Thursday, February 6, 2014

The plague

Ya I think we have the super flu cough in these parts. We were staying way too healthy this flu season but not to worry we got something real good and nasty. Otto is slowly getting back to normal. I haven't had to do a breathing treatment on him in days so that's the best news. He's still coughing and a bit snotty but his breathing is so much better. I'm hoping he doesn't have asthma as I feel like now when I look back to months ago he had a bit of rattling breathing when he got sick. Can't stress on that now as getting him healthy is my goal now. I started feeling pretty shitty on Sunday and now I'm pretty sick. It's not a normal cold it's a combo of a cough and the worst stuffy nose ever. I never get a cough like ever and I'm hacking like crazy and it hurts. I feel achy all over too like all my body parts hurt but so far no fever. Olive has the cough but no runny nose so hopefully the flu shot did something good. Right now I'm just trying to get better as this has really been a rough one. We haven't really done anything fun for over a week besides a birthday party this weekend that Otto stayed home (as to not spread his sick) so ya it's been some long ass days. Were used to getting out and breaking up the day with random errands or fun play dates but it's been pretty boring around here. I have zero energy and I don't want to share this sick with the rest of the world. As much as all I wanted to do was crawl up on the couch I did nothing like that today. There was a lot of tv watching for olive but you do what you have to. Lots of painting and puzzles and made up ridiculous games. During one of ottos naps I was able to make a weeks worth of baby food and some energy bars. I felt accomplished. I feel so thankful for healthy days especially when I feel like this. Hoping tomorrow is a snot free day and we can get back to some what of a normal life. 

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