Monday, April 22, 2013

opie and bones

It only took two rounds but I got Olive to take a nap! Success! I'm in between loads of laundry and making piles of shit that has been trailed out from my room to the living room. My house looks like a bomb went off, a really sticky toddler bomb. I finally told Blake he has to help me with housework. I can't keep up anymore. I physically cannot vacuum or scrub my floors. And if someone tells me not to worry about the mess and just live they can go to hell. I'm a neat freak but I've totally learned to let go having a kid but there is a point. How I am going to keep up with two I have no idea. Coffee injections at naptime perhaps?? I'm for sure in my get shit done nesting phase that I thought would never come. Our room has been half painted for a week now and I'm seriously having anxiety wanting it just to be done. It really isn't anyones fault as its hard to paint with a kid around and try and plan to sleep in the room and Blake has had these crazy headaches so he was feeling pretty crappy. I'm just feeling a bit anxious and the hormones aren't helping. Fingers crossed tonight will be productive so I can chill out. I'm kinda hoping Olive will have a great sleep, she swam really hard this morning. Now that she is in the big pool she is swimming so much more and it's a bit more intense. She seriously loves it so much. I'm so excited to see if she will want to play water polo or swim in school when she is older. We ran a few errands, had a quick "coffee" date then went to my midwife appt. She was running late today which is super rare so we sat for a long time. Olive was a champ for the most part but she certainly does not like to be there. She is great in the waiting room and we keep pretty busy with the toys and magazines but as soon as we get in the room she just clings to me. I've tried my phone, candy, anything but she insists on sitting with me. My midwife is amazing and takes her time every single appt to help her on my lap and let her press all the buttons to take my blood pressure and check the little ones heart. But after that she pretty much wants to book it for the door. Funny how different it is this time.

I think this is the first post since we got chickens! We did it! We ended up with two adorable little girls named Opie (Olive's choosing) and Bones. When we got them they were 2 days old. They are funny little critters. We let them run around in the backyard on a blanket cause its been so warm out and the are just the cutest things ever. They don't love to be held and are pretty squirmy. They have been living in the garage in a little box with a heatlamp and they seem pretty happy. As they get bigger we will have to figure out if we want to make or buy a coop but we have a few weeks to figure that out. Hoping before the baby gets here we can have something done which should be good timing.

We had a pretty great weekend. Saturday was spent hanging out with a bunch of friends and having a bbq. The guys went on a bike ride while the ladies hung out at the house. Aka I chased Olive around and we watched our friends newborn sleep. Gosh I forget how much newborns sleep and eat then sleep then eat. It was funny to see Olive with the baby. She is so sweet and wanted so bad to play with her but she would grab her and hug her and shake her bouncer when she asleep and pile all her toys on her. I kinda got a glimpse at my future. It's going to be very interesting. At least she wasn't hitting or scratching the baby right?? Sunday I had lunch with a few of my friends. I have major baby shower anxiety but my friend wanted to do something so we did a little lunch at a winery. It was perfect and just a small group of my friends that all know each other really well. I could talk to everyone and it was just catching up and talking and eating and relaxing and it was amazing. I felt so relaxed sipping on my non alcoholic rose. I feel bratty cause I should be so honored that people want to throw me a shower but the anxiety of it kills me. My friends are all spread out between LA, OC, and SD and it just stresses me out thinking of trying to get people in the same place. I know I'm nuts. The lunch with perfect and I just feel so damn lucky to have these ladies in my life. We ended the afternoon with cupcakes and wandering around the vineyard while they all drank wine. Then we all lounged at Natalie's house cause there were no kids around and we could. Perfect.

snacking babes. 

of course my kid is climbing and giving the other kids anxiety. 

amelie vs olive hugs turned wrestle moves. 


the line up. 

naked wagon rides. 

the biggest hole. 

pretend sleeping. 

were kinda excited about zinka. 

covered in sand. 

sierra is not amused by the new pet. she sniffs a bit then walks away. 

the only photo i took saturday. so bummed. 

she is obsessed with them. if she doesn't squash them (on accident of course) it will be a miracle. 

olive and opie. 

no nap face. 

32 weeks pregnant. 

i miss real wine. 

alison got us all cups and we polished off those cupcakes pretty quickly! 

the winos! 

the ladies. kat, alison, julie, and natalie. 

"coffee" treat. 

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