Monday, September 30, 2013

karate chop

Ok the fake flu is outta here and we can get back to normal life starting tomorrow. I kept Olive home from school today as she woke up warm but by the late morning she was 100% back to normal. We hung at home, crafted, went on a walk, and both kids actually took good naps. Damn miracle. When the kids were napping it actually gave me time to regroup and get stuff done. I was able to plan some play dates and just organize my thoughts. I know it seems like a simple thing to do but when I'm busy with both of them I can't really get much done which is fine but sometimes it just feels good to feel accomplished.

We had our last day of Karate today. The class was great as she learned about discipline, strangers, and a tiny bit of karate. Not sure what will stick around in her little head but it was good. I think I may start her in t-ball but I have one more day to decide as it starts this week. Having all the activities is fun especially since she is napping so rarely these days. I also like seeing what she likes and doesn't like. I think at this age she is starting to figure that out. She did well with karate as she is good with direction and mimic which is why dance is so great for her. But she also checked herself out the entire time in the mirror at karate and flipped her hair when she would talk to the instructor. Oye!

Collecting flowers and random tree parts for our craft. 

The pink flowers were way too big but she didn't seem to care that it was messy. 

Every single time I see this book it makes me smile. In Brooklyn we lived below two guys that were photographers. One day we heard/felt the louded thump.They had thrown this book (well their copy of it) on a rat. I know it sounds brutal but tiny brooklyn apts and critters are just plain nasty. 

She generally wants to paint everything so she did. 

After we were done she was so interested in looking at all the work in the book. Some of the images are not super kid friendly (dude with flowers coming out of his butt) but she was way into it and that image actually made her laugh. She asked me every single persons name in the book. I didn't know half the names so we made them up and she was satisfied. 

After we hung out on the hammock I found a HUGE jumping spider so now  I don't even want to go in my backyard again. I flung it across the grass hoping the chickens would eat it. I've found them in my house before and apparently they are harmless but they are super hairy and gross to look at. They are way too big to squash so hopefully it will just stay away from my space. 

My mom brought these down last time she visited. I thought Olive would love them but she was horrified by it and wouldn't even think of putting it in her mouth. I had fun....

I had to post a few of these. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Otto was seriously trying so hard to grab Sierra and just laughing and smiling at her. Sierra was actually letting it happen and ket going back over to him. Maybe Sierra will like this one. 

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