Monday, April 15, 2013

butts and elbows

I think the mention of not nesting actually kicked my lazy ass into motion. I feel like I've accomplished a whole hell of a lot over this last week. I finally just went in the babies room and made piles and piles of laundry. Since all of Olive's old clothes have been in bins I figured everything needed a fresh wash, that and the new stuff I got. Done and done! Blake had today off so I REALLY put him to work. We've had this ikea bookshelf sitting in the garage storing all our junk so we decided we would hack it and turn it into a shelf/bench for the little guys room. As ghetto as it is Ikea hacks are kinda amazing. I like the idea of not having to buy anything and only spending a tiny bit of money on paint. Super score. I got the brightest yellow paint I could find and I think it's going to look pretty awesome. I need to get some fabric and make a cushion for it but one thing at a time. I also finally bought paint for the master bedroom. It was the only room not painted in the house when we did our big paint and considering this baby is weeks away I felt a bit of pressure. So lets hope at the end of this week all my painting tasks are done.

We should also hopefully have our baby chickens at the end of this week. We tried to get some today but they were expecting some newborns in later this week so we want to wait for them. Seriously so excited. My garden is also growing like crazy. Every single thing we planted is growing pretty big. We dont' have actual veggies yet so I'm hoping that will happen soon but things are growing! I'm pretty clueless about gardening so we're kinda just learning as we go. Today I put plates of beer out for my strawberries cause they were being attacked by slugs. It kept coming up when I did a google search for getting rid of slugs on strawberries so what the hell. I'm not drinking the beer so maybe the slugs will get wasted and disappear. So curious if this will work. Gardening is weird.

So on friday I will be 32 weeks. Holy crap that doesn't even seem possible. This belly is BIG and ready. My stupid indigestion is back and has been waking me up the last few night. I feel awful popping Tums but it gives me instant relief and sleep these days is kinda important. The baby is moving around like crazy and I've been seeing elbows and a butt and knees and whatever body parts that dart across my stomach. I feel like he never sleeps. I wonder if I'm going to have another wild child......I've been feeling good and my energy is up so I'm hoping this will stick around for a few more weeks. I spent last week working for my dad and I was on my feet pretty much all day and I actually felt pretty good. I was sore at the end of the day but considering how far along I am I felt great. It was also fun, well maybe fun isn't the right word but it felt good to be doing some work. It was mostly organizing and cleaning up some projects and adding a bit of creativity but it was good for me to use my brain for something like this. I haven't really felt inspired with photography lately so this was good to get those creative juices flowing or at least a little motivation in some direction.

The computer is being difficult and won't let me upload photos so here are a few from the last few weeks with a billion other coming when technology gets on my side.

zoo crew. all the crazies piled into the jeep. 

these are all the important items in her purse. 

coffee date. 

painting pine cones. 

speed ballet. 


she is really into the thumbs up lately. 


so cal. 

this was before the piles started. she has been so funny playing with all the old toys and putting her dolls in all the bouncers and jumpers. 

the garden. 

this kid is hummus obsessed. i've been making lots of random variations of hummus lately. our recent favorite is white beans with roasted garlic. 

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