Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Every single night right on time Otto wakes up. This kid is like a clock! We were doing really good on sleeping before the sick but starting over so 10:06 every night it is. Then 11:58. Then 2:23 and then with a closer around 4 when. I usuall ly just bring him bed cause I'm so flipping tired.  Pretty much every two hours. Ya sucks. 

This morning was an early one. Otto was up around 4 to eat then never really went back to sleep so finally a little before 6 we just got up. Olive had been calling for Blake so apparently she wanted to party too. So so tired. We ended up starting the morning with a valentines craft. While olive is usually happy to watch tv for a bit Otto is all over the place so once he is up it's game on. It was a long day as we stayed home since I'm still feeling kinda gross. That and it was rainy and getting dressed sounded bla. We made valentines cookies which was super fun and messy. We played with every toy possible. Olive dressed up in a million different outfits.  The best part is she took a nap! Otto also took his typical 30 min nap and once he was awake he fell back asleep in my arms. It was lovely and I just sat on the couch and watched "call the midwife." It's so so good! I'm pretty hooked on the show now and excited there are so many seasons. 

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