Thursday, April 4, 2013

30 weeks

On friday I will be 30 weeks. It seems pretty darn real now. I still haven't felt crazy or neurotic about getting anything too ready for the little guy like I was with Olive. Obviously I have some time but I also think my crazy nesting hasn't kicked in yet. I'm sure it will in a few weeks, you know by the time I am ever bigger and more uncomfortable. I just feel like I need to order some diapers and wipes and get a few more clothes for him but otherwise I think that is good for now. The room is still kinda a mess but I think it will take about a day or two to get it "ready" so I'm not stressing. I feel like I've gotten some of my energy back which is so nice. I think the sick we had really brought me down and I was just done for but I feel much better now so I'm trying to take advantage of that while I can as I know towards the end with Olive I started to get really nauseous and bla so I'm a bit scared of that happening again.

My mind is kinda bla too and I feel like lately I don't have much to say but the same old same old. My emotional state isn't exactly at its best and our financial situation is total crap and I'm pretty bummed about it but talking about it here doesn't help so I'll spare anyone reading this my first world problems and show photos. Now that is something I can smile about!

easter cookie decorating party. 

sprinkles are way more important than frosting or the actual cookie. 

egg decorating. 

the crew. 

ky and olive are pretty much the same person. they just feed off each other and its hysterical. 

amelie and olive working on their sugar high. 

i have no idea what they were doing. 

she stayed in her room like i asked but man oh man this kid has been a crazy sleeper lately. 

sweaty nap hair and push pops. 

easter bunny treats. 


no fear. 

olive and sonia on the scariest ride ever. they LOVED every second of it. 

shaved ice. 

olive and sonia. 

park day. 

lily and olive. cousins. 

naked babes. 

art wall.

bbq chips. 

fat ian. 


morning swim and the most amazing clouds ever. 

efficient easter egg dyer. 

egg hunt loot. 

laying on my ball trying to get rid of the craziest cramps ever and olive thought it was the perfect time to brush my hair.  my roots are hot, i know. 

my friend came into town from ny and we got to visit her at her family vacation home. 


sierra has zero interest in a tea party. 

wild thing! 

i got her "where the wild things are" for easter and she has been obsessed with it. there happened to be a gallery of his work up right now so it was awesome timing. 

sometimes you just lay on the couch and chill. 

pine cone hoarder. 


hanging with a new friend. 

checking out the garden. everything is growing like crazy! 

oh spring/summer light i LOVE you. 

i've been trying to add more fish into our dinners but i have no idea what to do with salmon. i prefer it raw. it looks pretty and it tasted ok but i'm still not so sure about cooked fish....

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