Friday, February 7, 2014

Fake emo

I woke up this morning thinking I felt better so we got dressed and headed to a friends house for a little play date. Turns out I wasn't feeling that awesome. I don't think I'm contagious anymore at all but I do think I have a sinius infection. Aka I need meds. Getting to a dr is a whole other problem. Hoping to pop over to urgent care tomorrow and see what is going on. I've never been sick for this long so I want to make sure everything is ok. I'm sure not getting more then an hour of sleep in a row isn't helping and running around all day with the kids not totally taking care of myself. I just want to feel better and go back to working out and eating yummy salads. I can't taste shit so I should probably be eating the salad but I want comfort food which means carbs. I did lose a few pounds which I'm sure I packed right back on this week. Thanks sick. I could use a dose of medicine and a good nights sleep that's for sure. 

Otto will be 8 months in a few days and I can't even believe that. It is going so fast. He is still my sweet sweet boy but he is started to become very busy and has been getting into everything. He crawls so fast now and can pull himself up on everything. If you plop him down in a room and walk to grab something from another room you can bet he is going to be at your ankles chasing you down. Kid is fast. It's fun watching him explore and start really playing with things.
Him and Olive really played for the first time ever yesterday. I mean obviously they play but it's mostly her torturing him and shoving toys in or out of his face. But yesterday she brought him in the teepee. She crawled out  like a crazy person and he would poke his head out and get her attention then get back into the tent and she would come crawling. I guess like a really loud game of peekaboo. They were both hysterical and it was pretty damn adorable. These times are pretty amazing and for like one second everything is chaos free. Then olive usually tackles him as he cries an game is over. 

Olive Olive Olive. My spirited little child. She has been pretty opinionated lately and beyond stubborn. While I give her a thumbs up and want to raise a strong girl she needs to give this mama a break. Most things are a battle and I have just come to expect that and learn to approach everything calmly and know it's not going to be a yes mama for anything. I get it, she's testing me exactly what she is supposed to do. I know there is a little bit of jealousy with Otto that I've just started to notice. She really makes and effort to crawl up with me and snuggle and tell me she loves me over and over. It's kinda amazing and super sweet. I love those moments as the days are just chaos. The best way to describe it is like a ticking time bomb. And once something sets them off watch the fuck out. There are lots of tears and yelling between us as the day goes on. But when things are good she's amazing and sweet and beyond fun but when it's bad it's really bad. I have no idea what she will be like as she gets older. I always kinda thought I pinned her as this super social cheerleader type but girl has a dark side. Lately on play dates she has zero Interest in her friends. Will play by herself and get super dark and emo when her friends come around. It's been weird and sad cause it's so out of character for her. I spoke with her teacher about it and she said she noticed that kids do that a lot. Some days they are just social and other days they want to play alone. I dunno it's weird. But ya so she's been way antisocial with her friends she has known since she was a babe. Then today we were in land of nod waiting to get the kids photos taken and ahe was playing with this little girl like they were bffs. Playing pretend and laughing. So I know she has it in her but she is just starting to get a little selective or moody at times. Kids are tricky business. 

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