Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Olive is taking a nap (aka laying in her bed singing) and I'm still in my pjs. This is very rare for me. We are usually out of the house by 9 and on some sort of adventure. Today I decided we needed to spend a little bit of time in the garden and it turned out to be pretty nice. Bending down picking weeds was a little annoying but everything looks so cleaned up and ready for summer. I had big plans to repaint some furniture outside but the paint is from a few years ago and its the super toxic waterproof kind so um Blake you get this one! Olive kept busy between her tent, pool, and her new roly poly friend. She isn't super into bugs and is a bit freaked out of worms but she loves ladybugs and roly pollies. She kept calling it "Sweetie" and saying "aww you are just so cute." She almost lost her mind when it rolled into a ball, she thought it was so cool. She took him for a ride on her jet ski them put him in the wagon for a ride. Funny kid needs a pet she can drag around. Poor Sierra just wants nothing to do with her. I had a total teenage moment with Olive this morning. We were playing dress up and having a dance party and all of a sudden she just looks at me and says "you need to go, you're bugging me." Ummmm really??? Sometimes I have no idea where she gets the shit she says. I guess something like this was bound to come out of her mouth as the kid doesn't stop talking from the moment she wakes up till she goes to sleep. There isn't a dull moment in these parts, thats for sure.

I got my hair done last night and I feel like a new person. I may be regretting it at the end of the month when money is a little tight but I think I can pull it off! I've been figuring out how to really maximize groceries lately and use up everything in our house food wise. I mean I know that should be a give in but when you don't eat much meat and mostly use veggies that can be tricky but I've been getting really good at it, using the same ingredients, and just all around saving some money. Sometimes I get a bit creative and things are not amazing but for the most part I've been pretty proud of what I come up with. Do you know you can make pesto out of literally anything?? I had a small amount of kale and arugula left, like not enough for a meal and I made it into a pesto and threw it on a pizza. It was delicious and I imagine kinda healthy minus the cheese. I'm hoping with our garden and our chickens it will save us even more. Eggs are seriously so crazy expensive, that and milk but I'm not getting a cow, I draw the line there, well at least for now. Blake and I both drink almond milk and I've thought of making that myself too but almonds are kinda pricy so I can't imagine that saving anything but I am for sure going to try it one of these days and see. I'm enjoying all my little adventures in the kitchen. I think it keeps my creativity going especially since I am not out shooting all the time like I used to and having some sort of outlet for me is key.

Now that I've gone on the weirdest rant about food it's time to get to the good stuff, photos.

ice cream and sushi. 

short rib mac and cheese sandwich, strawberry lemonade cupcake, and rosemary lemonade.  ya best meal ever. 


meeting baby owen. 

i guess this is how two will look on me. 

blake had a saturday shoot so we came by after to shoot some pregnancy photos real quick. 

olive cleaned up the set. 

then played photographer/art director like a champ. 

finally done with her room! 

so we decided to go to the renaissance fair thinking olive would love the costumes but it turned out to be so much more. i thought it would be cheesy and silly but it was amazing, like i can't wait till next year. also the amount of beer there was perfect. 

there were shows everywhere, like amazing magic shows and just plain old fashioned entertainment. 

this guy was blowing bubbles from his hands. 

ice cream.

so apparently these are trolls. some were a bit "scarier" than others but olive didn't seem to mind. i just love her innocence and lack of judgement. 

tea party while i attempt to make dinner. 


sierra likes to use my belly as a pillow. my belly button isn' that wacky looking, i had a piercing when i was younger and although it's been out for over 8 years it hasn't closed up so a preggy belly makes it look strange. 

creative tv watching position.

she graduated into the big pool. she is swimming like a champ and seriously loves it so much. 

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doughnut face. 

new favorite game is basketball laundry. we collect all the balls in the house and get crazy.

this worked like a champ! i came out this morning and i had dead slugs in the beer and no holes in my strawberries. 

morning snuggle. 



getting undressed and dressed and repeat. 

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