Tuesday, November 13, 2012


*Prior to the election I talked to Olive about voting and explained who I was voting for and what we do when we get to the voting placce and so on so now when I ask her who she voted for she screams Oooooooooomama.

Oh November how are you almost half way over?? I feel like the days are flying by and it's almost the holidays. The weather has been ridiculous and by that I mean hot as shit. We got 2 days of fall and now it's back in the high 80's. I hate it. The fall/winter is my most favorite time of the year but this year I think it's just going to skip us. Whatever, I'm still turning on Christmas music as soon as Thanksgiving is over. While I don't really get into many holidays I love Christmas. I love having a tree and decorating it.  The house not so much, clutter drives me insane. Christmas music and hot chocolate and all things holiday make me happy. So ya weather lets do this.

The house is still a mess but we are getting there. Blake has been a painting machine and we are pretty much half way done with the house. I say two more weeks and it will be all complete. Then we have to hang everything on the walls which should be really fun. I got some new pieces and we're going to move things around. It already feels so much better in here and its getting to be a home. There will always be more to do but for now this is a pretty big step and I'm pleased we're getting there. Once we win the lotto we can replace some shit furniture but in time, in time.

Olive has been keeping the days pretty exciting. She has for sure started to show some nasty signs of being two along with some amazing super sweet sides. Like everything it's in phases and I know that I need to take each day at a time. Right now were in a throwing phase and it can get pretty nasty. Sometimes she just gets so wild that she can't slow down and stop herself. It's not anger as much as it's excitement but it's just about trying to teach her to focus it in a little different way. I'm pretty sure at 2 that isn't going to happen. Some days she doesn't listen to one thing I say and we are literally battling each other all day. Other days she is sweet and wants to cuddle and hold my hand. She will clean up her toys and be gentle with other kids. The best part right now is her talking. She can pretty much hold a conversation. Actually she never really stops talking just like a little libra should. She is starting to use words that connect sentences not just stating things. Um clearly I don't know the technical term for that. Conjunctions? Her vocabulary is getting good and its amazing to watch.

I have about a month of photos to load on here so here we go........

this is what she wanted to bring/wear to disneyland. 


she has a recent obsession with wearing flippers at swim. 

new dj lance rock shoes. 

froggs bounce house-this place was crazy! 

halloween day with charlie and max. 

sugar crumb cookie from lalalopsy tuned a little bit anime. 

halloween kisses with amelie. 


the doll and biker babe. 

so candy wasted. 

she insisted on wearing her apple legwarmers. sometimes i think she knows more about clothes than me. 

hot chocolate and doughnuts. 

she kept posing in front of everything and saying "take my picture." 

i've created a monster. 

lunch with pa and gramma. 

pickles with olive. 

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the ladies. 

4 generations. olive got my grandmas super pale skin!

olive and quinn. 


it got hot. 


popsicle weather. 


november beach days. 

gabriel does not appreciate the hugs but olive thinks its hysterical to give them. 

i don't do the tea cups. major barf. 

the rockets aren't much better. these kids sure like the barf rides. also these rides never made me sick as a kid. what gives??

view from the getty. 

hazel and olive meet for the first time. instant bffs. also this was the general area where blake and i got engaged. 

hill rolling with tamar. love my friends with no kids that have ridiculous  amounts of energy! 

experiencing the gardens. 

popcorn and movies. aka 15 min and then she ran wild. 

milk shake chugs. 

hangs with dave and lauren.

morning bike ride for doughnuts. 

when cleaning out my desk i found this. a friend from school shot it when sierra was just a pup and i had weird scene hair. probably 2004 ish. 

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