Thursday, November 1, 2012

disneyland photos

Finally photos from Disneyland. We've already been back a second time and spent some time at California Adventures. It was a little too hot and Olive was hitting that nap time funk so we didn't stay long but it was really fun. I can't wait till we actually get some cold weather and we can go an wander around. Waiting in lines when its 90 out in the middle of October is just stupid.

Halloween was last night and Olive had the best time ever. We went with another couple and their little one who is a bit younger than Olive. They totally got the hang of it after a few houses and we're pretty pumped. I think we only made it about 3 blocks but it was plenty! I totally felt like a mom last night watching her walk up to the door and saying trick or treat. It was kinda surreal. Today was a good recovery day and if she could sit and watch a movie for more than 10 min I would have done that all day. I was super lazy but lazy and Olive just don't go together so we spent a few hours roaming around The OC Mart mix. We drank hot chocolate and doughnuts and did a little shopping. They have a little pop up shop and the one there now is this artist Meagan Segal and her work is amazing! I ended up buying two prints and I totally would have bought more if I had more than 2 minutes to look. Super cute stuff and totally affordable. I love supporting local artists and I adore her style. We had some sushi and Olive passed out in the car. Not a bad day.

Eventually I will get to the Halloween photos but for now here are a few catch up photos.......

what she wanted to bring with her. 

taking it all in. 



dumbo moving. 

waiting patiently in line. 

we ran into cousin dane. olive adores him and what you can't see is her rubbing his back. 

grandma swing.

happiest day ever. 

talking shoes. 

she has a shoe obsession. 

frozen banana. 


more shoe talk.


minnie's house

watching the parade from bob's shoulder while spilling pretzel in his hair. 

shoes in the ice cream shop. 

a must at disney. 

what she wore to target.


doughnuts and a sticker on her head. 

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  1. She is so adorable! The looks she is giving the princesses!