Thursday, April 1, 2010

the bump

I've been hiding the bump under big shirts for the last 2 weeks. It more of a puff, like if you saw me you would never know I was pregnant just think I drink a lot of beer and don't work out. I took this the other day. Some days it feels bigger than others, this was an especially puffy day.

I bought a few larger sizes at old navy, H&M, and American Apparel but I'm kinda anti maternity clothing. Have you seen that shit? Its like someone was blindfolded and decided to design the most homely and ugliest clothing ever. I don't get it. I looked at all the above places and I was just in awe of the gross. Who wants to look frumpy and gross when they already have an extra 30 pounds hanging off them? Going to hit up Top Shop this weekend and see if they have some cute stuff. Luckily fashion is sorta still into larger non fitted stuff so I should be set with normal clothing. Just so glad leggings are still in style!

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