work. She is in a funny place of demanding attention. If Blake and I are having a conversation and she is being ignored she goes ape shit and act out. It's totally bratty but I have no idea how to stop it. If you yell at her she loves that cause its attention even when it isn't the good kind. Ignoring it isn't helpful as she is usually doing something destructive that she needs to know is wrong. Two is certainly a funny age.

This weekend started thanksgiving for us. We celebrated with some friends down in san diego and ate ridiculous amounts of food. There were 15 kids there, it was super fun exciting chaos. We deep fried a turkey, had tri tip, a billion side dishes, and desserts. Seriously so much good food. The following day we did it all over again with Blake's family. My stomach hates me. We have two more thanksgivings to go before its all over. Yummy!

she told me she was thinking. 


my good from farm fresh to you. 

train rides. 

the ladies. 

snack eating in the grossest place possible. 

we rode the swan bench on the carousel.

dance party. 

carb loading. 

poor baby zoey getting attacked by toddler kisses. 



sonia and olive look like swedish pop stars. 

our parties have changed just a bit. kid overload. 

deep fried turkey. 

breakfast with jason. 

winter at the beach. 


thanksgiving round 2. 

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