Friday, November 30, 2012


This week has been filled with lots of rainy days and I just love it. It's a nice break and I know that next week will go back to the 70's so I'm trying to soak in as much rainboot wearing as possible. The holidays are coming up which means lots of busy weekends and too many carbs to even think about. I just can't wait to get my tree up. Blake was kinda a meanie and told me we had to wait till December to do it. Aka he was lazy. Whatever my tree is going up this weekend no matter what and I can't wait. I think Olive will enjoy putting the ornaments on this year. She gets really excited when she sees Christmas stuff but I'm not sure she totally gets what happens. Today we attempted to make a gingerbread house which was a load of shit. Ummmm why is it so hard to construct?? I finally got the thing together after waiting over three hours for it to dry and when I had Olive sit down at the table to decorate it the whole thing crashed down. Total fail. Olive didn't mind and we decorated the walls and she mostly picked at all the candy and licked the frosting so it wasn't a total loss but still it was so annoying! We had a fun little craft day with a friend this week and made a countdown chain to Christmas. She has been pretty good about taking off a chain each day and it gives me a good idea of what kinda shopping days I have to work with too so its a win win.

The highlight of the month was definitely going to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live. I thought she was going to go nuts and dance around but she sat through the entire show totally wide eyed and wouldn't do a thing. I sang and danced and tried to get her to do the same and she would pull her arms away and tell me no like a full embarrassed teenager. I think actually seeing the gabba characters singing all her favorite songs live and on stage was totally overwhelming. If DJ Lance would leave the stage she would always ask where he was or if he was coming back but otherwise that was all we got out of her. If you looked around the audience there was mostly the same blank looks on the kids faces. Of course there were a bunch of kids dancing their asses off but a lot of what the hell is going on blank faces. After the show we got to meet all the characters and even had a special little one on one with DJ Lance thanks to #1 Uncle Evan. I think that was the highlight of the night for sure. She was so excited to meet everyone and give them hugs. Especially Lance as he is her favorite right now for sure! She hasn't stopped talking about the show so I know she had the best time ever.

A quick visit to the Bowers Museum. 


First Movie. Wreck it Ralph 3-D. A large icee led to 4 bathroom breaks and 1 straw replacement.  She did ok, not exactly rushing out to see another movie anytime soon but maybe in another few months. 

Olive took this photo of me. 

Dumbo, Disneyland. 

late dinner and a super sleepy kid. 

fresh squeezed oj. 

kissing cousins. 


ice cream. 


making a mess for sierra to clean up. 

playing house with gg. 

jacuzzi time. 

the only uncle that has hot pink toe nails. i think i may be to blame as i pretty much made him my doll when i was a kid. oops. 



her new favorite thing is to skateboard. 

gabba show. 



they spun around. 

kylie is keeping her well fueled to meet her gabba friends. 

kinda amazing. 

after the show we got sushi and this one crashed. 

blake started racing bikes so we cheered him on. 

baby forest is 3 months old and almost as big as olive.


eating seaweed and watching little mermaid. 

christmas countdown. 

hot chocolate. 

we're  having a bit of a growth spurt around here. a nap after her nap and eating sooooo much. 

bounce house. 

the ladies.


baby wearing and dressed like a fancy lady. 

found in my camera roll. 

we're watching millie for the week. she wasn't mad at this. 

puddle jumping. 

it's rare we get to wear these bad boys around here. 



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  2. You guys do so many cool things! I love the pic o her on the skateboard. So sweet